Each merchant specializes in a specific category of item, and also offers repair services. The stats and/or condition of the new weapon or armor will likely need to be higher than what they currently have before they will equip it. Yeah 3 or 4 days in game sound about right. Other wastelanders can be found selling random, and sometimes rare, i… Wasteland scavenger merchants can make fairly deadly foes at early levels due to the pets and heavy weapons they occasionally have. The consequence of this is that items sold in error will not be able to be bought back if the item being bartered for is outside the merchant's item specialty category. If you place a weapon that uses different ammunition, you must also place 1 round of ammunition for that weapon, but that's all they need because they will never use it up. Late in the game, it is not uncommon to see a lone merchant without either their pack brahmin or guard. Any surviving bodyguards will hang around Uncle Roe's house in Canterbury Commons. Even if the key to the merchant's inventory is looted from his body, the dead merchant's inventory will never restock on the brahmin. Caravan merchants have more health than standard non-player characters, and their caravan guard bodyguards are significantly tougher than normal, even wearing their basic leather armor. In the case of Lucky Harith, if you place other armor on him his repair skill will decrease by 5, as he gets a bonus from the, Wolfgang's and Hoff's repair skills can be improved by another 5 points by reverse-pickpocketing a, On the PC you can use console commands to give them items. Any items sold to merchants by the player will remain in their inventories until they restock. Any caps paid to merchants can be found in their inventories should they be killed. They will carry better weapons and clothing, more chems and stimpaks, and more miscellaneous items that can be used with the workbench (see.

Pack brahmin have a large amount of health, considerably more than a regular brahmin. Merchant inventories will scale with the player character's level, although certain advanced items such as power armor and plasma weapons will not normally be available. Waiting for three days near a merchant will cause them to re-stock their inventory, while remaining in the same location. They will run ahead of the merchant rather than follow him around, and will get themselves killed again in seconds. Scavenger's yao guai can be just as lethal as a regular wasteland yao guai. This is the first time I have played the original fallout and I have noticed that none of the merchants are restocking and I am running out of 5mm ammo. At Canterbury Commons, Uncle Roe offers the player a map showing the paths of the merchants and their various trade stops. They often use roads even though the roads are dilapidated. I waited right in front of Gun Runner's 3 days at a time. If a caravaneer dies and you take the key to his brahmin off of his corpse, and then subsequently loot the brahmin, it will say at the end of the game that you killed the merchant, whether or not you actually caused the merchant's death. If you see a caravan near an unsafe place, try fast-traveling away or eliminating the threat. Atleast thats how it seems to work on mine. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. If a caravanner dies and the player character takes the key to his brahmin off of their corpse, and then subsequently loots the brahmin, it will say at the end of the game that the player character killed the merchant, whether or not the player character actually caused the merchant's death. Consider keeping the weapon class the same as what they already have equipped in order to ensure that the weapon will be useful to them. This bug was fixed at least once, on the 360, by finding the location of every merchant, then fast traveling rapidly between them and then to other areas (as quickly as possible). Doctors can treat various ailments for a fee, and certain traders can repair the player character'sequipment.

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Caravan merchants do not recover health and once they or their guards die, they do not respawn. They seem to have to be in charge that day for it to could towards the 3 days. Both the merchants and their guards also carry a couple of stimpaks for healing wounds in combat. 1 Sells Mesmetron power cells only. Their inventories update at 12:00 AM, although the days these updates occur vary from player to player. In addition to these traders, there are also four caravan merchants traveling the DC wastes, with one dedicated to food and chems, one to weapons, a third to armor, and a fourth to junk items. The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Fallout_3_merchants?oldid=3349832. Both the merchants and their guards also carry a couple of stimpaks for healing wounds in combat.

They are significantly better combatants than most other human non-player characters and are roughly on par with a non-player character companion or super mutant master in terms of durability. If you kill a caravan merchant and loot the key, their inventory is at Uncle Roe's house in Canterbury Commons, and can be taken. Most towns in the wasteland have merchants selling food and drink, with those in more prosperous settlements also offering weapons, armor, and clothing. Pack brahmin have a large amount of health, considerably more than a regular brahmin. Doctors can treat various ailments for a fee, and certain traders can repair the player'sequipment. Investing in a caravan allows that merchant to sell a wider variety and higher quality of items, and increases the number of caps they have available when trading. For example, if you are looking at Doc Hoff and use the Wait feature to jump ahead 2–3 hours, Crazy Wolfgang will appear there instead. Care should be taken not to trigger hostile encounters at, Hostile human enemies enslaved via the use of the. Where can I find the key for the cell in vault tech HQ? In order of travel, the merchants stop just outside each of the following areas: The merchants cycle through the caravan waypoints in the same order: Doc Hoff, Crazy Wolfgang, Crow, then Lucky Harith. If you kill a merchant and loot the key, you can pickpocket the pack brahmin and take the merchant's inventory from the brahmin. It also raises their Repair skill (up to 75 in one case, with the second investment), allowing them to restore the player character's equipment (i.e. If the player character kills a named merchant and loots their key, everything that could be bought from them is located in their local inventory.

Merchants can be found at various locations throughout the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3.

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