DB Shotgun

StandardGun RotationKill ConfirmedTypical ColorsWild WestRandomizerClown InfectionJuggernautCompetitiveAll WeaponsHackulaArcade None of this is possible with single-barrel shotguns, only with a double, whether S×S or O/U. Double-barreled shotguns carry two shells per magazine. "―Unit: Classified description. The DP-12 (referred to as the DBS in-game) is a double barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun that can only be obtained from Care Packages in BATTLEGROUNDS.

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This means that most rifles used for shooting shotgun shells uses normal barrels without rifling which makes them less e…

[citation needed], The early doubles used two triggers, one for each barrel, located front to back inside the trigger guard. The shotgun yields very high damage at close range, but has the drawback of a large spread, slow reload time, and very low range. Other sports, like sporting clays, give the shooter targets at differing ranges, and targets that might approach or recede from the shooter, and so must be engaged at differing ranges.

Shotguns which display higher mobility, including the Benelli M3 Mod 2 and the KelTec KSG, actually have lower mobility which is closer to that of the MP-133. Double-Barreled Shotgun (DBS) Note: A double-barreled shotgun … It will always do 100 damage on a bodyshot no matter how close or far players are from their target and does 114 on a headshot at any range. Despite being claimed to be a shotgun, the DBS is essentially a two-barrel cannon, and thus the gun has no spread, requiring an accurate shot to kill. The shell is loaded with a wad that acts as a wall, pushing the pellets or payload out of the shell cartridge. https://fortnite.gamepedia.com/Double_Barrel_Shotgun?oldid=196999, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. The Double Barrel Shotgun was a shotgun in Fortnite Battle Royale. Double Barrel shotgun now has a spread reduction of 15% while crouched. The DBS has a unique method of firing in that the pump is racked after every two shells fired, chambering the next two, making it excellent for dealing burst damage by peeking in and out of cover with each shot.

StandardGun RotationKill ConfirmedRandomizerJuggernautCompetitiveAll WeaponsHackula If you are unable to eliminate the enemy in 2 shots you should build some walls between you and your enemy, then build above them. This only applies to metal. However, it spawns as disassembled parts. The Double Barrel Shotgun appears to most specifically be based off a Stevens 311 Double barrel shotgun (sawed off, of course).

When it has been assembled, it becomes a weapon. Analysis: The IZH-43 is the only double-barreled shotgun which can fire in the "double-fire" mode. The Barrelwith the holder. The DB Shotgunis a side-by-side double-barrel shotgun with two shells at the ready. Shotguns (SG) are a type of weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS. Shotguns have traditionally fired iron, stone or lead shot stored in large shells that are normally loaded.


In season 5, the Legendary variant (With 150 damage per shot) was the fastest weapon in the Fortnite history with 285 DPS.

Note1: When using buckshot ammo, all shotguns have the same accuracy and recoil, regardless of what their statistics display. 11 (22) Note: All pump-action shotguns feature a pump-action. Discharging both barrels at the same time has long been a hunting trick employed by hunters using 8 gauge "elephant" shotguns, firing the two two-ounce slugs for sheer stopping power at close range.
This page was last edited on 15 July 2020, at 23:23. This will launch them into the air, but note that controlling in mid-air can be rather difficult, and also grants vulnerability to gunfire.
[1] In double-trigger designs, it is often possible to pull both triggers at once, firing both barrels simultaneously, though this is generally not recommended as it doubles the recoil, battering both shotgun and shooter, particularly if it was unanticipated or unintended. Unvaulted weapons that only spawn in Tilted Town: Unvaulted the Revolver and the Double Barrel Shotgun for the Wild West LTM. One of the advantages of double-barreled shotgun with double triggers or SST, is that the second shot can be taken almost immediately after the first with merely a second trigger pull, without needing to manually operate the action (which will inevitably destabilize the gun from the shoulder position and affect aim), and can utilize different chokes for the two shots (assuming, of course, that full power shotshells are fired, at least for a double-barreled shotgun with an inertial type SST, as needed to toggle the inertial trigger). Since they reduce the sound volume, earplugs are often used to help prevent hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing of the ears).


Since all shotguns have the same accuracy, recoil, and mobility, the only statistics which are important are damage, fire-rate, magazine size, reserve ammo, pellet count, pellet spread, and reload speed. A double-barreled shotgun is a shotgun with two parallel barrels, allowing two single shots to be fired in quick succession. The change from one barrel to the other may be done by a clockwork type system, where a cam alternates between barrels, or by an inertial system where the recoil of firing the first barrel toggles the trigger to the next barrel.

A bullpup style shotgun that can hold up to 14 shells of 12 Gauge lethality, it has by far the largest damage potential of any shotgun available in the game, countered by the fact that reloading that many shells will take an obscene amount of time. Some shotgun shooting sports, such as skeet shooting, use crossing targets presented in a narrow range of distance, and only require one level of choke. It was the first weapon to be unvaulted for the Winterfest event. Note, however, in neither the pump or semi-automatic will the second shot be a different choke pattern from the first shot, whereas for a double, the two shots are usually with different chokes. Since there is no reciprocating action needed to eject and reload the shells, doubles are more compact than repeating designs such as pump action, lever-action or self-loading shotguns. The fire rate is extremely … This is the signature weapon of the Beach Bum, Campbell, Rough Houser, and Slayer skins. The Double Barrel Shotgun made an appearance for 24 hours during the 14 Days of Summer event on July 5th after the unvaulting of the Bottle Rockets, and then being unvaulted permanently in Patch 10.00 Content Update, but was only available in Tilted Town.

When relaoding, the bullets being ejected and put into the barrels, if seen carefully, are actually rifle rounds. Damage Each barrel is only able to hold a single shell. The model is also taken from another one of. A single blast is enough to kill most people instantly in Free For All. Upper rail of the gun allows a Holographic, Red Dot Sight, and 2x to 6x Scopes.

The three parts are as follows: 1. All shotguns have fixed accuracy and recoil.

For the S×S configuration, the shotstring continues on its path to the opposite side of the rib after the converging point; for example, the left barrel's discharge travels on the left of the rib till it hits dead center at 40 yards out, after that, the discharge continues on to the right.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 10/25/20: Changed and reverted the recoil jump's knockback change. The DBS (also known as Double-Barreled Sniper) is an extremely powerful double-barreled weapon. Each magazine tube can hold up to seven 2.75-inch (70 mm) 12-gauge shotshells or six 3-inch (76 mm) shotgun shells. Double-barreled shotguns are classified as multiple barrel weapons, with two parallel barrels allowing two shots to be fired either consecutively or simultaneously depending on the model. The DB also grants you the ability to shotgun jump, providing a useful utility both into and out of combat. The Double Barrel Shotgun was a shotgun in Fortnite Battle Royale. Gamemodes The original double-barreled guns were nearly all S×S designs, which was a more practical design for muzzleloaders. Maximum effective range to deal damage with the DBS is 100 m. The DBS was first revealed in the datamined files on September 16th. The Double Barrel Shotgun was introduced in Patch 5.20 and vaulted in Patch 7.00, because filled a similar role to the epic and legendary Pump Shotgun and to reduce the amount of shotguns in the loot pool. Analysis: The Saiga Full Auto (FA) carries the most ammo per magazine of all variations of shotguns, with 20 shells per magazine. Since all shotguns have the same accuracy, recoil, and mobility, the only statistics which are important are damage, fire-rate, magazine size, reserve ammo, pellet count, pellet spread, and reload speed. It instantly kills no matter how close or far players are from their target and does 114 on a headshot at any range. I don't think this is a shotgun-"―Delinquent moments away from sending himself flying. Shotguns are most commonly smoothbore firearms, meaning that their barrels have no riflings on the inside, but rifled barrels for shooting slugs (slug barrels) are also available. Each shell fired from the shotgun via left-clicking will shoot out 12 pellets, dealing 12 damage per pellet at close ranges and 3 damage at long ranges. Magazine

In reality, such a gun would be uncontrollable when fired, as the recoil would tear the shoulder support off. With special loading techniques, it is possible to load both barrels simultaneously. Name Manufacturer Image Cartridge Country Year Akdal MKA 1919: Akdal Arms (Ucyildiz Arms A.Ş.) The Double Barrel Shotgun bears resemblance to a sawed off shotgun with double barrels, which may be why its bullet spread is very wide, considering that sawing off a shotgun greatly diminishes its range. It appears in every difficulty, like the Crossbow. The Player has to find the three parts and place them on the blueprint located at the Garageone by one. Instant burst firing mode, allowing for higher damage. 1 Summary 2 Update history 3 Data 4 Guides 5 Related Achievements 6 Navigation Shotguns are weapons designed to fire shell cartridges that are different from normal bullet cartridges. This article is a list of shotguns. 3-36 (6-41) Weapons are items used to deal damage to enemies. It can be performed by aiming down at the character's feet, jumping, and firing at the ground. DBS has two internal magazine tubes that allow the user to load up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds.

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