Use slotted top of the barrel guide tool: Fit slot over cross lug at end of recoil spring caliber.

Press in the barrel nut retainer (use the corner of the magazine) and unscrew the barrel nut. Frommer adopted it at the same time that Sauer did and the cartridge became known also as the Roth-Frommer and, curiously, the Frommer pistol became known as the „Roth-Frommer," an appelation which is quite incorrect. German Contract acceptance mark: crown over a gothic 'B' and/or 'D'. cartridge of Roth design. As I have said before, it is the second time I have heard similar.

Short cartridge, was adopted by the Hungarian military service as the Pisztoly 37M. Perhaps it would help to know what kind of pistols the Hungarian police carried in that era? Frommer Mod. Thank you. Depress bolt catch with tip of Privacy Policy Thanks for your kind response.

All parts were manufactured using the highest quality materials available with strict tolerance standards, so all parts were interchangeable between pistols. Sectional view.

In its original form, the pistol could be had either as a top-charging pistol with fixed butt well magazine (as in the earlier style) or with an insertable sheet-metal box magazine of the later conventional pattern, such as used by the Brownings. I have not seen this marking before but I have seen two Frommer Stops with serial numbered magazines in the manner of German Police armorer work if this is helpful.

Budapest 1917 proof mark Later export intended production pistols have an additonal legend 'Made in Hungary' on the left side of the slide. World War II production. caliber barrel instead of the 9 mm., for exclusive use of the Luftwaffe. turn. 7.65 mm. 3258 (on the frame) which is probably a .22 slide assembled on a regular M29 frame. My Frommer Stop has the serial number 217084 and was produced in 1918.
(Brng.) Thank you.

This pistol was government purchased and is unit marked; 2.T.O.G.1.1.15 one the left frame. The Frommer 'Stop' pistol was the standard pistol of the Hungarian Honvéd (the purely Hungarian element of the three separate forces which comprised the Austro-Hungarian Army) during the First World War. FN stands for Fust Nelkuli (smokeless), not Belgian FN manufacture. Partially disassembled.
Baby-The Frommer Baby is a smaller version of the Stop and was made in both 7.65 mm. In the Stop the extractor (top right) does not have any spring, it is just “pressed” against the rim by its own flat spring form.

Military acceptance mark: 'Bp' (for Budapest), followed by the Hungarian crest and the last two figures of the year of manufacture. It cycled 5 rounds without issue but started to refuse to extract at round 6. - Stainless steel costruction, called the 'Tropical Model', introduced in 1923 The initial order of 50,000, given by the Germans, was filled by the second month of 1942. With kind regards, Jani

Crasp spring with a tweezers and slide out rearward; then remove The Frommer Stop remained in production until about 1929, and is still relatively common in Central Europe.

The Stop system Frommers were made in both 7.65 and 9 mm. A very rare post-WW1 Czechoslovak Army acceptance mark on the trigger guard: 'S' [Czech Lion] '4'. The official use of this pistol and the meaning of the circled 'A' are unknown. Stamped left rear of frame. It was designed as a “last resort” weapon for very close combat. There are three proof marks: one on the exposed part of the barrel at the port, one on the right rear of the slide and one on the right rear of the frame. The designation '19.M' (Model 19) was given after it was adapted 'again' in 1919 by the new independent Hungarian Army and official Hungarian documents indicate that this is the correct model designation. 7.65 mm. The first 1906 pistol was chambered for a small, underpowered 7.65 mm. ( Log Out /  if you operate the gun mechanical by hand.

It subsequently became the official service pistol of the Hungarian army, police, gendarmerie and secret police.

i have a frommer stop 7.65. About The Liliput was a very popular pocket pistol in Europe. The pistol is often referred to as the Mod. The pistol was also offered commercially in 9mm Short (.380 acp) after 1919, but these lack official markings. 1906. About 37,000 Frommer Stop pistols were sold to German in 1916-1917, between serial numbers 56,000 and 93,500. Are any of those marked Sr.? I saw a nice Frommer Stop Pistol in a gunshop. Doug. It is a functional, complicated design, required above average maintenance and was reportedly not popular with some of its users. The bolt is then held while the barrel runs back, stripping out and ejecting the empty The production of the 29M pistol took place between 1929 and 1935, starting with Serial No. About 37,000 Frommer Stop pistols were sold to German in 1916-1917, between serial numbers 56,000 and 93,500. Some export pistols have 'U.S.A Pats a.f.' This Czech military acceptance mark was used between 1919-22, the #4 indicates Military District Hradec Kralove.

STOP CAL.7.65mm (.32) 2.

[I need to prove that this happens.].

That's a couple of very good pieces to the puzzle! if it ejects the case by manual cycling, the gun should be fine. I understand this serial number is post WWI (1920 or 1921 I think), but what is the meaning of the Sr. marking?

The bolt and barrel are complex in geometry and also milled. I have no idea what the mark may mean, although police usage sounds plausible. It seems to have been shot quite extensively, and neglect built up some rust on the outside. Best I could get this morning with my cellphone camera - simple "Sr." in a square. The net recoil left over to be absorbed by the shooter’s hand is surprisingly low. None of the pre-World War II Hungarian pistols were restored to production after 1945. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  They may have been made to fill some foreign order. The long recoil makes it a surprisingly soft shooter, tiny sights and heavy trigger pull render the gun unsuitable for precision or long distance (read: more than 10 feet) shootings. Critics saying 'The complication of a long recoil system is The Frommer Stop was used by the Hungarian Gendarmerie as the Pisztoly 12M before World War I, then later by the Austro-Hungarian military, continuing to … I hope you don't think I disrespected, or totally dismissed your theory. Downloading audio-visual for non-commercial offline listening or viewing. My Stop was obviously shot a lot. Field stripping completed. Internally it has a spring and a very simple metal spring follower. 193763. Reportedly, the Frommer Stop can be found without the manufacturer's legend (reason unknown), showing only the military acceptance (Bp.17). The bolt is then released to run forward, chamber the fresh round, and rotate its head to lock the breech. The 'Sr' in a square in an unknown post-WW1 Hungarian acceptance mark. Note: post-war Austrian acceptance such as 'Hv36' or '36' are rare, but correct on these pistols. This is apparently the first Browning adaptation made by Frommer.

Early in 1941 the German Ordnance Department (Heereswaffenamt) gave the Hungarians an order for 50,000 pistols of the 37M to be provided with a 7.65 mm.

Hungarian made Frommer Stop holster: 6.35 mm.

Budapest 1917 proof mark 3. A mechanical safety device was added to the frame, on the left side, the form of markings was changed to read Pistole M.37 Cal 7.65, and later in the year this was again changed to read P. Mod.

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