We already have the vehicle loaded in here, so we're just going to go into the Scanner. So. Nothing new to add to the helpful information that's already been posted, but I just wanted to mention that I replaced my battery about a week or so ago and after buying the ScanTool OBDII/USB cable and downloading FORScan, I was able to reset my BMS in less than a minute. Can anyone confirm if this reset is required and if so, what is involved in performing such a reset on a 2013 Mondeo. With the engine running, when the BCM and Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) voltage is low, a message is sent from the BCM to either minimize or shut down the climate controlled seats, rear defrost, heated mirrors and Dual Automatic Temperature Control (DATC) blower motor to improve system voltage. Good idea though. If battery froze solid it's done for. Got it done yesterday with FORSCAN and my new OBD2 cable.

A forum community dedicated to Ford Focus owners and enthusiasts. There are several threads here with similar issues as described here, this may or may not be their problem, but something to look into.

A charged battery is good to about -75° F. below zero, but a dead battery will freeze around +20° or so. Edited by peebee, 17 November 2017 - 10:09 PM. Reading some of the posts with replacing batteries and then having dead batteries out of the blue, makes me think the BMS may be trying to energize the alternator (I know, truck is off) and charge the battery. The program is FORSCAN. Under this condition, the IPC message center displays either LOW BATTERY LESS FEATURES (base message center) or LOW BATTERY FEATURES TEMPORARILY TURNED OFF (optional message center) to notify the driver that battery protection actions are active. 2. Anyone suggest the heading in Forscan  v2.2.3 Beta that I should be looking under please ?. If excessive battery drain is detected, the system may temporarily disable certain electrical features to protect the battery. BAT_ST_CHRG 51%  (despite ideal running conditions) Sorry for being long, but it is new to me so I thought I'd share what I found out, this is about all I can tell you about it. BATTERY_AGE 2425 days It takes 8uninterrupted hours for it to do so. It seems then to have been reintroduced to 2014 mk4.5 models and into the mk5. Take it indoors. Battery Management System (If Equipped) The battery management system (BMS) monitors battery conditions If the vehicle battery has been charged or battery replaced, it takes approximately 8 hours for the BCM to learn the new battery state of charge. Turn on ignition with engine off (key in position II) . Well I'm glad I read this thread. Now you can either let the system sit for eight hours to reset itself or you can force it with a scan tool. With the engine off and the ignition in the ACC, RUN or delayed accessory position, when the BCM determines the battery state of charge is low, a message is sent to shut down the audio/navigation system in order to save the remaining battery charge. You currently have javascript disabled. I'm going to show you how to go through it using the scan tool to save that eight hours. Some weeks ago I replaced the battery in my 2013 Auto 4.5 Mondeo Tit X 163 to a Bosch S5 -110 84 amh. After battery replacement, or in some cases after charging the battery with the external charger, the BMS requires eight hours of vehicle sleep time (key off with doors closed) to relearn the new battery state of charge. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Not sure all dealers know about it, so make sure to ask them. Looks like I'm gonna have to keep my eye on this topic, I replaced my battery a good 6 months ago on my 57 plate MK4 diesel and never done anything other than bolt it in place. Here is what the owners manual says. If you have a laptop, you'll just need a ~$30 cable. If the vehicle has been jump started, engine off load shedding can still occur and a message may be displayed until the BCM determines the battery state of charge is above 40%. My battery threw a low battery light one day when I had the key on engine off, which I thought was weird.

Hi...If the battery is frozen be sure it's completely thawed before trying to charge. Alright, I think that about does it. If the vehicle is used before the BCM is allowed to learn the new battery state of charge, engine off load shedding may occur earlier than normal and a message may be displayed.

i definately can see the smart charging working seems to charge more. Edited by Speedlimit, 18 November 2017 - 11:30 AM. everything is as it should be now thanks all for the info and tips. TalkFord Gold Members Don't See Adverts! some other party I forget. If you have it and replace the battery at the dealer, they should be able to reset it with their computer so you don't have to wait 8 hours.

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