by Stellar review of the Doberman by ShadowRat. Considering he nearly died when he was 10 from a very serious nose infection where the specialist vet had to perform 4 life-saving operations including blood transfusions etc. I am delighted with my Doberman puppy. CALL 07990930846 OR EMAIL FOR AVAILABLE PUPPIES & PHOTOS, body #wpforms-11490 {

but can anyone give me any info and help me? We bought our first Dobi from Hunnoterra kennels. He is such a loyal, intelligent dog. So they can't be trusted around other animals. They are the most loyal breed you can find, and despite their tough reputation, they're enormous cuddlers and real babies. ShadowRat (1 review written), by They're the most vicious dog breed ever to walk the Earth. We chose to have him put to sleep eventually as he was having too hard of a time getting up and down with his hind legs, God love him though he kept trying but we could… Need a firm hand or will rule the show, need loads of exercise.

Mine is 10 now, but use to steal toilet rolls ! Read Full Review, Written on: 30/09/2012 Lots of exercise is an absolute must. My brown Doberman puppy supplied from Doberman UK has fitted in straight away with my family and my other Doberman.

Sign up for our “Dog a Day” newsletter and we’ll send you an adorable pup every day! " I have never owned a dog before so I lept right in at the deep end. @media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ If other children chased after my boys our dog would get uneasy - perhaps because they felt their family member was in danger. Read Full Review, hi I have had 3 sons and both dogs tolerated the kids.

(1 review written), I had some other breeds in the past, this is the most intelligent and loyal dog. " PLEASE NOTE:UNLIKE OTHER SUPPLIERS, ALL OUR PUPPIES CAN BE VIEWED AT OUR 5 ***** LICENCED KENNELS. The other thing to try is put some rocks in an empty pop can, tape the can up and shake it every time she tries to mouth you. Read More, " Ignore anyone who talks about dominance or being pack leader as these sorts of… Docked & Cropped Doberman Puppies legally imported - with over 40 years experience of both breeding and importing Dobermans to call on, we have an unrivalled ability to supply you with the very best imported  puppies from top class breeders in Europe and UK bred puppies from European lines. They get better and better everyday and now, I can't imagine being without mine! Read Full Review, My 4 year old dog just died from a heart condition. He has already started his training and walks on the lead, sits on command, and is almost toilet trained. Never being aggressive, just letting the other person know that he always had my kids back. overall, a beautiful pup to have in the family. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! It is worth noting that in most cases, there are noticeable differences in confirmation, appearance & character when comparing a European Doberman vs it's cousins in America. Why did I go for a Doberman? And although he notices EVERYTHING anyway, he takes the word 'alert' to a new level while I'm gone.

has a tendency to pull on lead but that's only because he is excited about going out. However, if I leave or go out of town then I tell him that I'm leaving & to keep an eye on my fiancé & stepdaughter.

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