Materials needed: Hula-hoops. Materials needed: None. Materials needed: None. It allows participants to work together, all with the same goal in mind. Best for (group size): Small or large groups Call out a number — this is how many people should be in a group. Time: 15-20 minutes

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Time: One Hour Best for (group size): Small or medium groups  Time: Half a day The observers are not allowed to participate in the building process or talk. * How can I back-up my saves? Materials needed: Scrapbook album/journal, pens, markers, tape, stickers. The goal is to complete this task before the other team(s). “They may not exchange, pass, or physically share the pieces with anyone.

The activity highlights the importance of teamwork in a fun and creative way. Activity name: Winner/Loser With their eyes still closed, instruct the group to decide the best 30 seconds of their life, or the 30 seconds of their life that they would like to relive—as if it were their “highlights reel.” Have everyone take turns sharing their highlight with the group. This activity is centered on teamwork while also allowing for fun and creativity. Time: 20 minutes It hones problem-solving skills while allowing for some messy fun. Soon to be by Smartsheet. Materials needed: None, Contributed by: Teresa Wallace, Agility Leadership Coaching. But those skills and strengths are not always natural; they have to be cultivated.

Each person must create their own logo using only the coins in front of them and any other useful materials they might have with them (notebook, pencils, receipts, etc.). This is a fun take on a popular TV show that encourages creativity and teamwork. Explain the scenario: they are stranded in the Arctic. The goal of the game is for each player to find their match (who should be making the same noise). You may opt-out by. Have everyone bring in an object that is significant to him or her, or one that reminds them of a positive experience in their life.

They are then out of the game. Have participants gather in a circle. Objective: Positive Thinking Divide participants into teams, and describe a scenario in which teams must solve a problem using only the provided objects. Objective: Icebreaker Call out a letter of the alphabet, and have each group work to form that letter with their bodies (either standing up or laying on the ground). It also relies on players working together as a team to complete a common goal. This will help team members be encouraged and reminded of their strengths, value, and contributions during difficult days. Time: 15 minutes I write about the intersection between technology and family life.

It uses IR aiming for most games, which works a lot better than gyro aiming. Teams must then decide how to classify themselves into smaller sub-groups using positive, fun categories (no negativity, prejudicial divisions, etc.). Objective: Icebreaker Objective: Problem-Solving, Teamwork Time: 30 minutes

Divide players into smaller groups of three to five people. Time: One hour Time: About 45 minutes Smartsheet is the world’s leading SaaS platform for managing and automating collaborative work. Each game is in high-definition and completely true to the original. Time: 15-20 minutes Objective: Icebreaker Contributed by: Jeffrey Byrd, Jeffrey Byrd Coaching. Activity name: Color Blind  Have players start with all cards facing down. This modern take on a scavenger hunt fosters teamwork while allowing colleagues to get to know one another better. Did anyone emerge as a leader in the process?

Divide participants into two groups (or more, if you have a larger group). Free your team from content sprawl with Brandfolder, an intuitive digital asset management platform. Participants must work effectively and creatively with one another to keep the hula-hoop going. Read the results out loud, knowing that this first round will sound silly. Players should go around the circle and describe a memorable event that happened in their life during the year on the selected penny.

Divide participants into two groups, and have each group stand in a straight line facing one another. The group must see how high they can count as a team, with only one person saying a number at a time. Activity name: Blindfold Tent Build Give a random object to one person in each group. Objective: Problem-Solving Whether you have a completely new team to manage or are adding new members to an existing group, providing a stress-free way for people to get to know each other can make all the difference. This is a fun icebreaker that is a lot trickier than it seems. Activity name: Infinite Loops Objective: Fun, Strategizing 

This is an exciting, high-energy activity that encourages friendly competition while strengthening bonds between colleagues and fostering teamwork abilities. Time: 15 minutes Objective: Icebreaker The goal is to see which team can complete their puzzle the fastest. Could you be more specific about the trouble you have with standard controllers? Objective: Icebreaker Give each team materials to build a bridge. Additionally, it is sure to get a lot of laughs! Players must walk away from the rope, then come back and work together to try to form a square. Read the questions aloud and have everyone go around the circle and answer. In a debriefing afterward, the group discusses the strategies they used for organizing the information and how they developed a common meaning. Time: 20-30 minutes

On your signal, players should close their eyes and begin making their animal’s noise. You’ll need to make sure that at least two cards are given out for each animal. Contributed by Shelley Hammell, Sage Alliance, Inc. Divide the group into teams of five to eight members. Activity name: Zoom Materials needed: Spot markers (tape, circles). This is a fun way to get employees thinking creatively. Without letting the rest of the players see, they must do their best to describe the sheet, while everyone else tries to recreate the sheet based on the descriptions given. Materials needed: One tennis ball Have all participants stand on it.

), or participants can have complete freedom over the topic. Activity name: What’s In a Name? Time: 15-20 minutes I tried a few games that have gyro aiming but that's not helpful either. My hands don't work very well anymore so I can't use a standard controller anymore to aim.

Time: 10-15 minutes If two or more people say the same number, the group must start again from one. Best for (group size): Small or medium groups Time: One to two hours Hey, sorry to hear that about your hands. Have participants sit in a circle and randomly select a penny from the pile. Activity name: Helium Stick At the end, each person reveals what their original drawing was supposed to depict.
Activity name: Game of Possibilities Have teams reveal their findings at the end of the activity.

Divide players into teams of two, and “tie” them together using this infinite loop. Objective: Positive Thinking, Socialization Materials needed: Cooking Ingredients. Materials needed: Concentration cards. Whoever has the highest number of points, wins.
Activity name: The Perfect Square This is a fun icebreaker that focuses on the importance of listening to and communicating with one another. It requires players to work as a team and develop a strategy for success. This activity is a fun way for new employees to learn more about the company. Activity name: Sneak A Peek

Divide players into pairs or teams. It allows colleagues to get to know one another while facing a challenge together.

Best for (group size): Small or large groups “They began making sales calls like crazy, and the sales room took on a competitive buzz as salespeople ‘raced’ to the board to slap up a sticker each time they made a $5,000 sale,” Gleason recalled. Best for (group size): Small or medium groups

Objective: Creativity, Teamwork Best for (group size): Small or large groups Participants take turns being blindfolded and guided. Materials needed: None. Materials needed: Bottles, cans, cups, or other handheld objects, blindfolds, Find an open space, such as a park or empty parking lot. Then, ask them to write down what they thought you talked about. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy have also had a lot of playtime. Bring your employees to a local lake or river for a day of dragon boating or double-kayaking.

Time: 30 minutes Create a long document filled with mind-numbing, jargon-filled speech that talks vaguely about company goals. Best for (group size): Small or medium groups * How do I get the "Kill everything" achievement? Time: Half a day Activity name: The Barter Puzzle Time: 30 minutes This is an activity that strikes a balance between creative thinking and problem-solving. Best for (group size): Small or medium groups What I liked about these fights are the more puzzle nature to them.

It also works on problem-solving and communication skills. Then, repeat the process with left hands, making sure everyone is holding the hands of two different people. (miscellaneous office supplies). Once a match is made, they should sit together and learn a few interesting facts about one another. Materials needed: Four or more objects (can be anything). Objective: Icebreaker In partners, have each person share his or her dream experience or vacation if they had one month of free time and an unlimited budget. Have all participants sit in a circle. This activity is a fun, light-hearted way to show how perception is an important aspect of communication.

They … This is an entertaining icebreaker that allows colleagues the chance to interact and mingle. Once this is completed, however, inform them that another group needs half their blanket. Have participants line up next to one another in order of birthday, height, or whatever category you choose.

Materials needed: Large blanket. Activity name: Picture Pieces Game Activity name: Penny for Your Thoughts Time: 10 minutes Best for (group size): Any size This game is a fast-paced and exciting way to work on problem-solving skills. Materials needed: None. Divide players into groups of four or five and give each group the same amount of supplies. Objective: Icebreaker All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Try to group together employees who don’t normally interact on a regular basis. They can discuss why they tuned you out, and what you could have done to keep them interested. This should continue, with the blanket getting smaller and the task becoming more difficult. The goal is to lower the stick, nicknamed “helium stick” for the way it appears to be rising, to the ground without anyone letting go. This activity emphasizes the importance of teamwork, and requires problem-solving skills in unique scenarios while also fostering creativity. Stand shoulder to shoulder. If cooking in an area with a stovetop and oven is not an option, opt for some stations that don’t require cooking, such as making sushi or preparing no-bake cookies. Divide the participants into two teams. How did you feel when you had to disband the process and try things differently? It’s super easy to play and perfect for before a meeting or leading into a longer activity. They keep these secret. Have all players stand in a circle, then throw the beach ball or balloon into the center of it. Materials needed: Name tags, markers. Give each group a pack of playing cards and a pair of scissors. Activity name: Use What You Have This game tests communication abilities and can also be utilized as a fun icebreaker. Objective: Icebreaker Time: 20 minutes

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