The hardest mature buck to hunt in late summer is the loner. Thankfully, there are many plants that you can add to your garden to keep those deer away. Following in the footsteps of his father, Guy has taken up the reins and is now at the helm of the Eastmans’ Hunting Journal and the Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal. Where I hunt in eastern, The moral of the story here is learn the habits of the bucks in your hunting area. Many factors come into play here. Where I hunt in eastern Montana, the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks was conducting a mule deer study about 10 years ago. Like the commercial says, “Don’t be like the naive Guy Eastman, there is a huge difference between an early-season buck and a late-season buck. A hunter on a Type B parcel can't afford to be very picky when it comes to choosing a day to hunt, because the optimum days to be in the woods are quickly fleating, narrow windows of defined opportunity. And if he has a loner personality, he’s decided he has no deer to take care of but himself. Mule deer will not coexist with domestic sheep, however. During the early season a buck will be in the “green” but as the foliage burns off and turns brown/yellow, the bucks will also change their diet up a bit choosing to browse on and gravitate to the brush and tender new fall growth. Over the years for better or worse, warm season deer patterns have taught me the potential of my Fall pursuits. This is where a big buck becomes very, very difficult to find and pattern. The result? Black-tailed deer are active at dusk and dawn. They’ll need to eat plenty of food to produce milk through the spring and summer. Just by using the info of our cameras, it’s easily apparent which type of deer we are dealing with. It turns out those old time deer hunters knew a thing or two about big bucks, hence the name “buckbrush.” Whenever I hunt a new area, I always look for large outposts of buckbrush near good cover and water. During September a buck usually finds a high basin or a rough secluded piece of country with good feed, usually a slice of mule deer habitat that is more open in nature. A common myth is that deer and cattle cannot coexist in most areas. The variety of Summer deer patterns that can be found from one parcel to the next, is often mind boggling. The Three Little Pigs is an old English fairy tale about three pigs that build three houses of different materials. But combining a fence and some deer-repelling plants can go a long way. The higher the % of Summer habitat vs Fall Habitat, the lower your potential for not only molding and shaping a quality deer herd, but for harvesting the target bucks that you are after. A December 2017 rifle hunt in north Texas proved the point. Usually at this time of year they aren’t bedding far from food. Be still. Current studies show that deer activity varies depending on temperature, moon phases and even barometric pressure. Though each herd eats a bit differently, gardening with deer nearby will require patience and experimentation to ensure that your garden can remain intact. Bucks do not have harems like elk. The process of scouting for big bucks is usually only lucrative for early-season hunts before the 15, of October. By the time a buck reaches 4 1/2, he’s physically mature. For that reason, the loner is usually the hardest buck to kill in early season. These seasonal changes in behavior are a very important factor to keep in mind when applying for a deer tag. Strategies to keep deer out of your garden in the summer. Bucks will move in the early-season if you're lucky enough to get some cool temps. Try to find a pattern. Rising barometric pressure is often, though not always, a sign that the weather is soon to clear and turn fair and sunny. I find this to be untrue; the cattle will often clear off the rougher browse, leaving the tender new growth available for the deer. Today, in increasingly suburban areas where whitetails and people live side-by-side, humans are the driving force on deer.

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