Unfortunately due to the lack of professionalism I will never finance another vehicle or use flag ship for any type of financing whatsoever. We are sorry that your experience was so far from what we try to provide to our customers. Pros:

First off, we are ALL living and experiencing a global pandemic at the moment. Flagship Credit Acceptance has helped thousands of borrowers with less-than-perfect credit get hassle free car loans with ease. This was in May when things started to get crazy. I have had this car for 4 years and have never been late but the minute I sign up for auto pay I'm late!! MoneyGram payment centers are located in most CVS Pharmacy and Advance America locations. Horrible company always calling several times a day & every day for no reason at all... Vickie, we are so very sorry to hear this. I was scared to death when I lost my job I've never went without a job in my life. For automated or agent-assisted telephone payments, call 1-800-900-5150 (*A processing fee is imposed for this third-party service). With Flagship, making payments couldn’t be more flexible – visit our Payment Center to see all the ways you can pay. Garbled but was a guy who identified himself as 'Jeffrey Beecham/Beacham' and may have said something about 'fraud'. ADVERTISEMENT. Today's call is being recorded. Called Flagship back and told them if they had any problems with the payment to call me right away. The company is based in Chadds Ford, PA and operates across the United States.

Don't know what to do, it is annoying, Scammer calling to tell me I will be arrested If I don't send money, They keep calling He then stated that that would be a coaching opportunity and that my refund was 56.66. Our Customer Advocacy team can be reached directly at customeradvocacy@flagshi…, your message has been shared with them. Contact Flagship Credit Acceptance customer service.

They'll be able to look into your account and assist you.

1 682 459-0851 and 1 800 900-5150 Call to voicemail.

Get started today. Horrible company, say they offer Covid assistance but literally do not help at all. Wow, this certainly sounds like a frustrating experience. I'm sure it's only a few employees that don't know how to do their job correctly however it impacts the entire company. This company has a terrible business model in the way it treats it's customers. All 373 Flagship Credit Acceptance reviews. I have never made a late payment the time with flagship and have alway late paid more. My husband is a courier and gets paid per delivery, with everything being closed he's not making any money. Flagship Credit Unwanted Phone Calls Settlement Important Dates. Additionally there is no way to make principal only payments via their website, they do not want you to pay off early and reduce the interest rates they are sucking from the consumer. I called my bank a canceled the hold. HOPEFULLY THEY COME THROUGH WITH THE BREAKDOWN AND FIX MY ACCOUNT. They keep calling. They want us to make a payment but when we tell them we have nothing finance through flagship they keep calling. The company also specializes in providing auto financing services and mortgages. I will NEVER finance with this company again once this car is paid off. I told them to stop calling me, stop harassing me! Horrible!I am trying to get my Pay of quote updated to reflect the correct principal mount, however I am paid in advance by a month an a half due to making Bi-Weekly payments ( 3 partial monthly payments). 10/13/2020Hi Robert. They said they have no record of when I will receive my refund that it hasn't even been mailed out yet. Terms and Conditions ©2020 E Commerce Group Products, Inc. I have told them several times they have the wrong number. Unfair interest rates, too high loans and they really need to be closed down. When I called back again because I didn't sound right I got another representative who told me it was going to be $66. The people I've spoken have been extremely friendly and helpful and what met more than anything to me they understood my current situation. To make a payment with MoneyGram: Use biller code 6873. We hate reading things like this and definitely do want to be able to provide clear communication at all times. 9/2/2020Hi Jasmine, we are really sorry and surprised to read this. This company promotes for you to set up auto payments at no cost but something is wrong with their auto pay so they payment will bounce and they charge you $30 return check fee and 2 additional $15 fees on your account plus your daily interest fee until you catch it! A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. Chadds Ford, PA We take this situation seriously, the health and safety of our customer and team members are the highest priority.We have implemented contingency plans that have enabled us to continue to conduct business as usual. Very odd... Maybe just shear coincidence. Box 975658Dallas, TX 75397-5658, Flagship Credit Acceptance6901 Windcrest DriveDock #2Plano, TX 75024, Flagship Credit AcceptanceP.O. 8/24/2020Hi Sarah! We'd still love the opportunity to work with you and show you how much we value our customers. FundingStips-East@flagshipcredit.com, Funding West Had I have known that this company would be like, I would have never signed a contract with honda to finance my civic. 1 682 459-0851 and 1 800 900-5150 Call to voicemail. Been with this credit company since June. We are busy updating the contact listings for our regional teams to ensure you have the right contact information. And then came back and said they apologize that it was the correct dollar amount and now I have an overpayment. This company alleges that they are there for their customer but they really aren't. On top of that the company provides additional bonuses such as financial loans and help with credit assistance. They treat their customers like dog doo doo. Thank you! *Please Note: A separate processing fee is likely to be assessed. Welcome Call East 1-833-608-3863. I have never missed or been late on a payment in the 3 years of financing my vehicle through this company. Flagship’s Funding Department is chiefly responsible for details related to the funding packages. Friday 9am-6pm, Funding East If I understand that, I don't know why Flagship is not doing the MOST they can for their customers instead of being halfass and playing it "day by day". 8/31/2020Hi Kim, we are sorry that your experience was so far from what we try to provide to our customers! I understood that my score was not great when I applied for the loan and expected to pay a. due to my score being average and not excellent, yet! I didn't pick up the phone & neither did he. Well I had no questions so I am not calling back. They flat out said they gave everyone an extension for covid without any issues but for the people who are still unemployed and need assistance they do nothing but harass you daily. If you would, please reach out to our Customer Advocacy team, so we may have the opportunity to understand what happened here. They'll be able to look into your account and assist you. I give 0 stars.

Flagship Credit Acceptance - Flagship Credit Acceptance Review - Rating 1.07/5 based on 15 user review(s) - Flagged as HIGH RISK! Compare Flagship Credit Acceptance vs Santander Consumer Usa, Compare Flagship Credit Acceptance vs Capital One, Compare Flagship Credit Acceptance vs Ally Financial. will never do business with this company again, Flagship is extremely unprofessional. The customer service rep was very rude and told my husband that he should just get on unemployment so he can pay bills. Flagship Credit Acceptance mainly focuses on core and direct lending, portfolio purchases and many more. Servicing Chester County for Tires, Brakes and general maintenance and all repairs minor and major. They state they are sorry and will stop calling, but they don't! Learn more. For more frequently-asked questions and answers regarding payments or other information about your account, please visit our customer portal. They treat their customers like dog doo doo. 9/24/2020Vickie, we are so very sorry to hear this. Not having a view of the breakdown as other finance companies offer seems like they do not have honest business practices. Coronavirus hits and they dont want to help, wont even allow me to take a deferment on the account to help with the reduced income for a month. Awful company and would not recommend to anyone!

It's games like these that deter people from doing business. Also, I don't feel like a valued customer nor do they treat their customers like their valued because at the beginning of March I attempted to call to be proactive about my hardship and was denied because I was 28 days current again meaning flagship is just saying "uh you good you got 28 days to make a payment we'll see when we get there" what type of mess is that?! Beware of this fraudulent company. Comment from Flagship C. of Flagship Credit Acceptance. This company has not been helpful and I wish I had another financing company as I have seen first hand both family and friends financing companies do so much more to assist. Poor business ethics, Customer service reps, Making it difficult to make payments, Have a unprofessional customer sevice department, Are very poor with payment practises and cus srv. Please reach out to us at customeradvocacy@flagshi… so we can get this cleared up for you ASAP! I immediately cancelled auto pay and made monthly payments! When calling it was CarFinance and only computer asking for my SSN. We were able to…", "These guys are fantastic! So you know what flagship did in return, they asked me for a reference, address, name, and phone number, because I'm getting an extension (that's subject to denial) incase we can't resume payments. Many of our customers have experienced prior credit difficulties or have limited credit histories and generally have FICO® scores ranging from 525 to 675. Then all the corona hit and things went to shit.

Pissed Consumer © 2020 All Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. Horrible horrible company avoid at all cost ! I have been in contact with them and have called in before my payments were so to explain yet they still do nothing instead tell me they are only looking at accounts 30 days past due for assistance and will still report the account delinquent. I think it is fishing. They have taken such a burden off my shoulders. ... Flagship Credit Acceptance P.O. It's been over 30 days which is their policy to receive a refund. I called on 6/5 and requested the overpaid balance be applied to the principal and move my due date back on track to next month, I called again on 6/9 and the adjustment hadn't been done but I found out it wasn't requested correctly either. I don't think they arrest people who owe money.

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