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Like War Caster requires you to be able to cast one spell, but EK doesn't get that until level 3. Both have merits, but most builds i've seen tend to go for the dex based. Dex has accompanying skills, the checks of which are very common. Keeps your DPS high, mobility top notch, and adds some extra damage with SA. Dragonborn: Bonuses to STR are beneficial for Melee Fighters. Dex all the way. Criminal: [deception/stealth] Stealth and Thieves Tools are very solid mechanical choices, especially if you are running without a Rogue in your party. STR: As STR affects your Attack Rolls and Melee Damage, Melee Fighters need Strength above anything else. I *did* notice the missing Sharpshooter, but the rest is well-rounded and simply presented. These Arcane Shots only work with Shortbows and Longbows, ideally longbows. Even mechanically weaker skills can still offer a good benefit to the party as a whole. You're probably better off going for Dex, since it's so potent in 5e. Minotaur: Charging into battle with horns already sounds awesome. Why? Learn how your comment data is processed. These weapons are lighter, and do not require high strength to use effectively. - Single Choice. The perk is also pretty great, with tons of opportunity for it to shine in many campaigns. I’m just rolled my stats for my new character for a West Marches game I’ll be joining. Generally, bonuses to physical ability scores are key. This means that your bread and butter is going to be when Initiative gets rolled. Don't overlook niche races as well. CHA: Again, Fighters should typically leave the CHA skill for classes that will make better use of it (Warlocks, Bards, etc.). While Fighters are amazing at Fighting, some complain that they lack versatility outside of combat.

Dark-Vision is nice, proficiency in Intimidation will help you flex on other people, Relentless Endurance is a nice bonus, and Savage Attacks is just plain savage. Acrobatics and Performance aren’t bad skills to have, but they don’t really hit the typical Fighter. You have entered an incorrect email address! Samurai will give you Wis saves @ 7th. You're correct that a light and fast fighter, with good ranged attacks and dexterity checks, can be viable in combat. Required for Heavy armour and many martial weapons. So I might have more questions for you! I couldn’t help but notice you’re missing the sharpshooter subclass. Xihirli: Being a better target since 2015.

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