There is a social co-responsibility that requires the joint, coordinated and differentiated participation of producers, distributors, consumers and users of by-products. If an irregularity is detected, PROFEPA is entitled to initiate an Administrative Procedure that may conclude with the imposition of administrative sanctions, which can be challenged either by an appeal for review or before an Administrative Justice Court and, at the final stage, through an Amparo Action before Federal Courts. Additionally, this entity has been empowered to initiate actions claiming responsibility for environmental damage, or to initiate class actions.

In June, the United States government threatened to impose tariffs on Mexican products unless Mexico accepted a significant increase in returns of asylum seekers to Mexico to wait for the court proceedings in the US and stopped migrants en route to the US border. 4.3        Can directors and officers of corporations attract personal liabilities for environmental wrongdoing, and to what extent may they get insurance or rely on other indemnity protection in respect of such liabilities? In terms of LGPGIR, the owner and possessor are jointly and severally liable for the remediation of a polluted property, with the right to obtain remuneration for the expenses incurred due to the remediation work. In August 2014, about 40 thousand liters of water were spilled on the Sonora River. Criminal responsibility arises from the commission of the environmental crimes stated within the Federal Penal Code; the defence occurs through an oral trial. In May, the Supreme Court ruled that a same-sex couple from Aguascalientes should be allowed to register their child, protecting the best interest of the child, and upholding the principles of equality and non- discrimination. Environment Department releases updated COVID-19 Watchlist. If the hired companies are not authorised by SEMARNAT for said activities, generators will be responsible for the damages caused by their management.
Due to expanding urbanization and increased rainfall, the landscape of the Lower Rio Grande is shifting from a natural environment to more impervious infrastructure.
She also addressed the “crosscutting” nature of impunity, her concern for sexual torture of women deprived of liberty, and violence against journalists and human rights defenders. "Xochimilco could 'disappear' due to environmental problems"(26 February 2017) at Excelsior. Learn about Border 2020 Program Region 6 funded projects in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Coahuila. Achieving Environmental Results. Owners/occupiers must comply with Mexican Official Standards NOM-125-SSA1-2016 and NOM-010-STPS-2014 which set out the sanitary requirements for the process and use of asbestos.

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