It was also stated that Sharona was a registered nurse before becoming Monk's practical nurse. [4] In the season 1 episode "Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale", Dale "the Whale" Biederbeck asks Sharona if she is "still making house calls," to which Sharona replies that "she doesn't do that kinda stuff anymore," implying that at one point she used her LPN training to do home health care.[5]. When Benjy was one, she did some nude modeling under a pseudonym in Atlantic City, revealed to Monk in that episode when Dexter Larsen threatens to publish these photos to keep Monk from investigating him further. After Monk exonerates him, and Sharona and Natalie—who also have been framed by Ian Ludlow, the real killer—Sharona goes back to Trevor.

She can be tough, but she deeply cares for Adrian. She is noticeably more laidback and patient with Monk than Sharona was, though not afraid to call him out when she feels he's being unfair or unreasonable. Taking care of Adrian Monk, solving crimes, being a good mother Later, they begin to bicker about assisting styles, the settlement money, etc., The two women later reconcile their differences and note that each woman was just what Monk needed at the time they worked for him, and that Sharona's seeming toughness got Monk to a place where he didn't need a full-time nurse at his side. This gave their scenes more of an interesting tension and dynamism. Kind 'o like Monk calling the Captain; "Captain" instead of Leland and vice versa (He mostly says Monk), and they are close friends.

Sharona was spunky, liberal and forward, so she called him by his first name - she saw him as equals, though they were not. Natalie was so much better for Mr. Monk, hands down. Natalie Teeger slowly learns to work with Monk and becomes really close with him, considering him a close friend and even stating she loves him in a friendly manner. The characters seem to get along better.

The novel ends with Sharona moving back to Los Angeles with Trevor and Benjy, leaving her character in a better position to be able to return into Adrian's life, e.g. We were introduced to Natalies family a few times, and details about her life in high school and college (Sharona didn't finish h.s.). At the end of "Mr. Monk and the End", it was shown that Randy and Sharona had found a home together in New Jersey. But the episodes with Natalie seem to be more re-watchable. Guys, the old (and true) Sharona is very different from the way she is represented in season 8. Sharona, but maybe im biased being from nj myself lol, And I get that she left because the actress had some contract issue but i wish she would have at least had a more proper sendoff than just a mention of "she moved back to nj to make it work with a guy who was clearly awful for her". In 'Mr Monk and the girl who cried wolf' you can see that very well: Varla Davis is just like "you're crazy, grow up" whenever Adrian asks for something.

Her father, Douglas, owned a hardware store and died when she was a child. Investigation, bartending, morse code, gambling, charisma In this episode, she also begins her relationship with Randy, with whom she had regularly had questionably flirtatious verbal banter. NATALIE WINS IN MY BOOK. Before becoming Monk's assistant, Natalie was married to Mitch Teeger, a Navy pilot who was shot down in Kosovo in 1998. Goals Press J to jump to the feed. [3], The season 2 episode "Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy" reveals that Sharona had married Trevor out of high school, but it did not last long, leaving her with an infant, Benjy, to raise on her own. Full Name Taking care of Adrian Monk, solving crimes, being a good mother, Bobby Davenport (father), Peggy Davenport (mother), Jonathan Davenport (brother), Mitch Teeger (husband, deceased), Julie Teeger (daughter). I disagree.
Sharona helps out, sometimes doing independent investigations and sometimes even using her sex appeal to get information that Monk cannot. Plus I felt like Sharona was more of a character (with her own past and demons). You could see how hugely proud of his progresses she was. Sharona was limiting, and presented herself poorly with clients (she dressed pretty tacky and talked quite tacky/classless). She might seem more professional because she calls him Mr Monk and dresses like an old woman, but she's not a sister/motherlike figure to Adrian. She held several jobs, including bartending, which she quit after becoming Monk's assistant. Do-Gooder Ya know, I didn't like that she abruptly left like that either.

The series aired from 2005 to 2009. Natalie Teeger became Adrian Monk's assistant after his former assistant, Sharon Fleming, moved to New Jersey to be with her ex-husband again. "[6] The series started a while after she took the assistant's job, and just how she got it and what their early relationship was are never explained, although it is revealed that Captain Stottlemeyer originally arranged her as a nurse for Monk. It was always nice to see her push back on Monk. Monk grew under Natalie. Family Net Worth – $2.5 Million In some of the later novels, starting with Mr. Monk is on Patrol, her relationship with Randy is fleshed out a bit more.

In "Mr. Monk and the End", it is revealed that Randy spent 2 weeks on vacation, having landed in Newark, New Jersey (where Sharona lives), and that he and Sharona had found a home which they would share when Randy moves to New Jersey sometime after Monk's last case.

With Sharona the mysteries were way better. She takes up smoking after Monk reacts insensitively to her fear of elephants, telling her to "suck it up".

Sharona always told him things like "I'm so proud of you! Traylor Howard Filmography. Monk was in a catatonic state for three and a half years until Sharona began taking care of him. Sharona Fleming is a fictional character in the USA Network television series Monk, portrayed by Bitty Schram. Was curious who the other fans prefer: Sharona or Natalie? And the mystery doesn't really matter because it's just fun to see everyone interact. It's true, that Sharona called him Adrian and Natalie called him Mr. Monk - but that does not speak directly to their relationship, but more to their different personalities. Hobby Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa Claus,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 03:49. Everyone just calls him Monk/Mr. She meets Natalie Teeger, Monk's new assistant, and it seems that they are going to get along until it is revealed that Monk paid Sharona $20 a week more than Natalie. So, I'm not sure.

I disagree. (Yeah Natalie has problems too but she still comes from a super wealthy family and her daughter is so spoiled!) Natalie has one daughter, Julie Teeger, whom she loves unconditionally and values above everything else in her life.

EDIT: He DID grow, and definitely healed a great deal under Sharona. Natalie! Natalie comes from an extremely wealthy family, as they run a large and very successful toothpaste company. Sharona's 'quitting' became a running gag in the show, until she finally left in 2004 to remarry her ex-husband, Trevor Howe, following "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine". She also does all kinds of things that Monk's OCD and phobias prevent him from doing as she has few such reservations herself. Above all else, here’s goodbye to the greatest former, former, former Detective, Adrian Monk. Gambling, spending time with her daughter Julie. "Monk" was an extremely popular USA Network TV show centering around a detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). [7] In this episode, Sharona returns to San Francisco after the death of her little-known uncle Howard Fleming (who Monk believes, correctly, was murdered). Personal assistant, formerly bartending I don't particularly like how they treated her character in season 8, she always handed Adrian tissues without hesitating when she was his assistant, which is why "it's only water, just shake it off" didn't make any sense to me. Alias It was revealed in the series finale that Randy had spent two weeks visiting her, and that he has accepted a job as Police Chief in Summit, New Jersey to live with her. Monk She has financial problems and has to raise Benjy on her own, her car is never okay. The events of the book run somewhat contrary to how her return was later depicted in "Mr. Monk and Sharona", although some elements of the novel, like Natalie and Sharona's open hostility towards each other, are adapted over.

As revealed in the novel Mr. Monk on Patrol, one of the criteria that the SFPD had for employing Monk as a consulting detective was that he had to have Sharona with him, in case he has a breakdown. In "Mr. Monk Gets Fired", after Monk's investigation license is temporarily suspended, she temporarily returns to work as a nurse.
Just a nice person and a good worker. Natalie was so much better for Mr. Monk, hands down. She has 'quit' her job as Monk's assistant at least twice; in the episode "Mr. Monk and the Candidate" and "Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger" (this was due to a pay dispute (her paychecks had bounced regularly); she temporarily got a job at a lamp store). Occupation Ok so I’m in grad school to become a mental health counselor, I actually just did a case study on Adrian because I love the show so much. In "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring", (season 3.10) it is revealed that Sharona had left to return to Jersey with her son, and that she had remarried her ex-husband, Trevor.

Monk was able to resume detective work and remarked, "When she found me, I was drowning. (And she was a lot better in my opinion!) In the final episode of the series, Randy moves to Summit, New Jersey to live with Sharona. Sharona plans to return to work with Monk and thus results in open hostility between her and Natalie. Sharona is a divorced registered nurse from New Jersey and a single mother with a young son named Benjy.

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