We want to hear from you! Required fields are marked *. Adobe Illustrator makes it easy to create custom dotted lines.

Open a new project by clicking Create new... on the left of the main menu or drag and drop an image onto the workspace. And you'll notice that the look starts to change where every other dash is a different size and they start to change with respect to one another. You might like smaller dots or bigger dots. You looking to dash a line, you click Dash Line. Not with simply applying the dashed line to a stroke. You can change the orientation from front to back, back to front. We'll use the stroke window to apply the dotted line effect.
And right now, it's not showing all of our options. Drawing a triangle can be tricky for novice InDesign users. Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > ZigZag. So we can use our Up and Down Arrow keys, and you'll notice the smaller we get, the smaller the dashes get; the larger we get, the larger the dashes get; and the gap will stay uniform to the dash size. Then create another circle but bigger on the outside.

This may also be useful for pasting dotted path shapes into After Effects or other applications. So, if we only have 1 thing selected, this will apply to every dash that's on here. Illustrator doesn't align dashes based on the document grid, it's based on the line and nodes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

You'll notice that as it expands, you have a ton of other options. Learn how to create a dashed line with Adobe Illustrator from expert Will "Focus" Dubois in this Howcast video. And you'll notice that you'll get different variations. Draw a line using one of the Pen tools to draw the path of your dotted line. You may also be interested in our guide on how to disable the start screen in Adobe Illustrator. She enjoys retro gaming, 3D printing, and making awesome projects on the Raspberry Pi. Your email address will not be published. When you don't feel like editing the image in Photoshop, you can use this trick to crop. You've created a dotted line in Illustrator.
Since Effects in Adobe Illustrator are live effects, you can always change the value via the Appearance Panel. This mini-tutorial is for those who've often worked in Illustrator and have needed to turn a dashed line into individually selectable shapes. If the Dashed Line option isn’t showing, choose Show Options from the Stroke panel menu. Any version of Adobe Illustrator will work for this guide, but I'll be using Illustrator 2020 in the examples. Once you've adjusted your dotted line settings, click away from the line with the Selection Tool to leave the stroke in place. Turn on suggestions. We will now add some effects. Congratulations!

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