Afterwards these are traded for 400 superconductors. (Compared to the 24 Forge Points of the Town-hall – this requires 21.5 years). All further methods to follow that will level up a great building are actually better than only paying for forge points to your own great building(s). These partners confirm 2 things to each other: To avoid misunderstanding, we highly recommend both players to add each payment in a message of a dedicated message chain. I was considering 2 ways of leveling arc when it gets to lvl 30 until 70 or so. In this Forge of Empires Arc Guide, we would like to discuss this great building in further detail. Players who have The Arc also get additional bonuses when placing in the top five of another player's building. The Halloween Event 2020 will take place from 15th of October 2020. any help appreciated :) 21 comments. The algorithms implemented by InnoGames games to reveal such push accounts might overlook the corresponding goods part of the trade, and identify the buyer as a push account only created to donate Forge Points to another account. This is done best by paying forge points into your own great building until it is filled so much that the contributor’s share is 50% of the remaining forge points. The Arc is the only great building where we understand that most players wants to own it well before The Future age when he can produce the required goods.

Some of that water is traded for biochemical data. In the region from level 30 to level 60, the Arc nearly expands itself. Those who bring such a great building into a Forge Point trading chain cannibalize their smaller guild members. This will require 189,021 Forge Points! Before the third contribution bonus rank is filled, you again need to pay some more own forge points as the bonus for rank 3 is less than 50% of the bonus for rank 2. So I'm not in the future yet, but, I want to get an ARC built, I've donated FPs to get all the BPs I need, wondering how people get the goods before they even get to the future age. In many guilds, the owners if such high level Arcs offer their guild-mates to use that Arc bonus to their advantage. Those who have the Arc on level 80, receive 1.9 times the normal contribution bonus.

This sponsorship is so efficient and commonly used that players receiving the contribution already feel this as something normal, forgetting that the contributor invests his or her time and uses a high level great building that was hard work to get.

save. However, the same hints also work for all other great buildings. Other data is calculated on this website.

Both are not very interesting for him as at this point of the game he already has more than enough of both. Scientists from all around the world gather to contribute unique insights into our planet.”, Requiring a road connection to build, The Arc is a Great Building of the Future Age (14th age in Forge of Empires.). On top you have the chance of being one of the best supporters of a great building and to receive a contribution bonus. Okay, you can send it to neighbors too :) If you change the range of displayed levels or bonus from The Arc, it will also be included in the link.

Above level 10 it is shrinking again with each level. In guilds with weaker members you often find 1.8 or 1.85 sponsorships as Arcs are not high enough for more. If a contributor can be sure to get the first rank if a level 30 Arc, they would not only receive a bonus of 420 forge points, but 798 forge points instead. With such a level-up-party a great building can develop extremely fast. The support will not help in such a case. I see a lot of towns with an ARC before even being in the future. In the medium range of great buildings, above level 30 and below level 70, the contribution reward is so big that you often only need a very small own payment to complete a level. We only can encourage guilds to not allow that to happen. share. Eventually you will want to help other players in the future in the same way that someone helped you. The advantage goes to the player with the fast-growing great building – not to the supporter with the 1.9x bonus as he does not get many Forge Points on top, but medals and blueprints. Especially when very strong players and new players are in the same guild. So they will not reach limits. The Forge of Empires Game Rules do not contain a paragraph which might forbid such a trade, but the rules emphasize that push accounts are not allowed. The Arc will be the focus as our very special example. The trade described above already has been done by many players before and we have never heard of a single case where FOE support flagged such a player. Weaker players require a special consideration to have a fair chance in support chains. FOE - The Arc - bonuses Put a link to this page on your blog, website, forum or send to guilds and friends in the Forge of Empires game.

Above level 10 of a great building, we recommend to use fixed exchange partners from your guild or friends list.

For the next 50 levels, you will find that there is a huge demand for Arc blueprints. Though it is not all up to me since I can not control if someone with a high level arc takes 1st or 2nd if I unlock it. Therefore I recommend to have such a trade with trusted players that you know well in your Guild. To get the goods required for building the Arc as a player in a lower age these can be traded via a Trade Chain. Some players even find 5 partners for their great building. I do think the first might be faster but the other method might benefit the guild members.

It’s important to remember, that buildings like the Arc, the Observatory and the Atomium usually can release level 4 of the Guild Expedition every week without asking to donate the required goods.

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