Increases Mana use and gives %Final Damage. Evan uses Wands or Staves as primary weapons. In KMS, Hyper Stats with a previous max level of 10 have been increased to 15, and stats with a max level of 5 have been increased to 10. Note that Hyper Stats with a max level of 5 only require 25 points to get max level. As outlined earlier, Evan has a choice of Wand or Staff, and Document or Shield as a Secondary. Doing the Silent Crusade earns you some. Note that since Mir is effectively a summon, attack speed will not affect Dragon skills. Thunder Circle while Dragon Dive is active, Thunder Circle while Dragon Flash is active to trigger, one minute buff that boosts attack speed by one stage. Use while Mir is attacking to activate certain effects. To reduce the reliance on upjump or Rope Lift (Its animation is quite long), I would recommend not training in maps that are tall especially if they do not have hidden portals. I wouldn't make Freud's Wisdom a priority but a buff is a buff.

What is unique about Evan is that he has a dragon that fights alongside you. Passive. Elemental Barrage while Dragon Slam is active. Go to your characters stats and click the "Hyper Stat" button bottom left. Guide in 'Mage' published by ThreeEggTrio, Nov 10, 2017. Thunder Flash and Thunder Dive aren't particularly good for mobbing, but you can use Thunder Flash to clear out an Elite Mobs if you need to. You ride Mir and fly through the air. At this point, you've unlocked all of the main skills in Evan's kit. The Evan skills are good to use, though they are basically just FMAs. © 2020 Grandis Library - All rights reserved. As a secondary, Evan can equip Shields or Documents, What is unique about Evan is that he has a dragon that fights alongside you.

180s cooldown when stacks fail or max stack (6) is reached. Latest on Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard Evan Turner including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN Mir breathes fire while the skill is held down and you are. Wind Circle while Dragon Breath is active, Earth Circle while Dragon Breath is active to trigger, Earth Circle while Dragon Dive is active to trigger. Passive. Boosts Crit rate by 30% and Crit damage by 8%. Legion and Hyper Stat Optimizer. Still not particularly worth using. It should be apparent that Dragon skills have far greater reach than Evan skills. Works a bit like Final Attack, nothing to note. Its mobbing capabilities are miniature compared to the previous two skills, but its damage far outclasses them as well. Mobbing: Same Mana Burst routine as before with some Wind Flash. These should make training and bossing fairly straightforward. Instead, I've hijacked this section to input anything I feel is related to building an Evan but doesn't go anywhere else. You can use a Henesys Return Scroll here but not much else. The chart below shows the point distribution for Levels 140 to 275. Additionally, Mir's Skills and Fusion Attacks are not affected by Attack Speed increases. Can't be casted in the air but can be telecasted. I highly recommend getting 100% crit rate. 4th Job is incredibly fun especially with Earth Breath that destroys anything in its path. Mobbing same as always, you can use Thunder Circle if the map permits. If there is a mob in range, it will be hit, no questions asked. For Legion, you'll want the following classes for their effect: As a class, Evan is just as strong as any other class but individual skills are half as powerful due to the split between Evan and Dragon skills. Evan is INT mage class part of the Heroes class group. I'll try to cover what I can with this guide, but I might forget to add a thing or two every here and there.

I'm an Evan main from the long lost world of GRAZED. Passive. For Hyper Stats, prioritise point allocation into Crit Rate (However much is necessary), Critical Damage, Ignore Defense, Boss Damage and Damage. You can also get %Boss Damage, +Magic Attack and %Crit Rate lines from Inner Ability which you may find useful. Note that the first half does less damage than the second. The three crit stats, your main stat, damage, party damage, and monster defense are the seven damage-increasing hyper stats. Legion and Hyper Stat There isn't much to say here, the advice is much the same for all classes. Your dragon, Mir can attack with its own attacks. Evan is one of the two Mage heroes in MapleStory, using a dragon in tandem with magic attacks to attack enemies. Check the map for a hidden portal from bottom to top. The usual teleport, tap the skill button while holding an arrow key. Full map attack. As a Magician, Evan uses either Wand or Staff with a Shield or Document as the secondary weapon. Past 1HKO with Wind Flash, I struggle to see any significant gains moving up a tier short of having a Frenzy boosted map. If you have the funds available to you, by all means go ahead, but I cannot recommend this to anyone. When you reach level 140 you will receive hyper stat points. This tool is designed to optimize your legion and hyper stats against end-game bosses.

Gives stance (Gets you to 100%) while Mir is attacking. Hello people of the internet. I did these quests a very long time ago and I haven't remade an Evan since so I can't vouch for the accuracy of what I'm about to say. As you might have seen in other videos, this is Evan's attacking Hyper Skill. Reduces elemental attribute, has a passive %Final Damage effect and a. I prefer Earth Circle over Thunder Circle but that is up to you. It is called "Summon Onyx Dragon", and summons an ancient Onyx Dragon to … Despite obtaining a lot of points for leveling up, a lot of points are required to raise a Hyper Stat to Level 10. All Evan skills can be maxed so SP distribution is not an issue. I put in my reasoning for why I did this at the end of the section. Playing Evan is a bit like controlling two characters simultaneously. Personally, I think this embodies the Essence of what Evan should be and I greatly enjoy the class because of it but that bit is up to you. When doing the Silent Crusade questline on Evan, you can notice that Evan gets a special storyline to match up with the relation to the Heroes. Evan is an INT mage class part of the Heroes class group.

Here is a list of all the Hyper Stats currently available: Increases Max Demon Fury for Demon Slayer, Time Force for Zero, and Mana for Kanna.

Fusion Skills are passive attacks that trigger whenever you combine your attack with Mir's attack. Between Wand and Staff, the attack speed of the weapon does not affect. Not terribly useful. Overall style of combining attacks to create fusion attacks is a very unique and interesting playstyle. Use whichever pleases you, I'll bold the ones I use and recommend. I recommend crit rate until 100%, then Boss Damage, Critical Damage and Ignore Defense. Same as every other Maple Warrior. Returns you to Evan's Farm. Having mained the class since 2010, I've seen and lived through the ups and downs of the class over the years. Normal weapon booster skill, boosts by two stages. Skill actually has two "halves" so teleporting between the halves extends the skills reach. Dexless is run by the MapleStory community & ads help pay the server bill. Gives 15% of your AP main stat.

That said, they are a very nice four seconds. Having said that, there are situations where the taller hitboxes of, Note that since the cooldown on Dragon Skills is twice as long as their duration, you. Removes abnormal status effects. Note that Hyper Stats with a max level of 10 only require 150 points to get max level. None of these skills have boost nodes or hyper stat allocations however, Earth Breath is assumed to be attacking the maximum mob count.

I'll explain how this works in this section. You can combine your attacks together to create a fusion attack You can tap a Dragon Skill and its Evan Skill trigger in quick succession to trigger Fusion without any issues. I love having a dragon follow me and attack for me. Hyper Stats are a system of obtaining additional stats, starting at Level 140, with points obtained for each level obtained beyond 140. There isn't much to say here, the advice is much the same for all classes. Debris spawns when a mob is hit by a Fusion Skill. Your character takes the role of Evan, and you command Mir (The Dragon). It does substantially more damage than Wind Flash though. 5th job is fun times for everyone. The chart below describes the point requirement for each level. 40s duration, 80s cooldown, increases status resistance while active. Target minimum HP range + 5% (To 35%), additional damage +85% (To 150%). Hyper Stats are a system of obtaining additional stats, starting at Level 140, with points obtained for each level obtained beyond 140. Not much else is beneficial to Evan. The limit on triggering Fusion is the duration of the Dragon Skill. Elemental Barrage has an enormous hitbox in the direction you are facing, and Wyrmking has an enormous hitbox in the direction that it is facing. Six minute cooldown. Increases MP usage and %Final Damage. The points can be used to increase various stats, such as main stats, critical rate, and damage. Interactive gameplay (Definitely not a one button wonder), The 5th job skill makes your screen flash and flicker, Needs a legendary hat to achieve maximumer potential, Cast your Dragon Skills before monsters spawn. For more information about Evan check out:,, Such a fun and unique class!! The downside is its damage is the worst of the mobbing skills you use. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Not much else is beneficial to Evan. The points can be used to increase various stats, such as main stats, critical rate, and damage. Even though these can't move around with you, you'll find that Fusion skills do the bulk of your mobbing without some very active gameplay. 30s duration, 25s Cooldown. Your priority for nodes should be: I know this tab is called "skill info" but I feel like the "skill build" tab already took care of anything that could've gone here. Not extremely useful. Regardless of class, it is an important factor of damage. There are about 6 skills worth boosting, but it can vary depending on your playstyle. After proceeding with the quest and joining the Alliance, you are rewarded with a skill. Functions like Dragon Dive with a shorter duration. Upgrade for normal spark, nothing to note. Honestly, with the way it's structured (more points needed the higher each individual stat gets), I'd be stunned if the ideal method wasn't even leveling of all of them. Earth Dive deals its damage in the form of three sequential crashes labelled here. In terms of range, Wind Flash is the best. As one of the Maple Heroes, Evan gets a quest to join the Maple Alliance. If you're like me with a level 140+ and don't know about hyper stat points OOOH BOY are you in for a treat! Mobbing can be taken care of with Earth Breath and Wind Flash and bossing is done with Earth Dive and Dragon Breath.

Increases mastery, gives Magic Attack and 8% Crit damage. Your dragon, Mir can attack on its own independant of your attacks. The skill has a fairly low damage ceiling and a gigantic hitbox but it can only be activated once a minute and only for all of about four seconds. If you make use of this split, and have the damage to boot, your mobbing ability will be virtually unmatched. More incentive to keep Mir attacking all the time. Not particularly strong.

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