Concerning what content to do to level or where you should go if you want to grind, you should check out Alcast’s different leveling guides for more detailed information. You will want the Dark Conversion morph, which reduces the cost. A larger Magicka pool also means better sustain.

Minor Savagery via Hemorrhage passive – Nightblades are the only group-wide source of Minor Savagery in the game. 18 votes, 71 comments. While enemies are held, 1 ally is granted the Impale synergy, which deals damage to the held enemies when activated. It will come with time and practice, and over the course of many mistakes. Summon Shade – This skill summons a shade “pet” which will attack an enemy for 15 seconds. 1x: Aliaria, Areleth, Ateldil, Duure, Galerion, Loganne, Lloderion, Ravenwatch, Rumilion 'len Inecil Culanarin Salolinwe 'ata Piryaden-Itelnoril Hilnore Firlamil 'cal Ternerben-Nivulirel, Temolire, Urayel, 2x: of Auri-El (1, 2) There are various single player games available, as well as an online multiplayer version, each Dragonknight healers can provide some interesting group utility, with a theme of fire and stone. If you cannot get the Perfect version of this set, the Imperfect version is still perfectly suitable. These kinds of HoTs are most effective when everyone is stacked together.

You want the Bone Surge morph, which also applies Major Vitality to the shielded allies. The Shattering Prison morph deals damage when the effect ends, and the Restraining Prison morph gives you Major Vitality. If a mistake is made and a teammate takes avoidable damage which requires reactive healing that you miss, causing them to die, then they might say that more or faster healing could’ve saved them. It’s possible to wear your gear in such a way that you open up 2 “extra” weapon slots, which I will touch on shortly. As a Breton, you will have the best sustain and survivability compared to any other race. Research traits as often as you can, and deconstruct any extra armor, weapons and jewelry you come across. The Bursting Vines morph lets you travel faster and converts it into a single target burst heal, also giving you more Ultimate, and the Nature’s Embrace morph applies a HoT to you as well.

You will be fine to pick up and equip any armor as you go. I highly encourage you to begin leveling Crafting as soon as possible. Nightblades do not have a dedicated healing skill line. Path of Darkness – This skill is an AoE DoT, which grants allies within Major Expedition.

Should you have any suggestions or should you encounter any problesm, please contact us here. Nobody is perfect, especially not right away, so don’t be afraid to ask for help, experiment and make mistakes, or watch videos or look up guides about fight mechanics. The Siphon Spirit morph also applies Minor Magickasteal to the enemy, and the Quick Siphon morph applies Minor Expedition to allies healed. They also have a small boost to their healing power, though it’s important to note that this passive only affects healing, whereas Bretons’ and Altmers’ passives influence not only healing, but damage as well. Summon Twilight Tormentor – The Sorcerer’s powerful healing ability, which is a 360-degree single target burst heal. If possible, be sure to use either the Necrotic Orb or Spear Shard synergies, because they will give you back almost 4k of your main resource at a time. Bone Totem – This skill creates a protective AoE around you which grants allies within Minor Protection. Lastly, learn the mechanics of every fight so you don’t panic and cast skills needlessly. Heavy attacking with a Magicka-based weapon will give you back a lot of Magicka, especially if you have a lot of points into the Tenacity CP node. I would only recommend this set as a filler until you can find something more useful. The base morph is a single target HoT, and when cast, it will target the ally most in need (yourself included). You will want the Unrelenting Grip morph, which will refund the skill’s cost should the pull fail. Yoku, Alcoholic Beverages It is most effective to wear on both bars, though you can also front or back bar it only and use it successfully. Nova – A powerful ultimate that offers a lot of damage mitigation for your whole group via afflicting enemies within with Major Maim while stunning them. War Horn – This is the most important ultimate that a healer has in their kit, so you will want to try and get it as soon as possible. I wouldn’t stress too much about using the best potions as you level up. Restoring Aura – An interesting skill with two unique morphs, though you will want to take the Radiant Aura morph.

It’s great for helping increase the survivability of your teammates in AoE-heavy encounters, such as the Assembly General in the Halls of Fabrication trial. Pick the one that is best for you. This is the most efficient setup, reducing the clutter on your screen as much as possible. Enemies within its radius will be stunned. For lower CP players, spend your points into Blessed and Elfborn first to get more out of your heals. If you do not have issues with sustain or survivability, an Altmer is an excellent choice for a PvE healer, and in this case would be the slightly better option.

The Healthy Offering morph grants you Minor Mending, and the Shrewd Offering morph reduces the health cost. Nords are an interesting choice due to their passive which can grant them Ultimate when they take damage. The Suppression Field morph deals damage over time, and the Absorption Field morph heals allies within. The Mystic Orb morph deals more damage and the Energy Orb morph heals allies in the area instead of dealing damage. The Fragmented Shield morph increases the duration of Major Mending, and the Igneous Shield morph increases the shield strength on yourself. If you have trouble with sustain, consider using one of these. Though some are more healer-related than others, it’s a good idea to unlock all your class passives. Lotus Flower – This skill causes your light attacks to heal a nearby ally for a little bit of health, and your heavy attacks to heal for more. Therefore, you may at some point need to play different classes. Learn to anticipate when damage is incoming and prepare and layer your HoTs accordingly. Vampires have a powerful passive which grants them an additional 10% Magicka and Stamina recovery. Old Orcish Language You want the Refreshing Path morph, which changes it into an AoE HoT. On paper, these single-target HoTs are stronger than their AoE counterparts, though it is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that they are better.

It has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Scorch – An AoE burst damage ability. The Perfect Vestment of Olorime set activates when you’re in combat, casting abilities that leave an AoE on the ground will create a circle at the target area for 10 seconds, which “ticks” once every second. Because the debuff lasts for so long, it’s very easy to use as a back-bar set.

In deciding what gear to wear, you should know that there are 12 gear slots you can fill up: There are 7 armor slots, 3 jewelry slots, and 2 weapon slots.

She is known in Irish legend as the keeper of the mysteries of herbalism. Some of their healing skills also do damage, which is a powerful form of group utility in its own right.

The Earthgore set activates when you heal yourself or an ally who is under 50% health, you will summon a large healing AoE around them. Restoring Tether – This skill can be used on a corpse to create an AoE HoT between you and it which lasts for 12 seconds.

This can easily be used as a pre-buff set due to the long duration of its buff and can really help group survivability. That way you can ask yourself the question: Did this person die to something avoidable, or unavoidable? They also provide a lot of group utility. This means that if you want to wear a Monster Set with 2 different 5-Piece sets, you cannot wear any part of the 5-piece sets on your head or shoulder slots. This will give you slightly more Health and Stamina at the cost of a small amount of Magicka, which you might find preferable for some encounters. This can affect 12 allies at a time.

You will find that lots of healer sets that you grind for already have Arcane-traited jewelry. Absorb Magicka. You will want the Reviving Barrier morph, which also heals shielded allies over time.

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