The detective novel by Umberto Eco, The name of the rose Tells the story of Brother William of Baskerville, who along with his pupil Adso de Melk solve a series of mysteries that occur in an abbey of the Apennines. The setting of Miami contributes greatly to the mood of these novels, and Segura’s flawed private detective is an intriguing character to follow.

The No. Protagonist in addition to one of the best-known literary sagas, Sherlock taught us that the simplest explanation is correct, however implausible it may seem. Unlike other fictional heroes, he is not very good with fists. In the language of the time, Marco Didio would be an informant of the Roman emperor Vespasian. One of the most prominent detectives in the United States is Melvin Purvis, also known as 'Little Mel'. His most acclaimed case was Albert Fish, also known as 'The Gray Man', the 'Vampire of Brooklin' and the 'Maniac of the Moon'. Cormoran Strike is a private investigator created by author J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Author Alex Segura has written five novels about the reporter turned private detective Pete Fernandez. Love detective fiction? The main character is Mma Precious Ramotswe, who resides in Botswana. Hercules Poirot, the fictional Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie, is the protagonist of more than 30 novels and 50 short stories. Email has been sent! Pinkerton was the first private detective agency in the world, founded by Scottish Allan Pinkerton. We use cookies to provide our online service. The case of Vatileaks is his most famous case. There, he is convinced to help a man investigate his missing daughter, leading Fernandez into a crime-ridden side of Miami and a life of private investigation that ends up being so different from the path he thought his life would take. William King caught this insane killer, who is believed to have raped more than 100 victims and killed 5 people. For instance, he’s a lover of poetry. Philip Marlowe, star of Goodbye doll , The eternal dream And other works by Raymond Chandler, is a cynical detective, who criticizes corrupt society and believes that everyone lies. He also happens to be the illegitimate child of rockstar Jonny Rokeby and model Leda Strike. Harry Hole, star of the black novel saga of the Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo, is a detective with a very difficult temperament, who has to fight against his own demons and at the same time fight against drug traffickers and murderers.

In no particular order, here are eight of the best private detectives in mystery series. In the first novel, Silent City, Pete Fernandez is dealing with a failing career, an ended engagement, and the sudden death of his father. Although Sue Grafton intended to take Millhone’s story through the entire alphabet, ending with Z is for Zero, the author unfortunately died before the final novel could be completed. It is interesting to note that both Roberts and Lucas have criticized the film American Ganster . The character, created by author Raymond Chandler, has been highly influential on detective fiction. When someone wants to get to the bottom of a mystery or find out some secret information about another person, they hire from the most skilled and trustworthy private investigator company names they can find.

Sam Spade, the protagonist of the novel The Maltese Falcon , Written by Dashiell Hammett. He was convicted of the murder of Grace Budd. Rusty Sabish is in charge of discovering who raped his ex-lover Carolyn Polhemus in the novel Innocent ham By Scott Turow. There is something truly satisfying about following Song’s journey into the crime world of Los Angeles. Apr 8, 2012 - A collection of private investigator, process server, bail bondsman, law enforcement and other related amusing pictures compiled by PI Newswire. Marlowe himself is defined in his novel as a lover of chess, drinking and women. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator of this character, undoubtedly the most famous detective in history. The author, Jo Nesbo, is as multifaceted as his character as a musician, economist and reporter. Another famous heroine of Agatha Christie and also a detective was Miss Marple. It is believed that before founding his agency, Vidocq was a criminal.

Warshawski graduated in law from the University and worked as a public defender before becoming a detective. Famed novelist Lindsey Davis, passionate about the history and archeology of Ancient Rome, created the character of the detective Marco Didio Falco.

Dan Brown is the author of the famous book series on Professor Robert Langdon, who has become a reference character for modern detective books. See more ideas about Bail bondsman, Private investigator, Process server. He is known for conducting research on the serial killer, Zodiac. The heroine of author Peter Hoeg Smila is especially susceptible to the types of snow. This sexy detective, created by Sara Paretsky, changed the role of the woman in the detective novels. Spade tries to find a statuette that is considered a relic of art, but to achieve this he faces a group of criminals, not all interested in the piece of art.

Let me know in the comments! This list of private detectives in mystery series is sponsored by Forge Books. Guinness World Records lists Sherlock Holmes as the “most portrayed movie character.” More than 70 actors have played the role of Sherlock Holmes over 200 films. Author Steph Cha introduces readers to the unforgettable amateur sleuth Juniper Song in this newer series set in Los Angeles. New titles are added each week. The fact of being a Belgian refugee also explains why Poirot lived in a pension and why, being an expert in his field, precisely did not have work.

Marlowe first appeared in the 1939 novel The Big Sleep, but some of Chandler’s earlier short stories featured other versions of a similar character using different names. Langdon, educated and intelligent university professor, uses his knowledge to solve crimes and mysteries. This man played a primary role in catching criminals like Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, Machine Gun Kelly and the Barker brothers. Finally, by the third Juniper Song installment Dead Soon Enough, the amateur detective has turned into a licensed private detective. Following Poirot’s last appearance in 1975 (in Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case), The New York Times ran an obituary for the fictional sleuth on the front page of the paper. Respected and admired by the police force, Hercule Poirot is a man who loves solving crimes almost as much as he loves keeping up with his carefully manicured mustache. The series currently consists of four novels, the most recent one being Lethal White, and the stories keep getting darker and grittier. This character was created before the term or detective profession existed. Eliot Ness, an agent of the United States Treasury, stood out for leading Los Intocables, who enforced the Dry Law prohibiting the sale of alcohol in Chicago. In honor of this character, Tom Rob Smith wrote his book The child 44 . Alleyn is the protagonist of 32 novels in which you can appreciate the course of his life, from being an official until Superintendent, as well as aspects of his personal life as his wedding or the birth of his son. In it the hacker Lisbeth Salander and the investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist will solve diverse crimes, using each one its talents.

Father Brown is characterized by a deep understanding of psychology, allowing him to understand the motives of criminals and victims. It is characterized by its hardness in solving a mystery.

16- Fray Guillermo de Baskerville . This list would not be complete without the Belgian private detective at the center of so many of Agatha Christie’s most popular novels.

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The first private detective agency in Spain was founded by Enrique Cazenevue Cortés on Calle Balmes in Barcelona. The work of the Danish writer was brought to the big screen. We'll get back to you ASAP. Sadly Sabish is not totally sane emotionally and her story with Carolyn sometimes does not allow her to see things clearly.

After its foundation was closed, the agency continued working for many years but was discredited for having taken part in the activities of the employers against the labor movement in the USA. By the second novel, Beware Beware, Song is apprenticing at PI firm. William King discovered it thanks to a letter that Fish wrote years later where it was identified to him by its letter and by its orthographic errors. Even the FBI. Faced with constant attacks by the press on this case, Herranz stated that"in any government there are more dark areas than in the Vatican"and reiterated its commitment to carry the investigation to the final consequences. Holmes first appeared in 1887’s A Study in Scarlet and went on to sleuth in several short stories published in The Strand between 1891 and 1927. Latimer, being no detective but writer, differs from other heroes of the genre in that his method to discover the truth is the conversation with different personages with whom he is interviewed when traveling through different cities of Europe and Asia. But Holmes’s reach goes far beyond the written word. Sherlock Holmes pretty much set the bar for what is expected of literary private detectives. Starting with author Walter Mosley’s first novel about the detective, Devil in a Blue Dress, the series follows Rawlins as he investigates crimes and navigates the social injustices and race politics of America in the 1940s–’60s. The lawyer’s firm. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. All his stories are related to important facts of the history of Spain in Century XX. This character was so acclaimed that many, believing that he was a real detective, sent letters to his address in London.

Marlowe might seem like your typical tough private detective on the outside, but he has a sensitive and philosophical interior life, making him a much more complex character. The Russian detective Victor Burakov, became popular to face the maniacal"butcher of Rostov", that killed 53 people in the Russian region of Rostov. The fictional PI Philip Marlowe has already come up once on this list, and for good reason. Strike solves cases with the help of his equally interesting secretary turned assistant Robin Ellacott, a woman who isn’t afraid to challenge strike, in spite of his hardened exterior. Marlowe first appeared in the 1939 novel The Big Sleep, but some of Chandler’s earlier short stories featured other versions of a similar character using different names.

Do something different at home tonight with a. A rudderless police department. Thank you for signing up! In the first novel, Follow Her Home, Song attempts to follow in the footsteps of her favorite fictional detective Philip Marlowe by helping her friend investigate a possible affair. Another famous historical personage is the aristocrat Robert Peel who, although it was not detective, created Metropolitan Police of London and the Real Irish Police. It is important to note that Toschi only finished high school and does not have any higher education. A lady with impressive deductive abilities who used to cheat by her appearance, which was not typical of the classic detective prototype. Easy falls into unlicensed private detective work after losing his job at a defense plant. The story has so captivated the audience that it has been brought to the big screen. The detective Pepe Carvalho, created by Manuel Vázquez, does not fit in the common personage of the detective novels. Fill out our questionnaire and receive name suggestions. Email could not be delivered. The young judge Pazair must detain a general who has organized a plot to kill Pharaoh Ramses 'the Great'. However, like many of her literary peers, Millhone is no-nonsense and spends little time worrying about her appearance and other such frivolities.

Strike has been hardened by the life he has lead; he lost his leg during the war in Afghanistan, and he is a former SIB investigator.

In his work The crimes of Morgue Street , Edgar Allan Poe introduces the character of detective Auguste Dupin, inspired by the recently mentioned Vidocq.

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