Advocat Egorov (real name Maxim Egorov) is a lawyer and pretty much the only adult with a serious, full-time job in the Russian YouTube scene. Crash Course was one of the hundred initial channels funded by YouTube's $100 million original channel initiative. [44] In May 2020, an official mobile app launched, providing easy access to all of the courses' video content along with rolling out flashcard and quiz study aides for particular courses. [31] Also in 2017, Thomas Frank began hosting Crash Course Study Skills, which covered topics such as productivity skills, time management, and note-taking. The channel launched a preview on December 2, 2011, and as of February 2020[update], it has accumulated over 10 million subscribers and 1.2 billion video views. We don't know if all the weird people choose to take the Subway! Sweeney also stated that each ten-minute episode takes about an hour to film. Fashion is a complicated sense and not everyone is on the same page. [8], To make its content as useful as possible to viewers, the Crash Course channel hires experts relating to the topics of its series to work on the show. 0:15. We all get screwed from time to time, no shame it that. But the young ones don't understand the struggle, they are fit and fine. A partnership with Operation Outbreak and the Sabeti Lab at, "Crash Course: Entertaining YouTube Courses On History & Biology", "Scishow & Crash Course: Why Isn't School This Cool? What's your unique way? [29] The following October, during an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session on Reddit, John indicated the course may not return for some time, noting that "we don't feel like we've cracked it yet. [20] Crash Course was the first channel to be offered on Subbable, and for a time the website crowdfunded the channel. [5][41] A running joke throughout the series is that the Mongols are a major exception to most sweeping generalizations in world history, noted by the phrase "...unless you are the Mongols". I'm in a bus for the next eight hours.

Russians rule in this great funny advertisement. It's amazing to find such giant trees. Some People Are Definitely Mentally Alien. While the Mongoltage was largely absent, mentions of America's national pride during the series would cue a new "Libertage", which consisted of photos associated with America atop an American flag, with a guitar riff and an explosion at the start and end of the montage, respectively. [37] The channel reached 10 million subscribers in November 2019. In addition, the "Open Letter" was replaced by a new segment called the "Mystery Document", in which Green would take a manuscript from the fireplace's secret compartment and read it aloud, followed by him guessing its author and the source work it is excerpted from. [22] The series outlined the history of existence, from the Big Bang forward into the evolution of life. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Kate Clapp (real name Katya Trofimova) is a classic entertainment YouTuber from Moscow. This collection is like a free life lesson that no one nowadays provides for free. Thank you to all TEN MILLION of you for being part of this with us!! Russian fail compilation June 2017 includes funny moments, crazy russian drivers and many win situations. The Computer Science series and all series on the humanities (excepting Philosophy and Economics) were filmed in a studio in Indianapolis, Indiana. To get good footage you need to follow the guy with a camera. [16] The episode covered the Agricultural Revolution, and a new episode aired on YouTube every Thursday through November 9, 2012. Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe 823. [26] The series was hosted by Sabrina Cruz, known on YouTube as NerdyAndQuirky. [34][35] However, PBS Digital Studios remained one of the primary sources of funding Crash Course, and the network also continued to help in finding sponsorships for the show. © 2020 Metacafe, LLC. A collaboration with Arizona State University titled Study Hall began in 2020, which includes less structured learning in its topics. Don't worry the chimp was not drinking liquor but juice from a bottle. [18][19] Eventually, YouTube's original channel initiative funding ran out, and shortly after Hank's video, the Green brothers decided to launch Subbable, a crowdfunding website where viewers could donate monthly to channels in exchange for perks. Normal failure and shame are fine but when you get that stupid shame judgment from people, it's really hard to live with it. Here's what scientists can do about it", "History Teacher Discovers Talent As Educational Web Writer", "Cool for school: Education is a big hit on YouTube", "John Green's Crash Course in World History", "John Green Talks 'Crash Course', 'Hank Games', And Hats In Reddit IamA", "Hank Green Is Pissed Off About YouTube's Constant Changes", "Crowdfunding Matures with a Lesson from Public Broadcasting", "Vlogbrothers Launch Subbable, A 'Pay What You Want' Video Platform", "Big History Project - CrashCourse Videos", "Vlogbrothers Bring "Crash Course" Videos to PBS Digital Studios", "YouTube: Hank Green tells fellow creators to aim for '$1 per view, "#WCW Sabrina Cruz is the queen of the nerds", "We're taking down the first two Crash Course Human Geography videos...", "I'm John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars and Turtles All the Way Down.

[9] The Missoula-filmed series are produced and edited by Nicholas Jenkins, while Blake de Pastino serves as script editor. So no matter how much you cry in front of it, it ain't gonna harm its sleep.

It is our aim to be a inclusive and wholesome place for all. Crash Course (sometimes stylized as CrashCourse) is an educational YouTube channel started by John and Hank Green (collectively the Green brothers), who first achieved notability on the YouTube platform through their VlogBrothers channel.. The main channel has also begun a series of shorter animated episodes, called Recess, that focus on topics from previous Crash Course series.

CrashCourse Biology: Comparative Anatomy", "These 10 Videos Turn Tough Topics Into Child's Play - 4.

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