Something that could make you feel like you never get to do what you wanted.

To see the land of the great gathering on the Day of Resurrection in a dream means the fulfillment of a promise, or that the person seeing the dream is worthy of keeping secrets.

Beating a family member in a dream means that one’s wife is committing adultery. Unexpected problems with the potential to be serious.

To see the glob being carried on the back of a whale or a steer without changing its conditions in a dream means that the king of the country will be dethroned. Accepting of yourself as a "low life."

If the earth appears to fold over him in a dream, it means losing one stature in the world, divorce or losing in business. When you dream of being beaten it shows that there has to be done essential changes to your mind and understanding. It may also reflect feelings about your own personality being perfectly honest or that nothing is wrong with your behavior.

Sweeping dirt in one’s shop in a dream represents lawful earnings. If one sees his cheeks radiant white in a dream, it means honor, bounty, or it could mean achieving a high rank in one’s community. Beating in a dream when it causes no pain, bleeding or scratches means receiving a new garment, paying debts, or hearing sarcastic comments. To see the White House in your dream represents your own personal feelings about the US government and its legislation. To dream of the earth represents your feelings or perception of your entire life at the current moment.

Honest actions that hurt others. To beat someone in a dream also means cursing him.

In a dream, earth represents people, for they are created from the same element. Remembering how simple life used to be. Seeing an unknown land could denote one’s mother, child, husband, wife, partner, guardian, a servant, or it could mean one’s heirs. Colors in dreams represent energy, emotions, and vibes. Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her belly as a globe of the earth that ended up in a blaze of fire.

White in a dream also means beauty or it could represent elderly people. Earth in a dream also means satisfaction of one’s needs or fulfillment of a promise, because ink is extracted from its elements. To dream of having dirt thrown in your face may represents feelings about being forced to think about a difficult or unpleasant problem. Sweeping dirt in one’s house means to swindle money from one’s wife.
If one hits someone head with a stick in a dream, it means that he desires his position or it may denote his jealousy. To see a moth flying and finally settling upon something, or disappearing totally, foreshadows death of friends or relatives. He will either step down or be replaced by his minister. To see a meteor shower in your dream signifies romantic thoughts and idealistic notions.

Generally speaking, digging the earth in a dream is bad, because it unveils what is hidden.

Example: A young man dreamed of being shown a black and white photograph. Dreaming of a white moth, foretells unavoidable sickness, though you will be tempted to accuse yourself or some other with wrong-doing, which you think causes the complaint.

To dream of the color white represents feelings about something in your life being perfect, pure, or genuine. A bluish -black colored eyes in a dream connote opposing one’s religion. To dream of eating dirt may represent feelings about how terrible it is to accept very unpleasant conditions. He felt like a "low-life" not being perfectly abstinent. Beating someone in a dream also means to rebuke, revile or insult him, or it could mean to admonish him. Purification of some area of your life that is unpleasant or dangerous. However, if one sees himself in a dream beating a deceased person, this could be interpreted to denote the strength of his faith, certitude, prayers and charitable nature. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls.
If one sees an earthquake and the destruction of life and property in a dream, this element represents straying from the path, pride and heedless- ness. An unavoidable disaster or embarrassment. White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. Dream Dictionary | Medical Dictionary | Metroeve Style | Fashion Inspiration & Trends, Disclaimer To guide you with your dreams interpretations, we have interpreted over 6000 keywords and symbols and over 30,000 different meanings in our ever expanding dream dictionary. Something about yourself or that you are experiencing that is impossible to lose with. Colors are used in dreams to classify your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors under a number of categories. If one hits someone between the eyes in a dream, it means that he wants him to get lost. Beating an animal in a dream means either training him, or it could mean ignorance and being unfair toward such an animal.

Dirt in a dream represents money, but it could also mean poverty.

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