Very good report. United Launch Alliance Unfortunately, all good rockets must inevitably step aside for newer, more capable vehicles, and for Delta II, the end has been in sight for several years. In its 155 flights, the Delta II had only one complete failure and one partial failure, a 99 percent success rate that makes it one of the most reliable launch vehicles ever. Any chance of getting ‘lucky’? *We have had an anomaly* My brother in law was in the blockhouse that day. The second stage and payload flying of the disaster is so Kerbal. I remember the sliding doors coming off their tracks and the security guards running around not knowing what had just occurred… when we got on the boat we could see the smoke and fires still on the grounds…, I remember the LEGO set of that rocket, its what got me interested in rocketry from the beginning. 12.58 seconds before the rocket exploded?

Rockets fail because they don’t work well after exploding. They also described jumping under the desks in the blockhouse as the debris came down. Looking forward to future episodes! In the years since then, Delta IIs have launched NASA probes to Mars, Mercury, the moon, and asteroids, as well as 48 global positioning system navigation satellites through 2009 and commercial satellites for companies including Iridium and Globalstar. Cheers. I´m looking forward to the next episodes.

My friend Marc was a member of the launch team in the blockhouse during this event.
Scott, contact me if you do a report on the Delta 3000 #134 failure of Sept. 13, 1977. I assume the air heated up in the nozzle expanded enough to pop the cover off. Thanks Scott!

The integer overflow part is my favorite. Copyright © 2020 The Aerospace Corporation. I would like to see a video on how the self destruct system works. Absolutely awesome video, Scott! The Delta II rocket was a workhorse, with 153 successful launches and a bevy of wild scientific missions to its credit. The main payload on this final mission was NASA’s Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2, or ICESat-2, which will use laser pulses to measure the elevation of ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice, and forest vegetation. If your SRB has a hairline crack, you will not go to space today. If all the worlds ICBMs were launched what do you think the failure rate would be? The first GPS satellite was launched in 1978. They should blow up more often and, All Rights Reserved.
We better test them so that doesn’t happen.” I worked for McDonnell Douglas Delta program back in 1997. There is a reason why observers are kept a long way, away fron the launch.

Agent: I’m so sorry your car burned. And how about on the next one we do the Proton -M that crashed..

Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers play a critical role in space-based communication, but this high-powered technology needs to be handled with significant care.

Can you make a video on thrust vectoring systems and their differences?

Aerospace's team again relied on its technical excellence and dedication to mission... As a result of COVID-19, Aerospace engineers have pioneered new, innovative means of accomplishing laser alignment communications remotely, in compliance with new health safety guidelines. The explosion occurred when a damaged SRB casing ruptured and triggered the vehicle's flight termination system. Nobody was in the car. The most expensive fireworks display in history. They should have launched on new years… awesome firework, Imagine going to your car insurance after this happened. The Delta II rocket was first launched on 14 February 1989. Why have we shifted from multiple first stage boosters to only 2 of them… 1:35 – I hope their insurance covered that…, Should be an interesting series. The partial failure occurred on Aug. 5, 1995, during a launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station of the Koreasat-1 satellite. Did everyone get out of your car alright?

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