We initially eliminated the use of M37 years ago because the fuel pump requires a 20 amp circuit, but understanding how the six circuit boards inside the TIPM are connected allowed us to research it further.

In this article & video the diagnosis and repair of the faulty internal fuel pump relay will be covered. Also, modern TIPMs control the ability of the alternator to deliver current to charge the battery when driving.

Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 2, 2014. hi guys could anyone tell me where i need to put the wire please as i have been told to put in 86 and 87 but all there is is 1 to 8? Have you checked your fuel pump using the TIPM test/bypass cable to see if it's working?

The cable still works perfectly on these vehicles with the M7 slot providing either full-time or key-on power, as desired, depending on the cable configuration you desire. Test your fuel pump when the vehicle is off (or drain the tank if the wrong fuel was used) You can start, drive, and turn off your vehicle as you normally do. This cable type containing mini-blade fuses works on the TIPM-7 style fuse box shown throughout this page. You saved me a bunch. (Standard Cables only) Optionally connect the alligator clip to the battery's negative terminal, a ground lug, or chassis ground connection in order illuminate the LED when 12 VDC power is sent to the fuel pump. As anyone knows it really sucks to be without transportation but what even sucks more is the fact that Chrysler Corp. doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that they have thousands of vehicles on the road which are experiencing the exact same problems like I had. She started right up after install and is running great. Note 1: We have not tested our TIPM Bypass/Test Cables on these vehicles, but they might work. the pump only runs for a few seconds and shuts off, as the relay tells the computer the truck is not running and shuts off the pump. Your fuel pump will only be powered on in the run position and during staring/running of the vehicle. We can't find products matching the selection. Thanks again. Checks fuel pump … My horn won't work or will get stuck on (forcing you to pull the fuse or disconnect the battery). After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The only difference is the original fuel pump relay will temporarily turn on the fuel pump (prime for 2 seconds) while a TIPM cable will continuously power the pump if you cycle your start button or key to the run position. If your fuel pump is receiving power during the starting process but still fails to start, you might: (1) Have a faulty fuel pump (please use our cable to test your fuel pump), (2) Have no gas in the vehicle, or (3) Have a faulty crankshaft sensor or other problem that is outside of our knowledge base. My door locks work intermittently or fail to lock/unlock,  Normally only the lock or unlock function fails, but not both.

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