I wish I could have kept the baby to raise it as my own. Winge-boy hasn't got a plan of his own, just another raider fuck, he was one of Ashur's lieutenants before he failed a power play, his alliance with Midina is a sham and she's a fool for falling for it, his routine would kill the city and turn it into a permanent battlefield as other raider groups try to claim Ashur's throne from him or each other (at least till the BoS sweep through, again), (note: that would get all the slaves killed too). Thankfully, when selected by the sinister president to be his instrument of annihilation, the Wanderer refused. There's gotta be another way to get the cure. Occasionally, ending 11 with the destroyed Purifier may be obtained instead, even if the Purifier is activated, by taking too long to do so and therefore triggered that ending. Ashur is trying to find a cure for radiation and both parents are willing to sacrifice their own daughter as an experimental subject3. if you killed him ^.-. "[SUCCESS] Hey, you're totally right! These are added by, Video segments 12, 13, 14 - Based on end-game decision on FEV. Werner is 'playing you'; he was an ex who failed a coup, and now wants revenge.

As far as I think the whole slavery was wrong, I still sided with Ashur just because of a cure and trying to bring back the Pitt to its former glory, At best there is no good ending, Each side has their benefits, For Ashur, The cure TDC will be completed and Pittsburgh will be rebuilt restarting steel production with a new hope that city's can be rebuilt, At the cost of more slavery for decades to come. Pittsburgh itself seems like a lost cause. While the workers work on steel production, Ashur is refining a vaccine. Well, the slaves are innocent, but the guy leading the supposed rebellion is not. Dead rotting bodies do not succumb to the disease. Here's a recent example...http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/326.240056-Sengoku-Basara-Samurai-Heroes-Multi-Platform-Review#14492592, Served from: | Version: com. That's realism, baby! If you try to get them to live together, they will kill everyone anyways and dump them in the basement. It's full of monstrous people, but letting the Ghouls overrun it? For Ashur, The cure TDC will be completed and Pittsburgh will be rebuilt restarting steel production with a new hope that city's can be rebuilt, At the cost of more slavery for decades to come According to Kai, it mostly consists of trog meat mixed with the irradiated water from the three rivers. Video segments 19 to 26 - These segments show the same scene, differ only on player character's race and gender. ), Video segments 15 and 16 - These two segments have identical voice overs. Step in the Control Chamber at the end and activate the Purifier. Was anyone else disapointed with how the Pitt ended up? Having to chose between 1: Side with Ashur and hope things improve under the slave lord or 2: Side with Wernher and liberate the slaves,only to have the Pitt possibly descend into chaos (as well as condemning a now orphaned Marie to a life of misery with the apathetic Medea and an abusive Wernher) was somewhat of a letdown.Get some nice gear,boost to rad resistance,goodbye and hope things work out for you.

There are 5 levels of Karma: Very Good: +750 to +1000. And while this even worked for a little while in some cultures (like in Rome when a chosen dictator got all exectuvie power in a time of crisis and then stepped down) it also didn't work most of the human history, like in Rome when those afore mentioned dictators didn't step down anymore and had to be murdered on the ides of march.

How do you know if a patient isn't asking to be euthanized because the stage of disease/illness they are at is painful or causing them to not be lucid? Steal the Baby for the Good Karma, thats what I did. He doesn't give a damn about the slaves and he's willing to kidnap a baby to get back at the ruler and city in general. Decades? For Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Evil vs good ending for the pitt *spoilers*". And what of his speeches? I think i killed both sides, then continued to kill everyone and declare myself ruler of the... well... cinders of what used to be DC. Humanity will be preserved, but only in its purest form. All liberating the slaves does is helps a small group of people prosper in the short term.

The first and final parts are the same for each player, the 3 middle parts depend on their choices, Part 4 may not be played if having entered the wrong code when trying to activate the purifier (the purifier will be destroyed in an explosion that way). The pitt is still a raider faction, pros-they are getting outside supplies, have order, have protection cons-those supplies are coming from raids against outside innocents, that order is coming at gun point, the raiders are cruel SOBs.

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