The card arts in the game are beautiful. As you might expect Streets of LA is set in Los Angeles and features most of the same street names and landmarks as the real Los Angeles with only minor changes. Despite having the largest audience, mobile games tend to have much less effort, time, and money put into them than most games on PC and consoles.

One of the most notable innovations is the introduction of three main characters that p...[Read Review], Scarface: The World Is Yours is heavily based on the popular Scarface film and offers a great adventure for fans of crime based video games.

PS3 After only a week I was able to build top tier decks and play on the competitive ladder.

In Mafia City, you may choose to forge an alliance with other families or declare war. Vainglory isn’t just my favorite mobile game, it fights for the title of being my favorite game of all time. As the game progresses, players’ ships will fall apart, get covered in goo, and instructions will make less and less sense. Some large publishers allow themselves to make fake advertisements, and Apptiсa has collected several examples of such ad creatives. Players are free explore the city of Steel...[Read Review], Saints Row offers a similar setting to the Grand Theft Auto series and has plenty of open world action gameplay for fans of GTA to enjoy. PS2 Here are my personal favorite top 10 mobile games to play that aren’t Mafia City. The gameplay is fun and simple and never lasts longer than 5 minutes. Making a virtual joystick or button means less screen space and will always be less comfortable than a controller, so motions like tapping and sliding can go a long way to help user interface.


The game has an in-depth upgrade system, and each run lets you mulligan cards that give you abilities and buffs to use in the mine. PS4 Play...[Read Review], True Crime: Streets of LA tells the story from the other side of the tracks with players playing the game as a police officer rather than the many crime based GTA clones out there. The game is available on Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Those brave enough to sink their teeth into Dreamquest, however, will find one of the deepest deckbuilding games on the market with an astronomical amount of things to learn. Digging is intuitive and satisfying, and with a dozen power-ups never gets monotonous.
Available across PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows True Crime: New York City follows the story of an ex gang member turned into a police officer. the game ads itself is cool but the gameplay is bad. In the game players can heavily customise their character’s visual appearance and use a huge ...[Read Review], L.A. Noire takes the open world genre into a more serious and slow paced direction compared to other games in the genre but there is still plenty to love if you give it the time and respect that it deserves.

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