1. Hola buenas necesito ayuda para pasar de china a Atlántida tengo todo las misiones de China completas, todas las misiones padres completas y las misiones 3 extras completas no tengo mas para hacer y no me deja pasar no se que mas hacer, Please hilp me i cant find the last chinese journal, DRAGON OF WOOD: Contents. What have I missed? Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? Have a look at our support forums and FAQ section, you'll surely find answers to your questions. It requires 5 journal pages. Complete the Task of the 2nd Scholar 4. pixel_player40076278 Temple of the 5 Dragons is on the Dragon of Wood quest line. During the past year, we strengthened... Register now on Portal and get 10% more Gems to your purchase for the same price! If you will be playing for 4 hours, switch your energy to regeneration so you build energy faster. Hope this helps those who are still stuck looking for the 10th page. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I've missed (Knowing Diggy's Adventure, I've probably overlooked something stupid - it wouldn't be the first time - but I'm stuck.)? please and ty, Go to you tube type in diggys adventure and the name of the room your in and it will show you a video of it.

The spot where you build up your energy levels etc.

You can also find materials, cooking ingredients, and other valuable goodies inside these chests. Great adventurers deserve to become legends! On the flip side, you can build a bunch of energy storage buildings if you’re going to be away a lot. Build up your camp and set it up with various decorations and items that will help to boost your progress. You can use this trick to seek out hidden walls. Sixth birthday . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

ALWAYS change your camp equipment out for higher/better ones. Chests and jars contain food items that you can eat at any time to restore a little bit of energy. FEAR FACTORY, 1 journal page.

OLD HARBOUR, 1 journal page BURNING VILLAGE, 1 journal page. Talk To Hepu The Merchant Get to know why the man with the bow would need a man with the shovel and pickaxe! 5. I cannot get into the game, could someone help and tell me how to reinstall and get back to the level I was on. DIGJONG RAILWAY, 1 journal page The choice is yours! Just the way you like it. Jadeite key required to access journal pages. FIREWORK FACTORY, 2 journal pages You’ll break through walls and rocks to […] Pixel Federation is an independent game studio from Slovakia. CAVE OF LOUD NOISES, 1 journal page

This page has been accessed 430,391 times. NOTE: Player's decisions affect when most of these Father quests actually appear. PATH OF STRENGTH, 1 journal page

Complete the Task of the 3rd Scholar 5. At Pixel Portal. Blocking/deleting cookies can impair site performance. Hope this helps many diggers!!!! TEMPLE OF FIRE, 1 journal page A trick I’ve learned with hidden paths is you can tell when a wall can’t be dug into. 2. On Mobile. Each slot is very important so make sure you are getting the best out of each one. Often missed. Diggy’s Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide, Clash of Kings: The West Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide, Life Simulator 2016 Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Build a Perfect Life, XCOM 2 Collection To Release On Android in 2021, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night New Playable Character Announced. How do I change out my camp equipment on the mobile app version? There are two types of buildings you can put in your camp slots. I've cleared all of the mines listed on the wiki for Chinese journal pages, and yet I'm at 9/10 for the last entry.

This site is best viewed in a modern browser with JavaScript enabled. This page has been accessed 5,050,541 times.

You should never dig extra blocks unless you see a chest or jar hiding behind them. | The solution to all events! I was putting stones on the numbers themselves. ©2015 Pixel Federation Feel free to extend this article! Can’t find the last three quests in the Riddle of Anubis. Check out the enhanced gaming experience! 1.

Build Your Camp . Also, Robin Hood story was added to the shop and can now be found on the 'Stories' tab. Hi, i got all the pages that wiki shows untill dragon of wood. On PC/Web, Temple of the 5 Dragons is on the main map. I can’t open gate six on

If you can’t clear an entire level and only need a few more blocks, you most likely missed a hidden path. You can build nothing but energy regenerators if you plan on playing the game often. We’ll help you find some sweet treasure along the way with our Diggy’s Adventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide! Find ever more helpful tips & tricks in our help!

I stuck on the cottage full of gifts cant open the gates please help. Talking to the robot deciphered the last page and now I can move on.

Dear producers and makers, this week is especially right for you! Look here for the mines that have pages in them and then you will have to visit each one to see if you have it. Thank you so much for showing this . I’m going out of my mind trying to figure this out, I’m in the Halloween cave how do you line up the red and blue cables. His father was a renowned explorer and treasure hunter, but he’s gone missing so now it’s up to you to help Diggy find him! https://forum.pixelfederation.com/diggysadventure/d/181473-father-s-journal-piece, I'm in the same situation!

It requires 10 journal pages. ILLEGAL LUMBERJACK CAMP, 1 journal page 9/10 pages and everything is cleared. pixel_player37829120 have you figured it out yet? The second FATHER decoding quest, "Father's Trail in China," opens after the DRAGON OF WATER: "Winged Fishers" quest/Cormorant Lake mine. It requires 5 journal pages. Diggy's Adventure is available on Pixel Portal! Place stones near bookcase. LIBRARY OF WISDOM, 2 journal pages

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