If airplanes were ranked by celebrity status, DRACO would be near the top. and make it exactly what I wanted for a backcountry extreme bush plane.”. feet. As crowds gathered to watch the famous STOL Drag race, the high point of the High Sierra Fly-In each year, Draco did not disappoint.

In it he noted the wind was a direct crosswind from the runway he intended to use for takeoff when a “big gust” hit. We believe you’ll find Kitfox to be one of the most enjoyable airplanes you’ll ever fly. your friends and pick up a tool and get to work on it. over. The bright red airplane against the white desert landscape made for a stunning panorama. DRACO is Mike Patey’s turboprop STOL Wilga on steroids.

©2020 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Patey, pax unhurt in crash that destroyed ‘Draco’, 'Plane did not fail me, I failed the plane’, Pilots: U.S. Air Force B–52 Test Pilot, Maj. Christin ‘Sparta’ Hart. 2008. In his own video, Patey repeatedly takes sole responsibility for the incident, noting that he had options including choosing a different runway, or waiting out the gusty winds. For real Draco action, check out our upcoming issue of Plane & Pilot magazine, with the cover story documenting the remarkable story of how Draco came to be and what amazing aeronautical feats it can accomplish. What do you get when you put a turbine engine on one of the most versatile of all bush planes? *, Garmin Health: Enterprise Health Solutions. his next aviation creation. As the clip continued, Draco rolled further right and the right wing dug into the ground, and the aircraft spun to a stop in a cloud of dust. During the video recorded a few hours after the crash he said “the winds are now calm. Learn more about this great aircraft. Today, aviation is more civilized. And a climb rate of 4,200 feet per minute renders most

going to find it. It intrigued me so much I started to look for more information on the plane and its owner. The National Weather Service reported southwesterly winds that gained strength as the day wore on.

playing with it and then found there a several different ways to get to what I Envisioning, engineering and achieving completion of an was born. “I’m heartbroken to report that DRACO airshow performances and racing is over,” he wrote on his Facebook page during the Reno races. user-friendly. worth every bit of it,” he added. This Incredible Plane: Cessna 152 Aerobat: Spin Cycle! The demonstrations highlight the skills of pilots making precision landings and takeoffs in a variety of aircraft that vary from stock configurations to highly modified one-offs like Draco, which started its service life as a PZL–104 Wilga, a Polish-made airplane designed with piston power in mind. & Whitney PT6A-28, this behemoth harnesses 680 horsepower, a top speed of Follow his future builds and aviation adventures with the Flying Cowboys on YouTube and Instagram. A pretty epic race-winning STOL aircraft, and this year’s winner of the 2018 High Sierra STOL Drag competition.

[Mike Patey] is living that dream and with a passion for engineering and aviation that is absolutely infectious, he built Draco, the world’s most badass bush plane. backcountry bush plane with 500 horsepower and crazy suspension. I just started

How he created the ultimate fixed-wing helicopter. Already a member? “It took me 5 months and 3 weeks to build DRACO. A allow DRACO to cover 1,000 miles.

For takeoff it only needs 78 feet of runway;


Husky is your classic adventure that makes flying fun.

a lot of fun … it’s a really extreme aircraft build, but it’s perfect for me,” able to take my family into the backcountry at a really high elevation. I failed the plane and the passengers,” said the backcountry pilot who has amassed a sizable social media following through his exploits.

He told AOPA in a telephone interview that his wife and another passenger were “physically in sound shape.” He was dusty and dirty but unhurt after he “crawled out from under the left wing that broke off.”. DRACO’s performance is unprecedented. Patey turned a blown engine into an opportunity to modify the Wilga and hang a Pratt and Whitney PT6A-28 turoprop on the front, and Draco was born to become an internet sensation. America’s owner-flown aircraft enthusiasts and active-pilot resource, delivered to your inbox! If it’s building a plane, in a high mountain desert; we have mountain elevations that are over 14,000 It’s quick, it’s accessible, it’s easy to read, it’s amazing. I hope you all learn from it.". Mike Patey built this heavily modded turboprop taildragger to show the world what STOL really means.

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Find it free on the store. Throughout EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019, fans and aviation enthusiasts flooded the Garmin exhibit to get an up-close look at the celebrated STOL (short takeoff and landing) aircraft and visit with its creator, Mike Patey.

AOPA Associate Editor Web/ePilot David Tulis joined AOPA in 2015 and is a private pilot with single-engine land and sea ratings and a tailwheel endorsement. I live Cory Robin, a backcountry pilot affiliated with the “Flying Cowboys,” a tight-knit group of bush flying colleagues who help coordinate the annual High Sierra Fly-In and STOL Drag Races at Nevada’s Dead Cow Lakebed, said they were “heartbroken” and expressed concern for Patey and his passengers’ safety. "I should have waited," Patey told his online audience. The ill-fated takeoff attempt was shown in an Instagram video posted soon after the incident by @HighAlphaAirShows.

That sucks. Become a member and get exclusive access to articles, contests and more! It’s just Brainchild of self-taught engineer and successful entrepreneur Mike Patey, Draco is the ultimate backcountry airplane. One of the aircraft that showed up in almost every picture of #OSH18 was DRACO.

We are here to support you. Please login below for an enhanced experience. Upon its arrival at this year’s High Sierra Fly-In, crowds gathered quickly to watch Draco’s arrival. Then he built the DRACO STOL bush plane in 5 months. In fact, this year Mike Patey and Draco stole the trophy from Mike’s own twin brother, Mark, who in 2017 won the STOL drag contest in his Carbon Cub EX. A pretty epic race-winning STOL aircraft, and this year’s winner of the 2018 High Sierra STOL Drag competition. Garmin Autoland Receives Aviation Week Network Grand Laureate Award, G500 TXi and G600 TXi Flight Display Enhancements Now Available, Garmin Aviation Training Team Adds Educational Webinars, D2 Air: Aviator Smartwatch with Powerful Flight Functionality, Vibrant AMOLED Display, GTN to GTN Xi Upgrade — Keeping It Simple, FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ORDERS $25 AND UP. I wanted to take a plane I loved with great visibility and a lot of neat characteristics and make it exactly what I wanted for a backcountry extreme bush plane.” Garmin Ambassador Mike Patey—the mastermind behind DRACO. Patey added that he “inadvertently lost insurance coverage for all show performances” in an effort to cross off one of his bucket-list items to “race DRACO at Reno.”. FREE 2ND-DAY SHIPPING ON MOST ORDERS $499 AND UP. “I’ve always wanted to be DRACO has a Garmin-equipped cockpit.

Mike Patey is a Garmin-sponsored ambassador. I wanted density altitude of near 17,000, and land with camping gear and four people,” “The fact that every function I want is there, I have to admit I’ve never looked at a manual. backcountry adventures in their home state of Nevada.

The Reno Gazette Journal published a photo of the red high-wing turboprop that showed it resting upright under crumpled wings and a largely intact fuselage.

The small single-engine aircraft that crashed during takeoff from the Reno-Stead Airport Monday morning was the famous and highly-modified "Draco" backcountry plane … A video filmed in the aftermath by Patey himself began logging views at a furious pace as soon as he posted it. Then the first time you get two inches off the ground, it’s “The next project is “Scrappy” — a radical You’re gonna love it.”. With its bright red skin, tall legs and heavy cloud of dust around it, Draco commands attention everywhere it lands. for landing, only 97 feet.

By Sarina Houston Updated March 21, 2019 Save Article. Powered by a Pratt Patey said. Brainchild of self-taught engineer and successful entrepreneur Mike Patey, Draco is the ultimate backcountry airplane. All at prices the average person can afford.

The aircraft started as a PZL-104 Wilga, originally built in had several G3X Touches and hands down I think it’s the greatest piece of gallons per hour) and a stall speed of only 35 miles per hour.

to take a plane I loved with great visibility and a lot of neat characteristics

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