When you get it, your Strength will increase by 4 points. Reblogged 7 years ago from alliseearegemsandimgoingmad. 2. I just would like to know if there's some way to make Fallout 1's intro play in a screen as larger as Fallout 2's. The average US citizen watching GNN is a fiercely nationalist xenophobe, who doesn't particularly care about the welfare of other countries or their citizens, long as his country's best interests are protected. A great cleansing, an atomic spark struck by human hands, quickly raged out of control. The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth. NPCs don't give a shit if you're in the line of fire and I really don't want you to smash your keyboard because of that.

We changed as much as we needed to allow for more flexibility in movement, but tried to stay very close to the original design whenever possible.

Fallout Intro Speeches. The next scene provides context - the GNN newscast and the tone it's kept in portray a drastically different American society from the one we know.
Kannst ja das deutsche (cut) Intro auf YouTube nachholen. Then a power armored soldier is shown in front of the American Commonwealth flag and a war bond ad. Fallout 3 is okay but meh. Your family was part of that group that entered Vault Thirteen. Make sure you talk to people to get information about the vault you grew up in and some quests.

Feel free to talk with the other residents of your vault.
At least that's what this Fallout 1 Quick Start says. However, with a good Luck, good Perception and a great Small Guns skill, you can kill any foe in one precise shot to the eyes! Remember to save often and use multiple saving slots. We tried to model the power armor as T-Ray did in the opening movie and game, but he could get away with clipping that would look really bad at close distances or certain angles. Across the river, they gathered strength. Now, right-click anywhere for the cursor to have binoculars attached to it. DON'T TAKE SKILLED! We tried to model the power armor as T-Ray did in the opening movie and game, but he could get away with clipping that would look really bad at close distances or certain angles.

The video cuts out, setting the tone for the subsequent narration. Take a good look around rooms or you might miss important items. Once you reach Vault 15, go down the hole inside the wood building.

Next, ads for Chryslus Corvega and Mister Handy appear.

But war never changes. When on map, move your character into the green circle and click on [Vault 13]. Ich habs gefunden...und die Files extract...dinges.

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