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[76] S Jones & L Field, 'Corporate criminal liability for manslaughter: The evolving approach of the prosecuting authorities and courts in England and Wales' [2011] 4 BLR 80, 88. [99] Corporate entities are unable to 'think' per se, meaning that the courts would identify an individual directing the company's 'mind and will'. <> [18] London School of Economics and Political Science, The criminal liability of corporations in English law (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1969) 4.

[14] Even in modern society, it appears baffling to some to consider that a company can be convicted as individual offenders can. Simester, AP, JR Spencer, GR Sullivan & GJ Virgo, Simester & Sullivan's Criminal Law: Theory and Doctrine (4th edn, Hart 2010). The purpose of this reference to Italian decree 231/2001 is that it provides for the imposition of liability upon both individual company members and the company as a collective entity, depending upon the circumstances of the case.

Certainly it has been noticed that bank failures are mostly associated with criminal activities.

Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have. It is no longer rare to find counterfeit parts in aircraft and other vehicles causing death and injuries, or counterfeit pharmaceuticals in hospitals. It is no longer the case that companies can cause death without legal repercussions. Order Now. In drawing this distinction, it focuses on the decisions and actions of individual company members, groups of company members, and the company itself as a collective entity.

How to make a beautiful essay case analysis essay.

[80] Even the sacred corporate veil, which separates the liabilities of the company from those of its members, can be set aside by the courts. [6] S Tombs & P Almond, 'Corporate manslaughter and regulatory reform' [2014] 61 CLSC 5, 590.

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