The police and Crown Prosecutors are hired by the government to put the criminal law into effect.

Essay On The Difference Between Criminal And Civil Law . Since the public has an interest in having criminal law, we give the government the power to put it in place and enforce it. The maximum sentence a Magistrate can issue is 6 months and a ?

In other words, there is no logical or rational reason to doubt the defendant’s guilt. Senior Judges also have the power to create laws; these laws are known as precedents.

If crime needs extra punishment, the case is sent to Crown Court. The law with respect to the offenses or crimes committed against the society as a whole is criminal law. The prominence is more on written evidence than on oral presentation [7] .

Aims – hypothesis I believe that most people will be able to differentiate between criminal and civil law and they will have a clear understanding of how the law works. The Common law system is one of the most influential legal systems of the world. 1st Jan 1970 Law Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. They are both completely different sections of the Law that can be summed up in different ways. Are You on a Short Deadline? If we do not follow these guidelines known as laws we are at risk of punishment. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. While a defendant in a criminal case may be found “guilty” or “not guilty,” a defendant in a civil case is said to be “liable” or “not liable” for damages. This is not the case in civil law. The issues of law are often determined by a series of hearings. (Class Notes, 2009) There are currently thought to be approximately eight thousand crimes that can be committed in the United Kingdom. The police and Crown Prosecutor do their jobs for the public at large, not for you personally. From simple essay plans, through to full dissertations, you can guarantee we have a service perfectly matched to your needs. ” (Class notes, 2010. )

(Civil law cases, ND) In the past, most Civil Cases were tried by juries but trial by Jury in the Civil System is almost obsolete. Each of these areas covers different aspects of the law. Unlike criminal law; however, civil law is primarily involved with compensating victims. Now less than one percent of Civil Cases are tried by a Jury however the Supreme Court Act 1981 gives a right to Jury Trial in four types of case: libel and slander; malicious prosecution; false imprisonment and fraud. You can view samples of our professional work here. In Civil Law, you are awarded with a remedy if you successfully win a case against the defendant it is therefore said that the defendant has been negligent. The Judge will then do the sentencing. In criminal lawsuits the burden of proof is always on the state (i.e. Retrieved October 22, 2020, from, Save Time On Research and Writing.

This is when the defendant makes an undisclosed offer to the Claimant which results in no judiciary action being taken. Examples of common Civil Law claims include car accidents where the victim sues the driver that caused the incident, one business sueing another or personal injury claims. 1000 for a personal injury claim. Civil law is generally a dispute between individuals whereas Criminal law states what behaviour is acceptable or unacceptable as the case may be. But in civil cases there are no protections offered to defendants. On the other hand the Continental legal system has also started to rely on precedents, especially in German constitutional and French administrative courts. One way of looking at criminal law is that it is dealing with something of public awareness. (Class notes, 2009) Civil Law is a legal system set up to protect ordinary people in everyday activities. There are as many legal systems in the world as countries, but for academic reasons we classify them into three main categories: Continental (Civil, Romano-Germanic) legal system, Common (Anglo-American) legal system and Religious legal system. (Martin 2007, pg 51) The Civil Law court system is made up of: The European Court of Justice; House of lords; Court of Appeal (civil division); High court and County court.

Thus, this leads us to think that there is a possibility of the legal systems ‘converging’ together.

The Key Differences Between Criminal and Civil Law, A Flair for the Dramatic/Selfish Machines by Pierce the Veil. In order for the Jury to get a guilty verdict they must agree to 12-0, 11-1 or minimum 10-2. You can hire a private lawyer, and you will have to pay the expenses of pursuing the matter.

They do not need to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt.

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