Full Reload is the same as Max Ammo.

Once all the zombies are killed, the next round will begin with greater zombies that can withstand even more damage. Lennox reveals to the other three that Oz was once part of Sentinel, and that he was present at the prison when Atlas released the Manticore bomb, making him one of the very first victims of the infection. After a long fight, Oz is finally killed, and the group proceeds to burn his mutated corpse, vowing vengeance against Atlas. If a player dies, they will be out of the game until the next round begins. The randomized 3D Printer has five locations, but only one is active at a time.

Three new types of enemies are introduced, Teleporting Zombies, a reworked Goliath Exo Zombie, and Atlas Strike Teams. Exo Suits must be found, which allows for Exo Boosts, a more powerful melee (one hit kill up to round 5), and the ability to purchase Exo Upgrades. See the table below for more info. Pay a set amount of credits to obtain that weapon. Sometimes you face down special zombies, such as Hellhounds, EMP zombies (which temporarily short out your Exo suit), and gas-spewing infected that, if they get a good hit in, require a trip to the map’s lone decontamination shower. The second easter egg is much more elaborate, and it’s in the same vein as the multi-part, story-driven easter eggs that rules past zombies maps. Read on to learn how that works, along with some basic survival tips and others bits of knowhow that should help you stay alive just a little bit longer. The following is just a basic description of how the mode works. Thrown explosives now scale in damage as you get to later waves, so they’re always effective. Easter eggs are a hallmark of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, and Outbreak doesn’t disappoint. The most common rounds are Zombie Dogs and Infection rounds. It is also the first (chronologically the second) Exo Zombies map in which the players can survive. The game initially stars four playable characters: Oz, Lilith Swann, Jim Decker, and Kahn. These rounds do not appear at set intervals, making it tough to prepare for them. Elements like perks and the Mystery Box are back, they’re just a little different. When the four survivors recover, they are thrown into another battle against the infected, ensuring the survival of not only themselves but also innocent citizens trapped in the vicinity. See each map's page for more information on special rounds that may appear in one map but not another. They must open doors to get to the Exo Testing Room to obtain Exo Suits. Players are awarded Credits for injuring and killing zombies. The Pack-A-Punch machine is gone, and with it is the single-upgrade path for each weapon. Upon arrival within the carrier, Lennox locates the three Atlas survivors and leads them in battle against the combined forces of the zombies and Atlas soldiers.

New contact grenades, one of Outbreak’s wall weapons, are very handy to have in later waves. The location of the 3D Printer will appear in one of several set areas around an Exo Zombies map. Obtain Exo Suits and Upgrades to increase your odds of survival. Exo Suits are obtained from a specific sector on each Exo Zombies map.

In the pre-rendered cutscene, the surviving player character escapes, and jumps aboard a Warbird.

They set the ship to self-destruct, but before they can extract in an emergency pod, they briefly encounter Oz, now fully zombified while retaining his intelligence. From time to time Orbital Drops will fall into the map from the Atlas corporation. The 3D Printer allows players to purchase semi-random weapons for 1000 credits.
All rights reserved. Check the map key for a question mark within a box to find all possible 3D Printer locations.

Check the map for the Exo Upgrade's icon to easily locate the upgrade locker.

This mode is available in each DLC pack.

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