According to the arrest report for Wirtz, the fight began when Wirtz's wife did not take his side after he got into an argument with the neighbors about their garbage can.

"The Gala is also an opportunity for LGBTQ and allied Illinoisans to celebrate our historic wins and for Equality Illinois to share our vision for a more inclusive and affirming Illinois" Johnson said. 2020-10-29, Talkin' Tech: Trump campaign website hacked and defaced 2020-10-28, Talkin' Tech: Election technology; Pitfalls and triumphs explained 2020-10-27, Lilly Wachowski: Refuse Fascism, at the Ballot Box and in the Street, Major, Lindsey and Africa's Outlaws LGBTQ group hosts virtual panel, PASSAGES Activist John Chester remembered, LGBT HISTORY: The Intersection Of LGBTQ History And Disability, ELECTIONS 2020 Presidential contest is tight; LGBTQs make history, Jill Rose Quinn first trans elected official in Illinois; wins for Cook County Circuit Court Judge, Sarah McBride of Delaware first trans State Senator in U.S. history, Ritchie Torres to be first Afro-Latinx LGBTQ

The "we" in his plea for forgiveness referred to the company.

Daniel "Danny" Wirtz, 43, took over as Interim President of the Chicago Blackhawks on April 27, 2020 after serving as Vice President and alternate Governor to the NHL. She has worked with and supported Legal Council for Health Justice for over a decade and is currently a member of the Chicago Commission for Human Relations.

She doesn't feel anything.

ELECTIONS 2020 Presidential contest is tight; LGBTQs make history 2020-11-03, Jill Rose Quinn first trans elected official in Illinois; wins for Cook County Circuit Court Judge 2020-11-03, Sarah McBride of Delaware first trans State Senator in U.S. history 2020-11-03, Ritchie Torres to be first Afro-Latinx LGBTQ Rocky, age six, seated to the right of sisters Gail and Karey. Rocky, approximately two years old.

Responsible for the deaths of hundreds of prisoners, Mückter was wanted at the end of the war by the Polish authorities, but he was lucky: caught by the Americans, he had the Iron Curtain drawn across his past. For nearly half a century, the privately owned company was silent and secretive about the epic tragedy it created while earning a vast profit.

In 1968, when Grünenthal executives were put on trial and charged with negligent manslaughter and causing grievous bodily harm, deformity, and sickness through the selling of Contergan, the German brand name for thalidomide, Berger-Prinz spoke for the defense. With a go-ahead smile and close-shaven head, the Freiburg-born executive had arrived in January 2009, following the retirement of Sebastian Wirtz, the sixth generation to head the family firm.

Behind the scenes, it would trigger a father, son and brother-against-sibling drama of Shakespearean proportions.

"Chicago's hometown airline, United was one of the earliest U.S. corporations to prohibit discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and, later, gender identity.
Information keeps arriving, but time may be running out in the hunt to find the hard evidence to establish that thalidomide was developed or trialed in the death camps—a hard link that would surely embarrass Grünenthal into finally giving full compensation to its victims around the world.

But it was Mückter's work on anti-typhus vaccines trialed in the camps that Johnson believes may provide the link to thalidomide, a line he is pursuing for the book he is writing on the thalidomide story, provisionally titled The Last Nazi War Crime. It’s why many believe the Blackhawks went 49 years between Stanley Cup Championships. In 1946 the Wirtz family set up Chemie Grünenthal, a small-town company that would become a haven for labor-camp scientists and doctors looking for work as it developed drugs desperately needed in the war's aftermath. That night, Wirtz's wife went to bed with their 4-year-old daughter.

"Danny has been a long-standing ally of the LGBTQ community in Illinois," Pat DePoy, Equality Illinois Institute's Board Chair, said.

During the four years it was on the market, doctors prescribed it as a nontoxic antidote to morning sickness and sleeplessness—and it sold by the millions.

Within two years, an estimated million people in West Germany were taking the drug on a daily basis. Clearly a brilliant chemist, described as charismatic, even charming, he was Hitler's adviser on chemical warfare and had direct access to the führer—and committed crimes on a grand scale. Wirtz, who is worth over $500 million, inherited the team from his father and became owner in 2007. We proudly stand with Equality Illinois for the rights and protections for LGBTQ workers and their families.

Wirtz was booked into the Clark County Detention Center after being treated at a hospital for dog bites.

What is clear, though, is that the recent apology is not enough.

Stolberg is Wirtz town, a clutch of attractive buildings that sit snug in a green valley around a medieval castle on the eastern outskirts of Aachen in North Rhine–Westphalia. As a member of the Board of Directors, he also provides strategic counsel to its diversified holdings which include the Chicago Blackhawks, Breakthru Beverage Group, Wirtz Realty and banking interests in Illinois and Florida. At the outbreak of war in 1939, the family-owned company was in the hands of Hermann Wirtz, aided by his twin brother, Alfred, an engineer and fellow Nazi party member. Following Germany's invasion of Poland, he had worked with the SS on its population policy, deciding who should live and who shouldn't. Brandt, Germany's senior medical official during the war, was executed after he was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his involvement in medical experiments and procedures on prisoners and civilians. 2020-11-02, Attorney Knudsen speaks about Zoning Board appointment 2020-11-01, Study: LGB Republicans less connected to LGBT community than LGB Democrats 2020-10-30, Mayor Lightfoot announces election day safety plan 2020-10-30, LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus co-chairs bring resolution affirming court's marriage ruling 2020-10-30, Seth G.: Finding out what unites, divides while biking across America 2020-10-29, Pritzker administration grants $94M to Illinois businesses, communities 2020-10-29, Equality Illinois' virtual gala on Feb. 6

Find out more about Wirtz here.
Bill Wirtz’s decisions were questionable, especially his decision to not televise Blackhawks games for fear of dropping attendance figures — which actually backfired on him, big time.

Its prosperous air is due in large part to the family firm founded by Andreas Augustus Wirtz in the 19th century.

Having covered up so much of his own past, he could bring his skills to bear in attempts to cover up the trail that led from the production of thalidomide back through its hasty trials to any origins it may have had in the death camps. "He helped lead Breakthru Beverage to be among the strongest early corporate supporters of LGBTQ equality. Copyright © 1999-2020 Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Team, Inc. and the National Hockey League. At the time of Bill’s death in 2007, the 20,000-plus seat United Center was only averaging 12,500 for Blackhawks games.

Grünenthal also offered employment to Heinz Baumkötter, an SS hauptsturm-führer, the chief concentration-camp doctor in Mauthausen and Natzweiler-Struthof, and, most notoriously, from 1942 chief medical officer in Sachsenhausen. The family in their Winnetka home (clockwise from the top of the stairs): Rocky, Gail, Peter, Bill, Joan, Alison, and Karey.

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