Official Sites (uncredited), Assistant Football Coach View production, box office, & company info. (uncredited), Mysterious Red-Headed girl The cat was so important to the series that he even appears in the opening credits. (uncredited), Student Photographer / ... This time the cat runs inside the hotel room with Gary but a moment later the cat yowls and Gary opens the door and puts the cat back into the hallway. He doesn't know how.

Original Air Date: September 28, 1996 / ... (uncredited), executive producer (48 episodes, 1996-2000), supervising producer / producer (47 episodes, 1997-2000), producer / co-producer (47 episodes, 1997-2000), co-executive producer (47 episodes, 1997-2000), supervising producer / co-producer (47 episodes, 1997-2000), supervising producer / co-executive producer / producer (47 episodes, 1997-2000), producer / co-producer / associate producer (46 episodes, 1996-1999), executive producer (45 episodes, 1996-1998), co-executive producer (45 episodes, 1996-1998), executive producer (45 episodes, 1998-2000), supervising producer / producer (25 episodes, 1997-1999), associate producer (23 episodes, 1998-2000), consulting producer (22 episodes, 1999-2000), supervising producer (22 episodes, 1999-2000), co-producer / associate producer (3 episodes, 1996-1998), co-producer / producer (3 episodes, 1996-1998), co-executive producer (2 episodes, 1997-1998), assistant makeup artist (90 episodes, 1996-2000), assistant hair stylist (67 episodes, 1997-2000), department head hairstylist / hair stylist (65 episodes, 1997-2000), makeup supervisor (63 episodes, 1996-1999), key hair stylist / hair stylist (22 episodes, 1996-1997), makeup artist (uncredited) (1 episode, 1996), additional makeup artist (uncredited) (unknown episodes), post-production supervisor (25 episodes, 1997-1999), production manager / unit production manager (22 episodes, 1996-1997), unit production manager (22 episodes, 1997-1998), post-production supervisor (1 episode, 1998), post-production supervisor (unknown episodes), unit production manager (unknown episodes), first assistant director (9 episodes, 1999-2000), first assistant director (7 episodes, 1996-1997), second assistant director (6 episodes, 1997), second assistant director / second second assistant director (4 episodes, 1996-1998), first assistant director (3 episodes, 1996-1998), second assistant director / second second assistant director (2 episodes, 1996-1998), second assistant director (2 episodes, 1997), second second assistant director (1 episode, 1997), first assistant director (unknown episodes), second assistant director (unknown episodes), on set dresser / assistant property master (85 episodes, 1996-2000), graphic designer (54 episodes, 1996-1998), art department coordinator (45 episodes, 1998-2000), art department coordinator / assistant art director (11 episodes, 1996), construction coordinator (1 episode, 1998), sound effects editor (79 episodes, 1997-2000), supervising sound editor (67 episodes, 1997-2000), re-recording mixer (25 episodes, 1996-1998), sound effects editor (23 episodes, 1996-1997), re-recording mixer (3 episodes, 1996-1998), production sound mixer (3 episodes, 1996-1998), supervising sound editor (1 episode, 1996), supervising sound editor (unknown episodes), co-supervising sound editor (unknown episodes), second assistant sound editor (unknown episodes), dialogue editor (uncredited) (1 episode, 1996), special effects rigger (23 episodes, 1998-1999), special effects coordinator (2 episodes, 1996-1998), stunts / stunt double: Ian Ogilvy / stunt performer (16 episodes, 1996-2000), stunts / stunt driver / stunt performer (12 episodes, 1997-2000), stunt double: Shanasia Davis- Williams (7 episodes, 1998-1999), stunt coordinator (3 episodes, 1996-1998), stunt double: Matt Malloy / stunt double: Willie Garson / stunts (3 episodes, 1999-2000), stunt double: Kimberley Davies / stunts (2 episodes, 2000), utility stunts (uncredited) (1 episode, 1996), first assistant camera (53 episodes, 1996-2000), first assistant camera: a camera (43 episodes, 1998-2000), assistant camera (16 episodes, 1996-1997), first assistant camera (8 episodes, 1996), director of photography: second unit (7 episodes, 1996-1997), chief lighing technician (3 episodes, 1996-1998), second assistant camera (uncredited) (33 episodes, 1996-1997), camera trainee (uncredited) (7 episodes, 1999), extras casting associate (45 episodes, 1998-2000), extras casting coordinator (unknown episodes), casting intern (uncredited) (15 episodes, 1996-1997), post-production assistant / post-production coordinator (43 episodes, 1996-1998), post-production assistant (unknown episodes), post-production coordinator (unknown episodes), location coordinator (22 episodes, 1999-2000), key assistant location manager (22 episodes, 1999-2000), assistant location manager (unknown episodes), orchestrator / composer: additional music (67 episodes, 1997-2000), composer: theme music / composer: theme (64 episodes, 1996-2000), script coordinator (45 episodes, 1997-1999), script supervisor (13 episodes, 1996-1997), transportation coordinator (1 episode, 1996), transportation coordinator (1 episode, 1998), assistant to producer (68 episodes, 1996-1999), production executive (65 episodes, 1996-2000), executive consultant / developer (47 episodes, 1996-2000), production coordinator (41 episodes, 1996-1998), assistant production coordinator (30 episodes, 1999-2000), production assistant (23 episodes, 1996-1997), production assistant (22 episodes, 1999-2000), production assistant (20 episodes, 1998-1999), second assistant accountant (20 episodes, 1999-2000), production assistant (15 episodes, 1998-1999), first assistant accountant (14 episodes, 1996-1997), production assistant (9 episodes, 1999-2000), assistant production coordinator (3 episodes, 1998), Carpathian Choreographer / Special Choreography (2 episodes, 1998), second assistant accountant (unknown episodes), production office manager: Los Angeles (unknown episodes), set production assistant (unknown episodes), production coordinator: Los Angeles (unknown episodes), office & set production assistant (unknown episodes), first assistant accountant (uncredited) (45 episodes, 1998-2000), craft service foreman (uncredited) (11 episodes, 1996-1997).
A name for your trickster cat. According to one newspaper report, director Dinner wanted a cat for the part which reminded him of an orange tom named Carl …

Gary forms a friendship with the vet's mother who needs help.

(uncredited), Lottery Vendor Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. / ... Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Mr. Final Mewsings: Who says only dogs will bring someone the newspaper? Page, and Vik Rubenfeld, the series starred actor Kyle Chandler as Gary Hobson, and featured many real Chicago locations over the course of the series' run. He was well-recognized for being able to escape from almost any conceivable locks and handcuffs. / ... The episode list for the American drama television series Early Edition.The show premiered in the United States on CBS on September 28, 1996.

/ ... Looking for some great streaming picks? His friend Chuck (Fisher Stevens) comes over one morning and they hear a noise at the door. Gary takes the newspaper and rudely shooes the cat away. Harris Hall, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA. (uncredited), Jackie O'Shea When the director Michael Dinner requested Panther specifically for the series, Casey let him do the pilot.

(uncredited), Businessman

/ ... Directed by: Michael Dinner. Add the first question. / ...

Find a host of other magical cat names here. It means ‘leader’ or ‘ruler.’ Use the HTML below. (uncredited), College Student He doesn't know why.

(uncredited), Dr. Hogan Cat Out of the Bag Alert! / ... (uncredited), Basketball Player Panther then went on to appear throughout the series, although he did later have an understudy named Carl (which Casey explains was the name of the cat character, even though it wasn’t necessarily mentioned on the show itself. / ... The show was canceled in May 2000, and it began airing in syndication on Fox Family Channel that same month. (uncredited), Bar Patron By the next morning Gary has realized that the newspaper shows the future, so when the cat meows and he hears the paper drop he opens the door.

(uncredited), High School Student (uncredited), Newsstand Employee / ... (uncredited), Chemical Plant Worker Facebook and Twitter. By the time Gary gets the third newspaper he lets the cat come into his room.

| This FAQ is empty. He is amazed to see the cat has brought him the newspaper yet again.

Harry Houdini was an American illusionist or magician. / ... With Kyle Chandler, Shanesia Davis, Fisher Stevens, Marion Ross.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Filming & Production (uncredited), Joe the Truck Driver / ... / ... Gary is concerned when his paper arrives and he finds the cat is sick. / ... Early Edition – “Pilot ... (which Casey explains was the name of the cat character, even though it wasn’t necessarily mentioned on the show itself. Even though Panther was already an older cat when he got the job on the series and even had a major surgery between the first and second season, there’s no question that he was a natural and his personality came through on screen. (uncredited), Glen (uncredited), Woman Saved from Piano Fall Snow's Cat (uncredited), Frank Pirilli's Limo Driver | If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Whats the name of the cat actor in the TV show Early Edition - trivia question /questions answer / answers (uncredited), Agent Dawson (uncredited), Coroner (uncredited), Ambulance Driver Once again the cat is sitting with the newspaper. An opportune ad in the paper leads him to a particular veterinarian. The Cat Created by Ian Abrams, Patrick Q. According to one newspaper report, director Dinner wanted a cat for the part which reminded him of an orange tom named Carl that used to hang out on the Twentieth Century lot). (uncredited), Detective

/ ... Cinema Cat: Early in the episode Gary is kicked out by his wife and has to stay in a hotel. (uncredited), Nurse / ... Synopsis: Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler) is a stockbroker whose life is changed completely when he starts to receive a newspaper from a mysterious cat every morning which reports news before the events actually happen. Gary is concerned when his paper arrives and he finds the cat is sick. Starring: Kyle Chandler, Shanesia Davis, Fisher Stevens Casey explained in many print articles about how Panther’s favorite incentive treat was Fancy Feast on a spoon. When you think about science fiction, usually you think spaceships and aliens and monsters and time travel and crazy technology. / ... | (uncredited), Delivery Man His name is Gary Hobson.

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