Reading the female comments, it is clear to me how bias, privileged, entitled, women have became. Yes lawyer but keep in mind you and this kid don’t need to not have a relationship anymore if you feel close to him.

This man has the right to know his child. Maybe I am wrong, but this feels very much like it did when she had the affair and, because I am away a lot myself, I can’t check on what she is doing.

Given the gravity of the result of this test, it is recommended that you get one that is court approved. The person who was always there, on the sidelines of his practice and throughout his life—the one he looked to for encouragement and approval and to show him how to get it done right—is gone with no explanation. ", "My girlfriend doesn't think I know out daughter isn't mine. The child has no real concept of biology, infidelity and the complications of his mother’s actions. 18 others also took to the secret-sharing site to tell their stories about finding out they’re not the biological fathers of their children. The last seven years have been full of pain for you as you feel the distance growing between you and your wife. Yesterday I appeared in court to have a DNA test result read. Are you willing to risk that? For the past seven years you have accepted this little boy as your own and he has loved you as a father. ", "After six deployments, my wife finally came clean and admitted that our four-year-old daughter isn't mine. Edit: Seriously, talk to a lawyer before you tell It turns out the boy I have been taking care of for the last four years isn’t mine. A surprising number of men end up paying child support for a child that is not their own. It took ten years, but I finally met my blood mother, and the man she told me was my father.

I'd walk away, but financially you might already be on the hook for child support. Please subscribe to sign in to comment. “Found out the little girl I was raising isn’t mine when I found my gf’s journal,” a man revealed on anonymous site Whisper. We reserve the right to remove any content at any time from this Community, including without limitation if it violates the, For the best site experience please enable JavaScript in your browser settings, Show jumpers: The best winter knits for the days ahead, One-pot chicken stew with a sweet and spicy twist, Mazda’s first EV requires mental recalibration, If you want to understand America and politics, read The Godfather, Architect-designed home on Mount Juliet Estate offers a new way to live, Inclusivity the key to Covid-19 culture challenge, Employers need a strong pension provider to partner with them, The rich, full and cherished lives of the people behind the numbers. The results came out negative with zero percent of paternity. If it did, you wouldn’t be miserable over not seeing the child who, even in your hurt and anger, you still refer to as “my little man.” Love isn’t a switch that we can flick on and off, as much as we all may like to sometimes. This father/son love and connection is put up for scrutiny if you do the test: will you disown him if you discover he is not yours? Talk to a lawyer before you do anything. Think about what you want from this before you take any action. 0. For one thing, that's his kid. I feel relieved but disappointed at the same time. Some men were keeping the secret for the sake of their families. My question involves child support in the State of: Florida. Good advice and yeah i'll be getting legal advice on this. I'll tell you this, though: if a man did for me what you did (and may yet do) for this boy, he might not be my father in fact, but he'd be my Dad indeed. ", "My wife told me that our son is not my biological son. I love him now, that bond is there and the thought of him, for one second, wondering where I’ve gone breaks me into pieces. (He is so proud he learned my number, the boy won’t stop using it. Either way, action needs to be taken to either boost your self-confidence or/and to support your relationship. I want to have a DNA test done on my youngest son (7). ", "I know the baby isn't mine... Just waiting on this income tax check then I'm leaving her! Dude there’s a guy out there who probably doesn’t know he has a kid and may want a relationship with his kid too. Yet she accused me of cheating numerous times. For the nine-month or so that we’ve had the baby, I’ve done nothing but to love her with everything I have. After that, whatever you do, either stay in or get out of that kid's life. We all make mistakes. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. OP has posted significant Edits in his original post, had received a lot of advice, and has made his decision. This was the beautiful girl that I thought was my first born child. He basically raised her so she is still a huge part of his life, the joint custody visiting routine didn’t change.

She really dresses up for work and goes to a lot of events and stays out late. I love how one of them was not going to let a drug dealing man father his daughter, despite her being the drug dealer's biological daughter. Couple counselling can help you to have a thorough discussion and it might be helpful to have a professional and neutral person to bear witness to your story – see for qualified couple therapists. Especially the mother. Doubts about a child's paternity can be stressful. Revenge is a natural, if unpretty, human emotion. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access.

I'm not the father. Im in UK so not clear on what laws are here. Now, 19 dads have revealed the heartbreak of learning the child they brought up as their own, wasn't theirs.

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