You can now finally, actually activate the main control unit.

As you enter the room below, use your bow to target the eyeball in the ceiling so you don’t have to deal with any additional enemies. Many years ago, Ruta was piloted by Mipha, the Zora Champion. If you can land a Perfect Dodge you get several free attacks with Flurry Rush, but even if you don’t get Perfect Dodge you have plenty of time to quickly run in and strike Waterblight Ganon several times in the head. If you look toward Vah Ruta's body from here, you will see some areas with Divine Beast Vah Ruta. (right).

There is a raised walkway that goes into the nearest waterwheel. Whistle like you were calling your horse, and Yunobo will follow you or stop. Drop down to the floor switch now. Note: If you ever find yourself wanting more of a challenge, you can disable Mipha’s Grace and all the other abilities the Champions give you at any time. ; Equip the Zora Armor to begin your way into the Divine Beast. The path between those two towers leads to Foothill Stable, where you can buy fireproof elixirs — and you will need them just to survive.

Use the Cryonis rune directly under the bars to lift them and gain access into the room.

To the right of the door is another eye under the water. weapons are more effective against these than other equipment, so use these if The trick to defeating Fireblight Ganon is to get close. you got the map. You must speak to Bludo to complete the Divine Beast Vah Rudania quest. Jump off the top of Lulu Lake’s waterfall and just Paraglide down back to the fork in the road with the signpost. Have the Cryonis Rune ready to provide as a barrier if you suspect that you cannot dodge his attack on time. Sneak up on the first one, and use a sneakstrike with your most powerful weapon. Once you are here, swim forward and then press [A] when prompted. Tilt the map once more, and make your way up the. This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 21:46. There’s a chest here that contains a Knight’s Shield with considerable durability and 40 defense. It is highly recommended you max out whatever your inventory capacity is, as you will need all the strength you can muster.

When you freeze the ball, make sure that you are Mipha will congratulate you on a job well done, and notify you that the main control unit of Divine Beast Vah Ruta has opened up. Strike the opposite block using the sphere to operate the terminal gate. Shoot it and the whole formation will disappear.

Shoot it Activate it, and…? Before you do that, though, make sure to save the waypoint at the Shae Mo'sah shrine, which is just behind and up the hill from where you spoke with the chief. Similar to when you had to quell Vah Ruta’s water spouting, Waterblight Ganon will throw ice blocks at you. Raise Vah Ruta’s trunk to the third position from the top. I tried to get back into the beast to fight the Thunderblight ganon, but I have no clue on how to teleport back in …. ┗The Thunder Helm, ■ Mini-Games Make your way a short bit forward over the rocks for the next leg of our shortcut. Just walk straight ahead, and talk to the chief. You can break these from a distance with the Cryonis rune so they aren’t a threat at all.

We will be covering the terminals in the order of closest to furthest.

Shoot the eyeball with an arrow, then wait for the platform to rotate back around again so you can jump on it and collect the 10 Fire Arrows inside. You would have to shoot one of the pink orbs in the area using the Shock Arrow. You’ll come to a long ramp that leads to the top of the East Reservoir Lake where Prince Sidon is waiting for you. is a terminal inside of it. ┣A Gift for My Beloved If Linkapproaches it before completing the necessary precursors, he will be thrown backwards by the beast's barrier.

Ideally you want to equip a melee weapon with some range (like the halberd you found earlier), as well as the Cryonis rune. As you’re making your way along the road, be on the lookout for fireproof lizards and heat-resistant summerwing butterflies, both of which you can use to cook to battle the heat. (1 of 2) Walk down this newly appeared staircase, Walk down this newly appeared staircase (left), The huge orange pedestal is the main control unit of Vah Ruta. At this point the water raises and you’re left with foru platforms to stand on.

Jump down into the reservoir then talk to Sidon. Use the Magnesis rune to rotate the handle to the right of the four chains. Take the paraglider and soar to the facade to board one of the platforms that ascends to the area with the Spear wielding Guardian Scout. This may look like a dead end, but all you need to do is lower the trunk of the Vah Ruta. Remove ads and unlock special features.

However, you can’t access the chest until you clear the eyeball. At half health, Waterblight Ganon will enter phase two of the fight where he will now hang around in the air.

The terminals are marked on your map. then press A (not Y) just before its energy blast hits you, so that you reflect the You will return to the entrance of Zora’s Domain. There is a door near the bars that led to the map. ┣Dueling Peaks If you run into it, destroy it. He’s at the center back. Note: Yes, the weapons from the Champions can break. Jump off and Paraglide to the forehead. Mipha will speak to you again, telling you that you now have a map of the Divine Beast. You need to take out these eyeballs anytime you see them to prevent other enemies from spawning and remove the purple areas that hurt Link if he comes in contact with them. Inside this chest is a Knight’s Halberd. You don’t want to take this long journey any more than you have to.). ┣Riddles of Hyrule moment ago. ┗Hunting Dog, ■Secrets and Easter Eggs You’ll find yourself near the ramp you walked up.

The recipe to make your own fireproof elixir is as follows: Also of note: Four fireproof lizards and a Bokoblin horn will get you 11:10 of resistance, as will four fireproof lizards and a Lizalfos horn. Stand to the left of the ramp, and rotate the map again. Yunobo will be following you, and he’s a bit dense. Then follow the signals, crouching to grab them. You need to find and reactivate all five terminals

(right). Make sure the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest is selected in the Adventure Log.

These cookies do not store any personal information. ┣Super Gut Check Challenge

Then while in the hallway, lower the trunk to the lowest position, Continue to ride the gear until you can jump off when it rotates around to the other side. This provides ample time to board the terminal before it wears off.

Before heading to the east waterfall, there is an inscription around the area about the Zora Helm. As you do this, the terminal will become vertical and you can walk right up to it and activate it. Best to deal with his ice pillars using your own. If the Lynel spots you, run away as fast as possible as it will shoot you with a barrage of powerful shock arrows which can kill you in an instant. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up its spear. Soar using the paraglider, to reach the platform that rests at the back of the water fountain. Climb to the top of the structure and lift a rock for a Korok Seed. To kick off this quest, Muzu will tell you that twenty Shock Arrows are needed. Then go past the bars and check on Get a Second, Third, and Fourth Treasure Chest Before we go ahead and get past it though, use Magnesis to pull up a treasure chest hiding under the water. Note that its charges can be dodged with perfect timing for Flurry Rush, it’s just more difficult. Note: If you picked up any Shock Arrows from Lizalfos along the way, you might already have quite the collection of Shock Arrows. Go forward and look down and you will see the fifth terminal is sideways on the trunk! Death Mountain is a hot area, and ice arrows will take them down with one hit. The road through Death Mountain has a few markers that allow you to chart your progress. Take up the mantle of the chosen hero Link and journey throughout the most expansive, open iteration of Hyrule yet in your quest to destroy the monstrous Calamity Ganon and recover your memories of what happened 100 years ago. Run through the hallway and you will find yourself exiting Vah Ruta through the forehead. You can see

Equip that armor, and you won’t have to worry so much about elixirs. (right). Don’t worry about it for now.

(1 of 2) Definitely mind your stamina here. Press [X] to drop, then press [X] again to glide to the ground safely, Definitely mind your stamina here. Ignore the lower floor for now as it requires several terminals in possession. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. You will be riding on Prince Sidon’s back, and once he gets close to the waterfalls spouting from Vah Ruta’s sides, you can climb up them and then fire an arrow at the weak points all along its body. Get rid of any skulls that the Malice goo spat at you (if any), Look over the right edge of the platform where terminal 5 sits, and you can see the main control unit below. Return to the room where you first entered the Divine Beast. As you do this, the terminal will become vertical and you can walk right up to it and activate it. kill the eyeball, you can reach the treasure chest. The Lynel will drop 10 Shock Arrows, along with an assorted variety of gear that you definitely want to grab. If you ever find yourself unintentionally dropping down to the second floor, you can ride this waterfall up with your Zora armor for a quick shortcut. This causes water to flow in through the ceiling, powering the large gear. After the cutscene ends, open the treasure chest to … zetasoldier After the cutscenes, Mipha will teleport you out of the Divine Beast and pilot it to the top of the nearby mountain, where Vah Ruta will fire a laser at Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle. Make sure not to raise the trunk all the way or else the doorway will be covered. use Magnesis to pull up the treasure chest that is in the water here. (1 of 2) Use Stasis at this moment when the ball is about to slip off the switch, Use Stasis at this moment when the ball is about to slip off the switch (left), Then go inside to the terminal housing to activate the terminal (right). You’ll get the Divine Beast Vah Rudania main quest and a story about painkillers from him. Your task here is two-fold. Walk out of the terminal 2 area, light your torch with a blue flame, and walk to the wall opposite of the door for terminal 2. (1 of 2) Wait for the trunk to slowly curl and rotate, Wait for the trunk to slowly curl and rotate (left), Now walk onto what is now the new floor and activate the terminal (right). Move back down one level (where you just fought the small Guardian), and head down the hallway to the end. (1 of 2) These eyes are frequently found in all four of the Divine Beasts but are easy to destroy, These eyes are frequently found in all four of the Divine Beasts but are easy to destroy (left), This Guardian Scout has very little health, especially now that you have better gear. There is a chest blocked by Blight at the edge of the trunk. As the canon moves, detonate the bomb when the canon is pointed at the rock pile on the other platform. It’s totally worth it. At this point the chest and the two slabs of concrete it’s stuck between will be dropping toward the center of the gear at any moment. ┣Necluda ┣Mini-Bosses List As a result, things save differently. Again, with the Master Sword, he goes down quickly. the water spout that you froze. ┣Gerudo Highlands Vah Ruta will shoot ice cubes and ice spikes at Link and Sidon. Our walkthrough will show you the most efficient way to get them all. before you will be able to regain control of the Divine Beast. There is a door near where you stepped on the switch to activate the waterfall.

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