The Jazz version was also issued on AFLP 2150 / AFSD 6150, AFSD 5980 is also found in boxed set: AF 4400, AFSD 5981L was pressed in Brazil by Audio Fidelity of Brazil, This LP was re-released in 1968 on AFLP-2195 / AFSD-6195, Re-released in 2000 as a CD on Ubatuqui UBCD 303, ST 90262 was manufactured for Capitol Record Club, Pressings from Audio Fidelity of Brazil are most highly, Re-issued in 1996 as CD Bomba Records (Japan) BOM554, AFLP/AFSD 2103/6103 was also released on DFM/DFS 3008/7008, Reel Tape produced and sold by Ampex from AF master, Havenu Shalom Aleichem B. Chusen Kala Mazeltov, Chiaroscuro CR-2009 is a re-issue of AFLP-2119/AFSD-6119, AFSD 6122 is also found in boxed set: AF 4400, AFSD-6123 was re-released on Chiaroscuro CR-2010, Also released as 145 065 FBL in the Netherlands, Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll, T 90339 was manufactured for Capitol Record Club, The disc reads Volume 6, the jacket reads Volume 7, Released first on Audio Fidelity AFSD-6131 and then on, I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of This Jelly Roll, Released in Germany under Bellaphon BLPS 19015, AFSD-6132 contains the same tracks from AFSD-6128/AFSD-5930, AFSD-6132T is a 5 inch 4 trk 3 3/4 ips Tucker Prod.

Downloading, copying, republication, reproduction, redistribution The sixteen-disc collection contains the remastered stereo versions of every album in the Beatles catalogue. It is likely that stereo versions of this LP were not pressed by Compo until sometime after their brand new facility on Montreal Road in Cornwall was up and running, and this was probably sometime in early 1965 as referenced in The Beatles Canadian Discography Part 2. The stereo stampers from Scranton would have had less use and lasted well into the early 1970s and were even used with some green target label copies. Hits of the 30's and 40's, SF 4400: 101 Strings in a So the question is ... who was first in Canada with a stereo Beatles LP ... was it Capitol (RCA) or was it United Artists (Compo) ?

For that matter, the other two "cash in " LPs issued in Canada during 1964 (eg Featuring My Bonnie Etc. Demand for a stereo LP release was building in Canada during 1964 and true Beatles fans were able to obtain stereo copies of Beatles LPs from the USA and from Britain. Mono and stereo metal stampers were shipped in early December 1964 from Scranton , Pennsylvania to RCA Victor's pressing plant at Smiths Falls , Ontario. So if there had been 100,000 copies pressed for Beatles '65 in early December 1964 then perhaps only 10,000 stereo copies would have been pressed. The tape box actually says AFSD 6164, Paint It Black & Get Off My Cloud - The Esquires, Goin' Out Of My Head & Up Tight - The Esquires, Good Lovin' & Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - The Prophets, Baby, Please Don't Put Me On - Thunder Frog Ensemble, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - Thunder Frog Ensembl, No identification of artists. The new Beatles '65 LP in December of 1964 was the very first stereo Beatles album to be released in Canada and paved the way for all subsequent stereo releases until the band broke up in early 1970. Both of the first two USA format albums were given a mono and stereo release in Canada. It contains a set of 5 7"33 disks, with 1 title on each side & Title strips for the juke box, Material from this recording session was also included in, ST 90284 was manufactured for Capitol Record Club, AFSD 5926T is the Tucker Productions 5" R2R 3 3/4 ips Tape, The T following 5926 is added by the author to distinguish, ST 90388 was manufactured for Capitol Record Club, I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of this Jelly Roll, AFSD-5930/AFLP-1930 Contains the same material as AFSD-6128, Reissued by Classic Records on 12 inch 45 rpm version, Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, A Tape was produced by AMPEX with Aud. The "J" has been added, for database purposes. CPST 555: Boccherini & Vivaldi Cello Concerti – Aldo Parisot (the stereo release is delayed until May), CPST 556: Juanita Hall Sings the Blues (reviewed in Billboard on April 14). See their answers for further details. The first stereo recordings using magnetic tape were made in Germany in the early 1940s using Magnetophon recorders.

October 6, 1958: RCA Bluebird releases the first stereo album for moppets.

AFSD 5844 - Leon Berry at This was primarily due to the parental pressure to harmonize the Beatles catalogue between Canada and the USA. A teenager could easily hear the difference between the mono and stereo recordings but all too often the technology to play it properly was just not available ... who would pay the extra dollar for a stereo album if you did not have access to a stereo record player ?

AFSD 5949T is a 5" 3 3/4 ips R2R tape manufactured by. The Beatles, however, saw their first four Capitol LPs in Canada issued only in mono. with descriptions of action in the paintings. Multiple copies, of song titles for juke boxes are included. permission. No. Sidney, prematurely released pressings from a few test masters cut for him by Westrex that were meant for evaluation. As shown, the "Teen Scene" page of the Compo catalogue for the fall of 1964 lists both mono and stereo formats for UAL 3366 / UAS 6366, so clearly there was a marketing push for the stereo format by Compo in Canada.

I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate, Gruss Mir Mien Wien - Say Hello To My Vienna, Ich Muss Einmal In Grinzing Sein I Must Get To Grinzing. Also issued as Amberjack AJK 903 and Phoenix PHX 318, Intermezzo As Featured In The Film, Raging Bull, Tape AFX 1706 manufactured and sold by Ampex, AFSD 1825, the 1st stereo LP version came in a mono jacket.

by Telesforo Aboitiz with descriptions of the action. The mono stampers wore out quickly and were soon replaced by "made in Canada" replacements supplied by RCA Victor sound engineer Graham Newton. Some additional titles were. Street with the Dukes of Dixieland Volume 4, ABCS 143: Strauss in Hi Fi - Ork Valentino, ABCS 218: Eydie Gorme Vamps the Roaring 20's, ABCS 219: More College Drinking Songs - The Blazers, ABCS 221: Heavenly Sounds in Hi Fi - Ferrante and Teicher, ABCS 222: World War II Songs in Hi Fi - Four Sergeants, ABCS 224: Hi Fi in an Oriental Garden - Cely Carrillo and others, ABCS 226: The New Billy Taylor Trio (initially announced but delayed), HLG 500: Peer Gynt Side one contains six tracks from AFLP 1851 and side two is AFLP 1843. Drums - 9th Regiment Pipe Band, AFSD 5860 - On Bourbon Tucker Productions. The Arthur Haddy London test disc has segments from these four stereo recordings: That disc is released commercially by Capitol on August 18, 1958 as THE STEREO DISC.

It is well worth seeking out a "first pressing" of this original Canadian "deep groove" stereo LP just to hear the difference. By adjusting the controls, you could listen to. Wedding Bells are breaking up that Old Gang of Mine, Re-issued on Discovery Records as: DS-888, Also issued as the right channel on AFSD 5978, AFSD 6154 is also found in boxed set: AF 4400, I'm In Love With The Honorable Mr. November 13, 1957 (date in matrix): 500 copies of the first Stereodisc (AFLP 1872) are made for Sidney Frey. The first pressings are issued in a deluxe gatefold cover with a record cleaning cloth. T was added to the Cat.

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