Thanks. The wheel needs to be moved with the thumb, and that works, but is not always ideal: it’s impossible to Click and Hold (for example holding a Photoshop layer or a document, and then scroll down). Thanks for your comments S.W. But if I speed the pointer up I don’t have any issue.

Elecom, you should address this. Will is a writer, coder and general geek, and he loves checking out the latest tech and spending time with his Maine Coon cat. VB, lots of good information in your comments but I’ve had a very different experience than you. Other trackballs that have this “button selectable DPI resolution” functionality are the Logitech ERGO MX, Speedlink Aptico / Sanwa Supply Wireless Mouse and all other Elecom trackballs.

The base also has a switch (wireless version only) with the settings OFF / L / H, which toggles between the OFF-state, or a Low and High sensitivity, giving you a chance to save battery when you’re not using it for a long period of time (OFF) or want the batteries to last (LOW). It's just not as smooth a motion, which is OK if you don't use your pointer to do finer work, but not great if you need it to be precise.

I put in the USB receiver in my computer and after a few seconds I can move the large ball of the Elecom, which is extremely smooth.

Just like the CST2545 and Kensington Expert and Slimblade, it is safe to say that this trackball is best suited for people with large hands. I’ve been a trackball user for years.

I’m currently still testing the Elecom DEFT PRO, Elecom M-XT3DRBK Wireless Trackball and the wired Elecom M-XT3URBK Trackball, and will post full reviews of these Elecom trackball devices soon (follow @TrackballMouse on Facebook to be notified when the reviews are posted online). A good update from the regular DEFT model, this is a great new option for smaller finger-operated trackballs. ELECOM Mouse Assistant; ELECOM Gaming Mouse : M-XG3G | M-DUX30BK/M-DUX50BK | M-DUX70BK Wifi Router Firmware (for WRH-150x-G) The Elecom DEFT models have 8 buttons (together with the Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan the most of any trackball), and a tilt scrollwheel which can be used to scroll horizontally, for example in Excel documents. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty niche genre.

Unfortunately Huge is too Huge for me. I will!’ and nothing else happened. The control with this trackball is great, as with many of the trackballs with a large ball, you can aim and move the cursor with great precision. I’ve read a letter by a ‘Huge’ owner claiming that, tho Elecom claims to support Windows 7 via a patch, that, actually, it doesn’t (it’s default OS drivers, that deactivate various buttons).

It may seem strange, but trackballs are fabulous for gaming. USB Receiver (wireless version): Width 13.1 × Length 18.2 × Height 5.0 mm (0.51″ x 0.72″ x 0,20″)

This mouse is actually very similar to the EX-G Pro, but with a few differences.

* For the XT3, Elecom eliminated the deceleration function and assigned a “function assignable button” with mouse assistant. hello i’m doing research to buy a elecom trackball… S/N 73011878 The Elecom M-HT1DRBK is longer, but less wide than the Kensington Expert/SlimBlade and with a similar size ball, and about the same dimensions as the CST2545, but the CST ball is slightly bigger. Hi Leonardo. On first sight they look and feel better, even I tested only the huge model. I tried a Kensington Expert Mouse with scroll ring (ughhhh), Elecom DEFT (too small), and a couple Logitechs (meh). Note: the above mentioned “stick-slip” is the unwanted jerk that occurs mostly in slow pointer movements. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. pete, belgium I was able to map the browser back button to act as a right click so the layout matches the Microsoft Trackball Explorer. It’s much, much bigger than the DEFT model, and the shape is quite different. The Elecom DEFT PRO is the first trackball to offer three connection types in one device: a wireless connection via Bluetooth or a wireless connection via a 2.4 GHz USB dongle, and thirdly a wired connection via a USB cable.

Having the DPI switch underneath the device is not very practical if you switch often, but for most people that leave their device on one setting it’s fine. I would like to know if your trackballs are compatible with ubuntu or fedora linux systems. Fifth: the ball has excessive inertia to allow accelerations, starting and stopping quick pointer maneuvers. Low (low energy mode), Hi (high speed mode).

The build quality is great and I really like the low-high resolution modes. Considering I have some carpal syndrome or tendinitis weakness, after some hours it’s a pain to keep stretching my thumb apart to the left and specially downwards. To be honest, I can't really detect a difference in accuracy but the extra buttons are nice, clicks feel firm and it has a tactile scroll wheel. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ELECOM Wired/Wireless/Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse, 8-Button Function with Smooth Tracking, Precision Optical Gaming Sensor (M-XPT1MRXBK) at “the wireless trackballs sometimes take a few seconds to ‘wake up’ or might lose connection for a second, which during a computer game could be a problem”. Compare the Elecom trackball models in the table below. Then it worked. There is a lid that reveals the battery compartment, and just below that is a place to store the wireless USB receiver, which can be useful if you’re traveling with your trackball. Hopefully they’ll fix it. Elecom, a Japanese electronics brand, offers several very good trackball devices, divided into three categories: the EX-G thumb-operated models, the DEFT finger-operated models, and the HUGE finger-operated models, all available as 2.4GHz wireless and USB wired variations. Which left me to go get a new Logitech mouse. As only XT2 has it I changed my mind. Gotta admit, I really enjoy the new feel and the extra buttons. I bought this after my M570 left-click stopped working. The scroll ring crapped out in a few months. In this review I’m testing the wireless Elecom M-HT1DRBK which uses the 2.4 Ghz band and USB receiver, but there is a wired version as well, the Elecom M-HT1URBK (find that one on eBay). The difference is packaging. In this article I have listed all Elecom models, first in a comparison table, and below that a description of the differences of all the models. I’m using the Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan since 6 years now and I’m so happy that it still works perfect. The Logitech software has such an option but takes it only into account for the logitech device (which seems to be a good choice, given the possibility that the other device is a real mouse). I really would like to know if there are any users that will recommend the Elecom over the Kensington Expert. the global site has not updated the driver to the latest version and I cannot d/l version 5.10.0000. can anyone help??? Hi Zbigniew, thanks for all your suggestions and additions. The HUGE is great design wise and good for basic windows tasks, however I come from a Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan and I expect it to work for gaming.

The quality is clearly above average, either materials or mechanically. Would this one work well for Left handed User ? » Download Elecom Trackball manuals in English (PDF). Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2020. This finger trackball comes in wired and wireless versions; you can save a bit of money by opting for the wired USB edition. Is HUGE model just fat version of DEFT or there is something different inside? I never use the button feature or the Elecom unique tilt feature so I can't imagine that I am being hard on the scroll wheel at all. I have just updated the article with more details (I contacted Elecom directly for this information) and a comparison chart, laying out the differences between the XT1, XT2 and XT3. support download peripheral mouse assistant win “, To the Moderator: I invite you to DELETE This comment; and to COMBINE the info in the two comments above into one. That said, you have a couple choices. I wanted to try something different this time an so I bought this ELECOM trackball to test it out. This is mentioned in text and second table on your page but first table misses that.

I don’t know what the difference between 113g and 87g would feel like, but I really like the weight of the Expert Mouse. What’s your trackball daily driver?

Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2019. Only the rubberized surface is damaged due to my usage . It’s not because of the size of my hand. It’s really impressive. The Elecom M-HT1DRBK HUGE Wireless Trackball sets new standards with its 10 button functions. The Logitech is too little flat and too much inverted. So for me, design/hardware 7/10, software 1/10.

The ball spins effortlessly on high-quality bearings, and it’ll fit even large hands. For more details on the HUGE model, read the review of the Elecom M-HT1DRBK HUGE Wireless Trackball. The XT2 and XT3 feature a new optical design centering on newly developed lens realizes further pointer follow ability. Asked Elecom Japan yesterday on FB Messenger: So it has per pixel accuracy. The whole reason I started to use a trackball was to relieve the stress in my hand and wrist and the design of this trackball didn't work. That’s handy for MMO games and anything where you need extra quick keys. I have aEX-G Trackball and i lost wireless reciver for it

The XT3 model can have a 6th button function assigned after Elecom eliminated the deceleration function and has assigned “function assignable button” with mouse assistant to that button. When assigning 5% to trackball operation during 8 hours of PC operation per day, it is a guideline when using alkaline dry batteries).

The Elecom DEFT PRO is the first trackball to offer three connection types in one device: a wireless connection via Bluetooth or a wireless connection via a 2.4 GHz USB dongle, and thirdly a wired connection via a USB cable. © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, ELECOM M-XT3DRBK Wireless Trackball Mouse 6 Button Tilt Function, Black, See all details for ELECOM M-XT3DRBK Wireless Trackball Mouse 6 Button Tilt Function, Black. I’ve successfully used one on the couch and on a plane. │ ││││└─── R = ?

It's a shame, because otherwise I'd give this a 5-star. So to me there is no tracking improvement at all between XT2 and XT3 (but it feels perfect to me). I prefer the 500 DPI (LOW setting) for most normal use, but it can be useful to set it higher when you have a large screen (or multiple screens) or if you are gaming. I've been using the ELECOM M-XPT1MRXBK for about a week now and I'm very happy with the purchase. I don’t know about their other trackballs, but Logitech’s M570 thumb-trackball actually has the “A” behavior — I use it to select text that way all the time. This is a very nice trackball. ... a few years now and it has been a great mouse overall. Missing URL: If you’re a trackball vet coming from prestigious mice like the Microsoft Trackball Explorer, this is the one for you.

Elecom Huge: Good Finger-Operated Trackball Mouse. I have a small surface area next to my keyboard to move a mouse and with this mouse, it's no problem. The tenting is just right for me.

A good update from the regular DEFT model, this is a great new option for smaller finger-operated trackballs.

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