Protective Plate: Another defensive ability that reduces damage from projectiles and gives us immunity to snares and immobilizations. (Draconic Power) – Almost every single skill in this line is useful and used at some point. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Also it’s craftable so you can make it heavy and have a cool look (Ebonshadow all the way). On the Two hander offensive bar we have New Moon Acolyte active.

Werewolf has no access to Major Resolve inside of form, so we need this set in order to make sure we have that very important buff active on our character! The Dragonborn has new seen a pretty big update for Greymoor!

Ransack (morph of Puncture | Sword and Shield skill line) – Our main spammable attack that will heal us via Master’s Sword and Shield or alternatively Knight’s Errant gear set. Our S&B bar is for defense and our Two hander bar is for offense. The idea is to give you two options; one for solo damage dealers, the other more group oriented support tank.

It provides heals over time which is great, but immobilization immunity of eight seconds is crazy powerful. Cauterize: Increases Spell Critical and heals us.

These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, for instance which pages visitors go to most often, and if they get error messages from web pages. ESO Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build. Dragonknight Healer PvP Build ESO – Cinderflame . There are several skills you have to keep track of and keep always active. Ideally you’d play this in a four to eight man group in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds.

10/21/2019 – Build overhauled for Dragonhold [Ultimate] Take Flight (morph of Dragon Leap | Draconic Power skill line) – If you look cool you play cool and this thing is one of the best. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Inner Light: Placed here to increase our total Magicka and Spell Critical rating. Still need further testing.

Will be as good? Forward Momentum (morph of Momentum | Two-Handed skill line) –  One of the main reason you see Two-Handed being used on near every stamina build running heavy armor is this skill. (Bugloss, Columbine and Mountain Flower), Class (all), Medium Armor (all), Heavy Armor (all except the ones that require you to wear 5 pieces), 1h and Shield (all), Two-Handed (all), Undaunted (all), Racial (all), Alchemy (Medicinal Use), Assault (all), Support (all except the first), Werewolf (all). The more people you hit (up to six) the harder this hits if you have the weapon. Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice (Max Stamina, Stamina Recovery). Grothdarr Head: Veteran Vaults of Madness, Grothdarr Shoulders: Glirion the Redbeard, Spinner’s Garments: Malabal Tor, Overland, Bright-Throat’s Boast: Murkmire, Overland. All Around Set – Blood Spawn – Found in Spindleclutch II, this set is still all around incredible and people are returning to it. Combustion procs whenever you apply a poisoned status effect on the enemy, for example from our Venomous Claw skill. Flame Lash: Our main offensive skill that sets the enemy off balance and can heal us. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Increases our resistances but also damages nearby enemies. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Then, fear them with Deafening Roar and hit them with a Howl of Agony. The Ritual 49 Mighty, 42 Piercing, 20 Thaumaturge The Attronarch 37 Shattering Blows, 56 Master-at-Arms, 29 Physical Weapon Expert The Apprentice 37 Blessed The Shadow 66 Tumbling, 66 Shadow Ward The Lover 49 Tenacity The Tower 61 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 27 Sprinter The Lord 19 Quick Recovery The Lady 48 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 49 Thick Skinned The Steed 32 Resistant, 73 Ironclad, The Ritual 49 Mighty, 38 Piercing, 20 Thaumaturge The Attronarch 23 Shattering Blows, 33 Master-at-Arms The Apprentice 37 Blessed The Shadow 62 Tumbling, 25 Shadow Ward The Lover 49 Tenacity The Tower 47 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 16 Sprinter The Lord The Lady 37 Hardy, 32 Elemental Defender, 34 Thick Skinned The Steed 45 Resistant, 52 Ironclad, The Ritual 20 Thaumaturge, 27 Mighty, 42 Piercing The Attronarch The Apprentice 11 Blessed The Shadow 23 Tumbling, 23 Shadow Ward The Lover 49 Tenacity The Tower 4 Warlord, 1 Siphoner The Lord The Lady 23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned The Steed 31 Ironclad. Switching up my mentality towards my stamina DK was one of the biggest things that attributed to this build’s success, leaning towards becoming a D-Swing machine and passively increasing its damage via penetration and percent damage increases, while giving ourselves passive resistance and health recovery bonuses to help keep us alive in a meta where healing feels lackluster. Endurance Set – A cheaper set that helps folks with sustained though you sacrifice damage. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Play this build if you’re looking for a rewarding tanky damage dealer that can excel at solo or group. Being able to get increased armor on our back bar is an extremely beneficial thing to have, especially in a high-damage meta like what we are seeing recently. This build can be played in both CP and no-CP pvp! Orgnum’s Scales: This set was changed recently to be like a combination of Eternal Vigor and Ancient Dragonguard and I absolutely love it.

I hate bows, but damn this is effective. 08.09.2019 Updated the build skill layout, StamDK PvP Build. However, critical heals are still possible. Welcome to’s Stamina Dragonknight Build PvP, Valkyn, for the Elder Scrolls Online! Key to Unbroken’s succes…

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