He and his mustache look as good now as they did 30 years ago. Salvador Dali’s mustache is a sight to behold.

This… He has appeared in films like “Pulp Fiction,” “Mission Impossible” and “Con Air.” Ving is a Kevin Bacon kind of actor since he has appeared in many films with many different people. Goulet was an American singer and actor, and he played the part of Sir Lancelot in the 1960 Broadway musical “Camelot.” It was a show that also featured Richard Burton and Julie Andrews. Let’s find out! A Totally Spooktastic Tale To Start Of Your October, 13 People Who Regret Sending That Awkward Text, Start Spo0ktober Off Right With These Bone Chilling Memes, Woman Selling Shoes Online Gets A Very Creepy Buyer, 23 Crazy Pictures That Are The Epitome Of WTF, 43 Funny Pics and Memes To Amuse and Delight, 56 Funny Pics and Memes to Start the Week Off Right, 56 Funny Memes and Pics to Help Pass the Time. Don Corleone’s mustache will make you an offer you can’t refuse. But one glimpse at a creepy mustache and you not only want to look away, you want to run away – as fast as possible! Men’s Hairstyles: What’s the Difference Between a Taper and a Fade? 27 Vintage Photos That Will Make You Say WTF?! Theodore Roosevelt How can we forget the legendary long mustache of Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, who has characterized him throughout his life and contributed to his image as a true king of rock, or that of an icon like Freddie Mercury, or even the 70s-style one of Lionel Richie. Later, he started Turner Entertainment Co and TNT. She works mostly with articles and blogposts, on the most diverse topics!

“Team Vlad” t-shirts have surprisingly not sold well in stores. The actor just so happened to be sporting a dashing mustache at the time.

Consider something more modern. Ted Turner and his mustache just go together. Features all kinds and types of mustaches. The guy with a thousand beard styles. Your favorite movie star wore a certain mustache and you want the same one? Dipping toward his chin in a handlebar style, Trejo’s mustache completes his face. Once you get good with making simple mustache style, such as a chevron or a pyramid, you can go on to more complicated styles like pencil and handlebar mustaches.

According to a leaked CIA memo, Iraq’s WMDs were hidden in Saddam Hussein’s lush Arabian mustache. Honor to perseverance (and to the only man that can pull of this goatee!). The 5 Best AoM Podcast Episodes on Finding Meaning and Purpose, How To Shave Like Your Grandpa Using a Safety Razor. In the last years of his life he cut it, not only because of his disease but also, it is said, to gain a more sober and formal appearance. Well, we like to remember him with his iconic mustache! However, not all men are ready to ask for help and they start making the mustache all on their own. Descartes was a well-known French philosopher, scientist and mathematician. A product of the same School of Villainry as Snidely Whiplash (Step 1: Grow mustache. Lemmy Kilmister – Most famous mustaches begins Source: New York Times. How to choose the best walking and hiking shoes. This Week In Sports: Notable NFL Transactions. Does it look creepy? The result can be pretty pitiful. Dali passed away in 1989. Milo Ventimiglia is a popular actor. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. Trejo’s mustache is also full of character. His books became more famous due to frequent censorship of them.

Hulk HoganOur list of famous men with a mustache includes one of the world’s greatest professional wrestlers and that wrestler is Hulk Hogan. This type of hair growth is great for small mustaches as a pencil and a toothbrush. Freddie Mercury. This mustache can look truly funny. See more ideas about Famous, Moustache, Famous mustaches. With his shaved head and elegant mustache, Steve Harvey is the embodiment of a distinguished gentleman. Eddie Murphy is an actor known for the T.V. But one glimpse at a creepy mustache and you not only want to look away, you want to run away – as fast as possible! The mustache of the unforgettable Motorhead frontman is a true legend: it simultaneously covers part of the mouth, cheeks and chin reaching up to the sideburns. If your face is small and round, a large mustache will look like you’ve gone too far. Perhaps not everyone remembers Tom Hanks with a wonderful mustache in more recent films such as Sully, a film about the landing of US Airways flight 1549 which took place on January 15, 2009 in the Hudson River, or in Saving Mr Banks, with the actor as the American genius Walt Disney. Take a look at these creepy mustaches to get an idea of what you can look like when you overestimate yourself. Pictures of funny and creepy looking people with mustaches! No matter what, we still prefer him with his iconic mustache! Twain was an avid supporter of the abolition of slavery and emancipating slaves. It is white and in the handlebar style.

Admirable. Both features gave him a mature look, and they became a part of his onscreen presence.

Such a character who has consistently had such a mustache throughout his career can only be a myth! The 12 Most Infamous Mustaches of All Time These mustaches have a reputation of the worst kind because of the actions and character of their wearers. Appearing in movies like “Con Air,” “Desperado” and “Heat,” Danny Trejo is a character actor who has played many characters. Don’t stop if you make a mistake, try again! John Waters is an iconic film director, one who has an iconic thin mustache that rests subtly over his upper lip. If you skip a day or two of shaving, your nice and stylish mustache will turn into a real disaster. It’s unusual to see one today. In his attempts to stop his racing opponents through cheating, this “double-dealing do-badder” deployed a variety of traps from his race car, the Mean Machine. Selleck became famous starring in the television series “Magnum P.I.” He has appeared in several movies and made a successful television comeback in the show “Blue Bloods.” The man never seems to age. Here's a compendium of some of the creepiest mustaches I could find: 1)  The "Trust Me, Your Kids Are Safe With Me" Mustache: 2)  The Lopsided Starving Artist Mustache: 3)  The "I'm A Chilean Gymnast, What's Your Excuse?" Does Ibuprofen Help or Hurt Your Workouts?

We think that this is the right decision.

Some of these celebrity men wear mustaches all the time (as in their famous for it) while others just happen to have one once in a while.

Epic beards can be creepy, too, but at least they're interesting to look at – and that just adds to their epicness (epicacity? The mustache can be outdated and you will look truly ridiculous wearing a 20th century style in the 21st century. Find Out Inside This Article, Shed of Doom is One of the Funniest Memes Online and I Wonder Will it Ever be Finished, 40 Ridiculous Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad They’re Hilarious, The Clock Spider Is The Most Terrifying Urban Legend I Ever Heard, 31 Halloween Pictures That Are So Creepy They Should Be Banned Forever, 50 Mobile Wallpaper Inspiration For Those In Need Of a Change, 28 Funny Memes About Hot Girls That Are Spot On But Girls Will Never Admit Them. Freddie Mercury’s mustache seems almost carved in stone: it is unthinkable not to connect it to the image of the Queen singer. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen portrayed the character of Borat in the 2006 British-American mocumentary “Borat!

Freddie Mercury’s mustache seems almost carved in stone: it is unthinkable not to … Chaplin is famous for silent films, and when asked about his mustache, he once commented that it “adds age without changing my expression.” Charlie Chaplin’s mustache was referred to as a “toothbrush mustache.” This was a popular mustache style in the 1920s. When he was young, his “stache” was the same reddish shade as his hair. His focus was surrealism, and it’s likely that you’ve seen his painting titled “The Persistence of Memory.” It’s the one that features melting clocks.

The tales of Genghis Khan’s brutality in conquest are surely exaggerated. He had an intermittent relationship with his mustache, however he was always very elegant. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. Is he even recognizable without it? Saturdays Are For the Boys Memes, and For the Boys Only! Not only were his evil plots consistently foiled by a squirrel and a moose, he could never get Natasha Fatale to see him as more than a partner in crime, despite his debonair, “bad enough” mustache. It was Roosevelt who sought to protect the environment. He had only to show people his mustache and they would surrender on the spot. A famed Olympian with a recognizable mustache, Mark Spitz is a nine-time champion in swimming.

One of the most important things about maintaining a perfect mustache is keeping it neat. I don't have a good answer, but I think the switch happened in the late 80's.

Brett & Kate McKay William H. Macy is an actor, one who often has a mustache but frequently shaves it off. Sam Elliott has been starring in television and films since 1969. Augusto Pinochet’s mustache took over his upper lip through an oppressive military coup. He gained fame when he appeared in the flick “Easy Rider.” The actor increased his renown after starring in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Nicholson has received 12 Academy Award nominations, making him the most nominated actor in the award organization’s history. But how is it used online? Spider Man, for example, or Spider Man 2, or even Eat Pray Love. Snidely Whiplash spent his career trolling around Canada abducting young women and tying them to railroad tracks. The overall image will scream “green youngster!”. In the modern world, they can look a little ridiculous. Corral. He is a philanthropist and a well-known media mogul. Television journalist and the fella who lost some career ground when he decided to report on opening a mysterious vault that once belonged to Al Capone, Geraldo Rivera has a definitive mustache. It is kind of a “Mother Bear” mustache in that it’s not too big nor too small.

The 2 Different Types of Electric Shavers (Buying Guide), Aveda Nurturing Shampoo & Conditioner Set, How To Remove Hairspray From Bathroom Walls, Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Head as a Woman. There are few things in life that are creepier than a guy with a creepy mustache. Here's a compendium of some of the creepiest mustaches I could find: 1) The "Trust Me, Your Kids Are Safe With Me" Mustache: Popular with bus drivers, pedophiles, and pedophile bus drivers. If you don’t have time to visit the stylist, consider making something simple at first. Actor and comedian Jack Black has morphed his facial hair and demeanor to play a range of characters in movies like Nacho Libre and Jumanji. Make sure to keep your mustache fresh and outlined. Share a Coke with Meme and Your Friends, Enemies and Others! Creating a mustache is an art and needs some practice. So of course, it\'s time for the insufferable hipsters to ironically bring it back. Macy has brought home two Emmy Awards. His mustache is full and fabulous. His numerous murder attempts were finally ended, not by Dudley Do-Right, but by an angry damsel who fought back by wrapping his mustache around his neck and choking him with it. Funny and Creepy Mustaches! When you see a photo of the old west lawman Wyatt Earp, you are sure to be “wowed” by the mustache that seems to take up almost half of his face.

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