The thing leaks subtlety in its transference, and this is true for all the characters, for the strata of the plot, for the jolts of language. "The truth was, what Yates had always regarded as courtesy seemed creepy and affected to certain of his female students, who made a point of avoiding him; if he hadn't been so pitifully frail, it would have been worse." Only after his wife's treatment with the anti-psychotic agent Haldol proved "miraculous," he said, did they decide to have a fifth child -- confident that if her post-partum depression were to return, "we could nip it in the bud by recognizing the symptoms early, getting treatment early. And though you can see what tempted the movie men - that great dialogue! By all accounts his personality was difficult, for himself and those who knew him, and not even his biographer escapes the exasperation Yates inspired: "Yates's rancour spared no one; indeed, at times, it seemed the only thing keeping him alive." The novel, dealing in so many and various expectations and delusions, places the site of tragedy in consciousness itself. The novelist wrote of his mother: "I knew she was foolish and irresponsible, that she talked too much, that she made crazy emotional scenes over nothing and could be counted on to collapse in a crisis, but I had come to suspect, dismally, that my own personality might be built along much the same lines." And so he was forced to watch the (slightly) sunnier John Updike, his exact contemporary, plough the same field and reap all the rewards, taking up the position in American letters Yates had hoped would be his own. Ryan Yates is a candidate for Family Court Judge for the 42nd Judicial Circuit serving Calloway & Marshall Counties. Yates's bleak, pessimistic work presents its essentially negative view of mankind as a counterweight to that unreal advertised America, that "optimistic, smiling-through, easy-way-out sentimentality" Frank rails against in Revolutionary Road and Emily writes copy for in The Easter Parade. "Obviously, it could be worse if she'd been given the death penalty, but it wouldn't have been that much worse," Yates said after the jury that convicted his wife of capital murder voted against sentencing her to death. Yates was sentenced to life in prison Friday for drowning her five children, and prosecutors said justice was served by that outcome.

A Special Providence (1969), Yates's second novel, strip-mines a mother-son relationship, excavating deep seams of exploitation and co-dependence.

It is a solid and noble effort that succumbs to what should be a moral of literary adaptation: bad books can make great movies, but a great book hardly ever does. "I will ask them to pray for Andrea.

", Yates said he still supports and believes in his wife. April, restless at home with their two children, formulates an escape plan: the family should emigrate to Paris "for good", though she has never been and Frank spent only three days there with the American army at the end of the war. This leads to the usual law of diminishing returns: in the final, weaker novels, what fiction there ever was seems squeezed out of frame by the weight of a compulsive repetition. They trap themselves. To keep that reality intact, Frank works for Knox Business Machines, "at what he liked to call 'the dullest job you can possibly imagine'" (their newest machine could "perform the lifetime work of a man with a desk calculator in thirty minutes"). Arriving back in America in June 1946, he decided not to go to college, becoming a journalist on a trade magazine, the Food Field Reporter, and moving in with his mother. The NASA engineer said his work no longer seems significant to him, and said he may train to work in another field. What's up with the "my wife left me" kind of jokes on some insiders twitter like Adam Schefter. At 15 Yates managed, temporarily, to escape Dookie by attending a progressive New England boarding school, Avon Old Farms, memorialised as Dorset Academy in his novel A Good School (1978).

When he died in November 1992, at the age of 66, Yates was the author of 27 collected short stories and seven novels (three of which - Revolutionary Road, A Special Providence and The Easter Parade now form the basis of his ascendant reputation), but career-wise he was nowhere and he bitterly resented the fact. After the disastrous performance of The Petrified Forest, DiCaprio's Frank says to Winslet's April, "I guess it wasn't exactly a triumph or anything, was it?" ichard Yates spent the last years of his life living alone in a rented flat in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, stranded among brimming ashtrays and Salvation Army furniture. The man was a part of all that he had met, of course, and the index's entry for Yates, Richard in Bailey's biography reads like plot notes for a Yatesian novel, with the added poignancy of alphabetic collocation: nicknames for ...nude posing for mother, as child ...obituary ...parents' divorce ...personality, sweetness of ...physical incompetence of ...politics of ...poverty of, in adulthood ...poverty of, in childhood ...psychiatric treatments ...psychopharmacological treatments ...public relations work by ...résumé he prepared looking for commercial work ... reunions with Sheila for female companionship after divorces ...self-destructive habits ...self-education ...separations from Sheila ... A dark inventory. As for the Mendes film, it is very fine - as a film. He and his wife also donated Yates Hill at Camp Louis Farr to the Concho Valley Council of Boy Scouts. Yates writes a kind of collapsing third-person narrative, which slips in and out of Frank's, and occasionally other characters', thoughts and idioms. April, who 10 years earlier had attended "one of the leading dramatic schools of New York", stars in a community theatre performance and, on the drive home from the disastrous premiere, the couple argue viciously: Now, as the house swam up close in the darkness with its cheerful blaze of kitchen and carport lights, they tensed their shoulders and set their jaws in attitudes of brute endurance. She plans to work as a secretary at Nato and support the family; Frank will find himself: "You'll be reading and studying and taking long walks and thinking.

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