In the morning and on cool days, they can often be seen basking in the sunlight. Young Water moccasins generally have a more contrasting color pattern than adults; they have dark crossbands on a lighter ground color. As an adult, it is large and capable of delivering a painful and potentially fatal bite. Water moccasins have dark stripes by each nostril and pale snouts, which can be helpful in identifying features. This is the world's only semiaquatic viper, usually found in or near water. Water Moccasins are extremely dangerous poisonous snakes. Water Moccasin on The IUCN Red List site -,, Our barn cats have brought a few babies to me but that sure won't put a damper in the breeding grounds. Powered by vBulletin® Version 5.6.2 Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. All times are GMT-5. I'm sorry, but when water moccasins start hanging out in the garage or back porch they need to go! Water moccasins' large, triangular heads are distinct from their thinner necks, unlike many oth… The cottonmouth or water moccasin is a venomous snake belonging to the pit viper family. Young snakes often use their bright tail tips in hunting; they wiggle the tips of their tails to lure prey animals. The longest living snake of this species was recorded to have lived about 24.5 years.

It is suggested that Water moccasins are monogamous; this means that during the breeding season a male mates with only one female. In the southern parts of their range, hibernation may be short or omitted altogether. However, on bright, sunny days, they are usually found coiled or stretched out somewhere in the shade. Neonates are 22-35 cm in length (excluding runts) and independent at birth. The Best Aquarium Rock Buyers Guide – 2020, The Best Aquarium Plants – 2020 Buyers Guide, The Best Water Conditioner For Fish Tank – 2020 Guide, The Best Aquarium Thermometer Reviews – 2020 Guide, The Best Fish Tank Decorations – 2020 Guide. Mating occurs in April-May and the young are usually born in August or September. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. However, litters of 6 to 8 are the most common. However, it is not fully marine, unlike true sea snakes. The Cottonmouth […] This page was generated at 07:46 PM. On occasion, juveniles feed on invertebrates. Water moccasins are relatively large, often ranging from 2 to 4 feet (61 to 122 centimeters) long, according to the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. They are also found in brackish-water habitats and are sometimes seen swimming in saltwater. For hibernation, these snakes use rocky wooded hillsides, burrows of crayfish, tortoises or other mammals, under rotting stumps or other covers.

Other defensive responses can include flattening the body and emitting a strong, pungent secretion from the anal glands located at the base of the tail. In the north, Water moccasins hibernate during the winter. They may be active during the day and at night. The tip of their tail is usually yellowish, becoming greenish-yellow or greenish in subadults, and then black in adults. There are no major threats to Water moccasins at present. The name cottonmouth comes from the fact that its mouth looks like cotton when it is open. Affiliate Disclaimer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If the ducks really work I'll get on Craigslist today and buy some for our stock tank. Their range also includes the Ohio River Valley as far north as southern Indiana, and they inhabit many barrier islands off the coasts of the states where they are found. The water moccasin can be found in most of the Coastal Plain states in the southeastern United States. The Cottonmouth Snake has been considered aggressive, however, studies have shown that this is not necessarily true. Middleburg. Cottonmouth, Swamp moccasin, Black moccasin, Viper. They have large jowls, due to their venom glands, and \"cat-eye\" pupils. If weather conditions are favorable and food is readily available, growth is rapid and females may reproduce at less than 3 years of age and a total length of as little as 60 cm. According to IUCN, the Water moccasin is locally common and widespread throughout its range but no overall population estimate is available. Water moccasins are almost or even totally black, (with the exception of the head and facial markings), the color pattern may consist of a brown, gray, tan, yellowish-olive, or blackish ground color, which is overlaid with a series of 10-17 dark brown to almost black crossbands. Contrary to popular belief, they are capable of biting while underwater. During the mating season, males perform a combat dance and also compete for access to females. 2. Water moccasins are not limited to aquatic habitats.

These snakes are opportunistic feeders and sometimes eat carrion, making them one of the few snakes to do so. Water moccasins are carnivores and their diet includes mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, frogs, snakes, small turtles, and small alligators. They often emerge at sunset to warm themselves on the warm ground (i.e., sidewalks, roads) and then become very active throughout the night, when they are usually found swimming or crawling.

Currently, this species is classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List and its numbers today are stable. The average life span of the water moccasin is about 18 years in the wild. The Chronicle of the Horse . In various locations, these snakes are well-adapted to less moist environments, such as palmetto thickets, pine-palmetto forest, pine woods in East Texas, pine flatwoods in Florida, eastern deciduous dune forest, dune and beach areas, riparian forest, and prairies. Water moccasins are carnivores and their diet includes mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, frogs, snakes, small turtles, and small alligators. Many of their common names, including "cottonmouth" and "gaper", refer to this behavior. The gestation period lasts around 4-5 months. When stressed or threatened, Water moccasins perform a characteristic threat display that includes vibrating their tail and throwing their head back with their mouth open to display the startling white interior; they will often make a loud hiss while the neck and front part of the body are pulled into an S-shaped position. The Water moccasin is a venomous snake, a species of pit viper native to the southeastern United States. On occasion, juveniles feed on invertebrates. Water moccasins are solitary creatures. Water moccasins are important for the environment as they control the populations of their main prey, including fish, frogs, turtles, snakes and other reptiles. However, they suffer locally from persecution and habitat destruction through wetland drainage for agriculture, residential and commercial development.

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