It ISN’T lit by three suns – just gets brighter. We know immediately that something is different: the poet cannot be writing if his father is twenty-five, so he is either remembering him at twenty-five and thinking back to that time, or he is imagining him at that age. It also provides a break, reinforcing the gap and distance between Causley and his mother before doing the same thing again in the next line with his father. Change ).

It becomes much more melodious. Your online site for school work help and homework help. Please share your own poetry on our sister subreddit, r/OCpoetry. Sometimes, there are places that we hold in our hearts as the setting for important moments in our life, like my family’s trips to Hoylake at Easter, or France in the summer. We also have the first sense of anything ‘poetic’ about the language in stanza two, when he describes her hair “the colour of wheat” and how it “takes on the light”.

The half-rhyme and the reminiscence give it a dreamy feel too. What I love most about this stanza are the details, the trivial details of real life, the “tea from a Thermos”, “the milk straight from an old H.P. First 3 stanzas are describing his parents and his fondness for them. The opening is a little cryptic, since we know neither where or what Eden Rock is, or who “they” are, or indeed why they are waiting for him. The other thing to consider is the effect of the half-rhyme, and why Causley has chosen to use it. Science Teacher and Lover of Essays. In some ways, you may also want to consider it in comparison with Follower by Heaney, in which the roles have been reversed and the father is “following” the son… in this poem, they are very much encouraging their child to join them. It feels very much as if they are waiting for him. This works with “suit” and “feet” too and continues through the poem. There’s a sense of timelessness in the way his parents are described, and the lilt of “drifted stream” which I love. He remembers many details of his mother’s outfit, too, beyond the “sprigged” fabric. But we’ll get to that when we look at the language and ideas of the poem rather than consider it here. Now, he has changed his mind. You can see a similarity perhaps between how Roman writer Virgil described Elysium, and how Causley describes this place “beyond Eden Rock”, In no fix’d place the happy souls reside. But the inhabitants were punished for disobedience “My father, 25…My mother, 23” – introductions mirror each other and shows closeness “Eden Rock”-reference to Garden of Eden which was a perfect place so his parents could be in that perfect place now.

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