+168 ATK, ジゴスラッシュ (AOE 12 Hit 280% Physical Attack, AOE -50% Dark Resist for For 3 Turns 40 MP).

Good to know she get the spotlight. +40 DEF, +50 MAG/SPR, +30% HP & Silence/Petrify Immunity.

As if Katana users (Citan/Auron) weren't OP enough, they just got a HUGE buff with Akstar's STMR.

Still BiS for tanks that can utilize daggers though. +14 DEF, +77 MAG, +42 SPR, +50% Thunder Resist & +1 LB/Turn. That discounts some of the other odd choices you've made here (Jake stmr etc). Want to contribute?

In a few weeks I will organize a ranking of the units along with the GL.

Gut could come in pretty clutch, but 80% is still too much of a gamble to be relying on it completely. Good MAG stats on a Rod that also boosts Leviathan's damage by 75%. +80% ATK, 2000 Self Fixed Damage at the beginning of each turn. (25% Accuracy) +100% EQ ATK when 2-Handing (TDH) & +30% ATK w/ Spear. please never come back on a GL banner.

+50% DEF/SPR, +60% Thunder/Water/Light Resist, +32 DEF, +44 MAG, +78 SPR & +20% Fire/Ice/Thunder/Water Resist & Increase Summon Damage by 20%. BiS for summoners, drop down a tier or two if you're not into summoners. Sorry Lenneth bae, have to dump this here since Ang's TMR is almost as good as yours, and GL is like 8 months behind. .

The extra DEF and HP are always nice though.

you'll probably want to drop Kid Rydia/Yuna's STMR down a tier or two if you don't use summoners. 2nd highest ATK hat in the game with four different killers, don't know what else needs to be said.

But----- she is definately beastly in current meta.... Oh, there's all my units! Then they can give her the same breaks and 250%+ buffs.

Unconditional +60% ATK & Beast/Spirit/Undead killer, count me in!

Garbage to the point that I haven't even gotten it despite having 7-8 Noctis' sitting on my bench. NOPE. Other than for Nagi herself, this BiS for DW users to maximize their damage potential. I'm trying to reformat but my excel converter for reddit is not working anymore, the default has changed? It's currently on the lower tier of S IMO since Greatsword users aren't in the best position, but I have no doubt they'll make a come back eventually. +16 ATK, +151 MAG, +54 SPR, +15% HP/MP & +75% Leviathan Damage. Wiki Index F.A.Q. Again, these are completely subjective.

Latest changes . Better version of Reberta's GL TMR, up here because Spear are slightly better than Knuckles.

Unconditional 60% ATK is fantastic already on its own, but this also provides 100% LB rate & Machine Killer.

No way that is ranked only A.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FFBraveExvius community. Great STMR, just gota wait for that OP spear wielding unit now.

The -20% song MP cost is pretty useless though. From our Discord server . BiS for herself especially if you don't have Axter's STMR, otherwise pretty useless atm. Rainbow's Robe (Marie TMR) is better for the extra elemental resist if not for the +20% EVO MAG. +80% ATK When Equipped with a Sword, +50% Phys Damage to Undead. Depending on how much you value the elemental resistances, this could be a S Tier STMR. This really changed my view on some STMRs in the game, and felt that this would be a good time to do somewhat of a ranking for all the STMRs in the game.

Press J to jump to the feed.

BiS for all Gun users, the 1.3x LB damage more than makes up for the ATK loss compared to Vincent's STMR. For example, some STMRs in the S tier is closer to SS while some are closer to A Tier. Would belong in the next tier or two if you don't care for summoning Leviathan as the MAG stat isn't THAT amazing. Developer can always bend the game whichever direction they want.

Great combination of DEF & HP on a shield.

On the flip side, this STMR is pretty good for magical tanks if you don't have Wilhelm's STMR since most of them do have +SPR passives when equipped with Light Armor.

Make the unit able to cast 40~50% damage mitigation with 4k HP barrier in 1 skill, Make a higher-tier break that also break the buff (current break only applies on base stats), Make the unit able to AoE imbue and AoE imperil of any element in 1 skill (so elemental weapon is going to be obsolete), Make the unit able to add any killers (phys and magic), CD skills allow quadcast for a few couple turns, I love sprite and I am just waiting another oportunity to get my second one. +150 MP, +12 ATK, +166 SPR, +30% MP, +50% Water Resistance.

I wondered where they were. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of good Knuckle users which is why this sits at a C rank for now. Fork the repo and submit a PR!

I actually love this STMR on my tank. +172 ATK, +69 MAG, バードキラー (+50% Physical Damage to Avian), 憎悪の裁き (+100% ATK When HP Falls Below 80% Every Turn). With how powerful LBs are becoming (and will become in the future), this is one of those STMRs that will never become obsolete/useless. MAG & HP Materia wooooo! Similar to Shantotto's STMR, most mages wear robes (except for Light Veritas) so this might as well be unconditional.

Suuuuuuuper niche, but super powerful against Demons.

I saw this the other day when I got my Willy to 7*. +45 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 SPR, 風の追憶 (+30% Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Resist). Interestingly enough, Golbez can also wear robes, so unless you're really looking to BiS him your wallet is probably better off throwing a Robe on him for ~40 less MAG. Because only two units can use it, which is Golbez himself and Light Veritas.

GLEX Podcast.

Heals 3K HP every turn, 12% MP recovery, LB refill, and auto buff for re-raise strategies. +30% MAG, +60% SPR & 80% Chance Ignore up to 1 Fatal Attacks when HP above 40%. You could also throw this on your damage dealer for some extra bulk I suppose.

Spear version of Angrim's STMR, would rank a lot higher if spear users were meta.

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