What we know — and don’t know — about the presidential election results so far. After ending with a dramatic Season 1 finale in 2019, the Zendaya starring drama is coming back with two new episodes ahead of the Season …

There are shots of Rue in a hospital bed during the promo as well as shots of her seemingly having multiple breakdowns.

390, This story has been shared 279 times. HBO, Credit: Her dead father appears and twirls her around. Euphoria has already gone to some wild — at times controversial — places in its freshman season. Euphoria season two may not be here for a while, but we won’t have to wait long for new episodes.On Monday, HBO revealed the premiere date for the first of two special Euphoria episodes set for the end of the year. Being a teenager is a traumatic experience. And then — because Euphoria wants us to feel everything just so deeply, the way you do when you’re a teenager — the show discovers that literal storytelling won’t capture the emotional truth of the moment.
It continues to play with scandalous ideas, but over time, it starts to feel less like it’s saying, “Hey grownups, are you SHOCKED yet?” and more like it’s considering about how profoundly shitty it is, and always has been, to be a teenager, and how that shittiness has grown in magnitude as the internet continues to devour everything on- and offline.

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Start watching Euphoria. And we’re eager to learn why. 228, This story has been shared 189 times. But in its final moments, “And Salt the Earth Behind You” leaps into a new method of storytelling for the show, one that marries its sincerity with its surreal visual vocabulary to enter into a new emotional mode. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Republicans retain a hotly contested Kansas Senate seat as Roger Marshall beats Democrat Barbara Bollier. While we’re pumped for their much-needed reunion, we have some reservations about where this pairing may end up, specifically after narrator Rue’s eerie warning in the last episode that “this won’t end well.” Is it too much to ask for a somewhat happy ending for Rue and Jules? Then Rue finds herself in the street, surrounded by masses of dancing people wearing robes the exact color of the hoodie Rue took from her dad’s room after he died. The camgirl plotline turns into a thoughtful exploration of how an unconfident fat girl could attempt to seek romantic approval online, and the way that can feel both empowering and dangerous. And then after a moment, she arches up, is apparently pulled out of bed by an unseen force, and begins stumbling through a … metaphorical music video?

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