Discoveries come in two flavours. Je suis nouveau propriétaire d'un land rover discovery 4, livré neuf à la mi-octobre 2013. The company was trying its utmost not to fold and vehicle sales were the only way to keep them afloat albeit producing defective products. After featuring a succession of high-mileage Japanese 4x4s, we’ve been presented with a slightly surprising new chart topper – a 1990s Land Rover Discovery. This apparently helps lubricate the fuel system and the engine in general. In this article, we will talk about those cases where the owner can prevent serious malfunctions of the diesel engine on Land Rover Discovery 3 and Discovery 4, in particular, the 2.7 TD engines and 3.0 TD engines. This means the site earns advertising fees through Amazon. Gassing Station | Car Buying | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. This took almost 1.5 months to arrive (heated windshield) from UK. SUV and Jaguar sports sedan brands from Ford Motor in 2008. There are specialist Land Rover/Discovery garages that know these vehicles inside out, and which engines and gearboxes have had problems, so my advice to you is to find one of these to give your chosen vehicle the once over. En ville, véhicule lourd et chaque redémarrage est un gouffre à carburant. Polyvalence absolue, de l’autoroute au chemin de terre difficile avec la même efficacité.Une seule panne : un capteur sur le vilebrequin . Further Reading:, dont know if this is the correct forum i need help, bought a disco 3 seven months ago on second fuel pump car will not rev above 3000rpm have replaced all diesel filters and fuel pump in the tank including all regulators still will not rev any help here 35000 spent all ready. Puissance suffisante.

They feel this should be more like 75,000-90,000 miles, especially in cars that have done much towing, so be prepared to add that on to a service. There are some grumbles about fuel consumption, but even with a big caravan on the back you’re likely to average in the mid-20s. Well throughout the history of Land Rover, the company has changed hands quite a few times. “I paid £13,500 for it, which was a lot for me at the time,” he says. At first glance fit and finish combined with high-end material oozes luxury. Polyvalence absolue, de l’autoroute au chemin de terre difficile avec la même efficacité.Une seule panne : un capteur sur le vilebrequin . “I then had plenty of sleepless nights wondering if I’d done the right thing.”. Land Rover owners are for the most part die-hard fans. C'est tout mais c'est déjà beaucoup. You know, something he actually genuinely likes. Here we strive to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, information about the functionality, common faults and latest technology built into most 4 Wheel Drives.

They found out the engine bearing was bad and need a new engine. Since the work is completely connected, as a result, when it is time to change the timing belt, in particular, by 2.7 TD or 3.0 TD, if the budget allows, you can combine this with replacing the oil pump with a new sample, as well as install a new oil seal. “I’ve learnt my way around it over the years and I can usually pinpoint any problems pretty quickly,” he says.
Has been in 3 times for repairs and each time, they magically have an update that will “fix it all”. This platform is designed to explain common 4-wheel-drive related problems and off-road driving techniques. The company was “near Cela fait déja plus de 3 ans que j'ai le Discovery 4 HSE 245ch en TurboDiesel et il n'y a vraiment pas de critique a faire .. Original Poster. Shocking!!! J'ai dû nettoyer moi-même le capteur, encrassé, espérant que cela ne le refera plus.

The newer land Rovers such as the Range Rover Evoques, Discovery 3 & 4 models are a lot more technologically advanced and needs quite a bit more know-how and special diagnostic tools to repair. Just to add to my post above and to concur with a couple of posters, ours has average over 17k miles a year for 10 years, regular use and proper ( sometime preventative )maintenance should mean it's no worse than any other of it's ilk. C’mon land Rover you need to up your game here. Back in those days, many repair shops mechanics did not have the Land Rover training and expertise to adequately carry out these services and repairs resulting in the Land Rover brand suffering further at the hands of inadequate mechanics. Despite the mileage, the truck is still Mr Rainbow’s daily driver and he has no plans to change it or reduce its workload. He’s not the only one either. Other mechanical work has included three clutches – the original lasted for 370,000 miles, but the second was much shorter as the garage forgot to fit the version with a heavy-duty selector fork. Bonjour. If you’ve got a high-houred tractor that’s given you sterling service, has clocked more than 20,000 hours and is still on the front line, then we’d like to hear from you. Discovery 4 high mileage: Hi all, first post so hope I am in the right place. Agencement de l'espace de chargement parfaite grâce a la modularité des signes arrières. Apart from regular servicing, this has had just one core plug replaced and it is still on its original head gasket. My Land Rover 2010, Discovery 4, 3.0TD/SD V6 SE, has an all of a sudden problem… was driving fine this morning, then put onto ramps and sprayed under car.

The steering should feel light and predictable. The last upgrade got me Apple CarPlay which I hate!!!! In 1967 Rover became part of Leyland Motors and was later called British Leyland. The firemen called for 2 tank car and keeping asked us why there is green fire occuree from the car engine. It offered close to the luxury of a Range Rover, while being more capable off- (and on-) road than a Defender. All that was combined with every automotive gadget known to man.
But since then he’s clocked up about 20,000 miles a year and every year it goes through its MOT with very little bother. Un véhicule différent, un cran au-dessus de tous les autres véhicules. 1) Do any of you have high mileage on your Discovery 4 - Has it been reliable?

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