How do I go about my summary? Many people spent years and shed blood, sweat and tears at a company only to either just promote it in the infobox, write out their job description or write nothing at all about what they did during their time there… nothing! Tips 1-7: The substance of a great LinkedIn profile summary (what to say), Tips 8-14: The style of a great LinkedIn profile summary (how to say it). As a former Assistant, Kathleen understands the issues and opportunities that face the profession, and the people within it. Go to the ‘How others see your LinkedIn activity’ in the privacy settings, click on the ‘viewers of this profile also viewed’ and change it so that other LinkedIn users with the same job description as you (your competition) don’t appear in the sidebar when someone is viewing your profile. Adding projects is important if you want to offer event/project support or you want to work with project/event managers. Thanks Jo, helpful as always. Reading your tips make it simple and workable to start a new business. Hi Louise, I just found your site so you may answer this question on another page…how would you suggest one presenting herself if a). Because the point of LinkedIn is to act as a place where people can do business with each other.

Marketing | Strategy | SEO | Branding You can also change the words ‘company website’ to the actual name of your company which looks much nicer. 7 Tips for an Irresistible Job Description, With a primary responsibility of supporting the CEO, provide support to the executive team as directed to ensure that company goals and objectives are accomplished, and operations run efficiently, Maintain and refine internal processes that support to the highest-ranking executives company-wide, coordinating internal and external resources to expedite workflow, Manage communication between upper management and employees, liaising with internal and external executives on various projects and tasks, Plan and orchestrate work to ensure the senior executives’ priorities are met, organizational goals are achieved, and best practices are upheld, Manage professional and personal scheduling for CEO, including agendas, mail, email, calls, travel arrangements, client management, and other company logistics, Coordinate complex scheduling and extensive calendar management, as well as management of content and flow of information to senior executives, Manage, coordinate, and arrange senior executives’ travel and travel-related activities, including hotel booking, transportation, and meal coordination, Perform administrative and office support, such as typing, dictation, spreadsheet creation, faxing, and maintenance of filing system and contact database, Maintain professionalism and strict confidentiality with all materials, and exercise discretion when interfacing with the business, Organize team communications and plan events, both internally and offsite, 4 years experience in administrative role reporting directly to upper management, Superb written and verbal communication skills, Strong time-management skills and the ability to organize and coordinate multiple projects at once, Proficiency in Microsoft Office and other office productivity tools, with aptitude to learn new software and systems, Flexible team player willing to do what it takes to get the job done; adaptable and enjoys a challenge, Experience overseeing budgets and expenses, Experience developing internal processes and filing systems. ("naturalWidth"in a&&"naturalHeight"in a))return{};for(var c=0;a=d[c];++c){var e=a.getAttribute("pagespeed_url_hash");e&&(! She knows exactly what problem she solves for her … I agree. Read LinkedIn’s 7 Tips for an Irresistible Job Description. Thank you very much! Now, I love it!! 1. Here’s how the profile for the same marketing manager would look using this template: I’m the Marketing Manager for XYZ Corp, a software developer focused on middleware for the video game industry. Your profile is a live document that reflects your current skills and abilities. Opens strong with a description of his job in his own words. You are so welcome – join the VA Handbookers Facebook group if you haven’t already and stay in touch!

According to Jo Munro in her blog post, you need a LinkedIn profile for the following […]. Pam. Uses an anecdote to tell how her career all started. Kathleen Drum is the Senior Editor of Executive Secretary Magazine. This profile template will help you to do just that. I did well. Learn how your comment data is processed. Style is the “how to say it” and comes from the tone and format of your words. I don’t want those “hey look what so-and-so is up to” emails clogging up my business inbox so I have an email address just for business newsletters and other social media updates. Virtual Assistant providing travel, admin, email and diary management to busy international coaches, authors and trainers, You can download 10 example LinkedIn summaries from my downloads page (this is a low-cost but paid product I’m afraid because hard work went into putting them together!). They suggest staying away from bullet point lists, but I think you can include both as it breaks up the monotony of full sentences. There are many paths to a great summary, so we rounded up examples from professionals in a variety of industries and roles. We're here to help. LinkedIn is constantly refining the way profiles are presented and the information that you can include, so it is important to regularly look at and update your information. The information is delivered by email and the first lesson will arrive as soon as you sign up. I’m always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers, or just interesting creative folk, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect. Stories make you memorable.

one of the most important elements of your profile, Linkedin Summary ExamplesDanish's Story | Danish's Story, 2 ejemplos de cómo redactar tu "extracto" en Linkedin | creatiabusiness, Get Hired: Enhance your Professional Persona with LinkedIn - Knote, 6-Point LinkedIn Profile Optimization Guide - Ravi Raman, What Is Linkedin? e.g. is a small team of professional writers and job search experts based in the US and the UK. This is great, thank you Jo!

Before you even start to fiddle with your actual profile, go to your Settings and change what people can see about you otherwise everyone will get a notification each time you change anything and press save. Substance is the “what to say” and comes from the topics you cover. The VA Handbook Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number 1119884. Avoid overused words that have lost meaning, like “strategic,” “motivated,” and “creative.” Tap a thesaurus for alternatives, or better yet, show you have those traits with an example or quick story. Please read our Website Legal Terms to understand more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ideally, your resume is customized for a specific position for which you are applying, and that includes the summary section. Colleagues know me as a highly creative marketer who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach. We haven’t all worked on integrated campaigns for Etrade, B of A, Sony and Microsoft. Uses bold language to grab your attention — then makes you smile. (If it’s more than that, you can say 15+.). Speaks directly to the reader, opening with “Oh hello there!”. Amazing and extremely helpful. You’ll attract many strong candidates if you craft a job posting that’s succinct and compelling. A friendly headshot is fine – one that looks like you in real life, one where you seem approachable, and certainly one that looks professional. That also means using the first-person “I” NOT “Jane Smith has 20 years of experience”. Something professional is better than nothing at all. To improve your search rank on LinkedIn and Google, include keywords that highlight your top skills.

I had no desire to work on my LinkedIn page before, but after reading this, I’m now committed to working on it!! Most people know it as a useful tool for job seekers, but are you using it to its full potential? People who receive a lot of recommendations (testimonials to you and me) are people who have given a lot, so spend time writing them for others and even ask people to write them for you. A successful executive assistant knows the importance of concise communication. e.g. This is our blog. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At a minimum, cross-check your summary with the most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles. Write what you actually did, so instead of just saying ‘marketing and promotions’ list specifics such as “designing and writing branded materials including websites, flyers, posters, trade stand banners” etc. This can be found on the right hand side of the profile screen, underneath the “who’s viewed your profile” information. Professional VA specialising in high-converting newsletters and sales pages An engaging LinkedIn profile allows you to start a digital conversation with peers, service providers, management and colleagues. Her mission is to bring thought-provoking, timely and inspiring articles to administrative professionals around the world; empowering them not just to succeed in their roles, but to excel. What does an excellent summary look like?

Marketing & finding work They manage schedules, answer phones, write meeting notes, arrange travel, write emails, order supplies, process expense reports and execute many other duties in support of a senior-level … Knows her value and shows she understands the executives she supports. [CDATA[

The ideal person for the job will be a proactive problem solver with exceptional communication skills and a meticulous attention to detail. Job recruiters use LinkedIn as the main source to find administrative support, executive assistant, office manager, secretary, and clerical professionals. Learn how your comment data is processed. For any organization, the executive assistant manages a variety of duties while serving as the point of contact between executives and employees. Also does your site have any examples of career change resumes? Don’t use a five-syllable word when a one-syllable word is just as good. I am working my way through your Aladdins cave. Just mention the blog in your email. With … Thank you for all your efforts.

– Etc

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