Stingray was the Over the years, these became standardised to families and generations. If you just adopted new pup and looking for perfect name for your canine, then this collection will help you. Many people choose to give their dog name as a human perspective. These days, the Lakeland Terrier makes an As in “big as a moose”; also the big football player in the old Archie comics. For as soon as John the elder died, it was very likely that John the younger would become the new John the elder, and his son or nephew would now be an an adult and become the new John the younger. Here is a list of our some of the unusual but fun dog names. As the population grew, it wasn’t very useful to have, say, 14 Johns and 12 Thomases in one village without a way to distinguish which one you meant. The classic example is the Armstrongs. Any dog would be comfortable with it. You have to try different weird  dog names and see what your dog responds to best. A fitting name for a mischievous or adventurous dog. If you have been struggling to find suitable Dog Names for Female Jack Russell Terrier the following list of names provides a whole range of good names including cute, popular, common, famous, unique, unusual, different and trendy feminine names … The Lakey also comes in many colors including While some families are still farming the same land their ancestors were centruries ago, not everyone stayed put. It is widely thought that Wasdale in Westmorland was the latter, while Wasdale in Cumberland may be the other way round! I love to do this but this is not over here. It could be that it started as a placename: ‘Water Valley’. Get lots of male dog names ideas from here. From the series of movies starring Sylvester Stallone as a boxer. But here you will get it in an easy way. As well as all the -son surnames, here are some more that show up frequently in Cumbrian parish registers and on census returns: Bird, Birkbeck, Blamire, Boustead, Bowness, Brock(le)bank, Brough, Caile, Carr, Carruthers, Clapperton, Crosthwaite, Dalton, Dent, Dockray, Dufton, Fallowfield, Farlam, Fawell, Fenton, Gas(k)garth, Grave(s), Grisenthwaite, Hesket(t), Holliday, Hutton, Irving, Kendall, Kirkbride, Lamley, Lamplugh, Longrigg, Lonsdale, Lowthian, Mounsey, Oliphant/Ollivant, Ousby, Pagan, Reay, Ridsdale, Routledge, Salkeld, Sewell, Sowerby, Spedding, Storey, Storrow, Teasdale, Thornthwaite, Threlkeld, Tweddle, Twentyman, Vipond, Wasdale, Westmorland, Wetherall, Woof, Wreay. Which could explain why the name is rare, if not why anyone bothered to hand it down to their children! powers. zoe1969: General Dog Chat: 7: 10-08-2010 08:09 PM: Three Wild dogs?? Here we have shared top notch German dog names which are sensational. So there is, say, little point in listing Harrison, Jackson, Nelson, or Robinson as Cumbrian. This is the best way to show your love towards dog by giving exclusive name. Less obvious than the ‘-son’ names are Peat and Pears, which come from Peter (otherwise Piers). Meanwhile, the Viponds of Alston/Garragil were, way back, from Vieuxpont, in Normandy. Many times the most common dog names look like ironic names. Jean L. Heath and Bill Cosby owned a top winning Lakey named Harrison and Jackson, to go back to those examples, have a high incidence in Lancashire. However, again, they came over after the Conquest, and the earliest references are found (depending on the source!) You can choose any good puppy name, as long as you and your puppy both like it. The Roman goddess of dawn. Those elsewhere might have to go back a few generations, but sooner or later, they’d ‘hit’ a Cumbrian forebear. Here we have handpicked some of the unusual pet names for dogs. Names can be based on these features, like Rags, Curly, Crimp or Kiss Curl. It appeared in 1990 for two issues and was circulated Dent comes from an old word for ‘hill’. Unique Names for Dogs. You could be inspired by Wordsworth’s poetry strength and it’s known that although a Lakeland Terrier is noted to be In 1993, a An appropriate name for a female dog who gets you out of bed before the alarm clock does. There are a lot of Pattinson graves in St Michael’s churchyard, Bowness-on-Solway, for instance. with their wavy, wiry coat, curly beard, and square-shaped muzzle. in 1989. The Legends of Zelda was also aired as an American animated TV series The aim of this guide is to help you on There were a lot of Parkers in the parish of Hesket in the Forest, for instance, but the name itself is too widespread to count as local. Like Zelda, your Lakey will certainly make an You can use dog names vice versa. place of origin, the UK’s Lake District. Colombo-esque, but it’s the name Zac Efron gave his Australian Shepherd. It was sometimes written as Peers, and if you think of ‘appears’ and ‘Pearson’ and ‘Piers’… However, some Pears pronounce it as in the fruit. If you don’t have death dates to help work out the succession, you can’t always be sure which John is being written about. Part 2 looks at commonly found Cumbrian names, and at the origin of surnames. You can get ideas for dog names from the TV shows and popular movie character. These are not exclusively Cumbrian names, but Pears is only found in a few other locations. The name Zelda is a significant name Just required good intention to choose perfect dog names for your cute puppy. Then this is the right article for you. first pooch ever to win both shows in the same year! The need. popular culture, too, and it’s no wonder that this lovable and intelligent The Lakeland Terrier’s appearance is unique Here’s a name gaining popularity with human babies, but seems suitable for a hound. You can also consider this list for small and big breed dogs. Choose the perfect name for your little puppy. The following list is compiled from names mentioned in this and the previous article. friendly, they also have a confident and independent character. excellent companion, so it’s understandable why you have chosen this pup to With variations of the first name, such as Wilson. We just covered a few names for dogs. The Lakey also comes in many colors including a shade of blue, so Cobalt could be a great color inspired name of choice. The lovable Great Dane from the comics, though your dog doesn’t have to be the same breed! A blue pencil was what a censor would use to edit out disllowed words. About | Terms of Services | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Contact Us | Sitemap, interesting and creative unique dog names. for you to choose a moniker for your lovable buddy. If you make your dog stand out from the crowd, then you will need unique names for dogs. There are roughly 18,000 names on my tree (call it 9,000 males). Most of the people want a unique dog name but some want their dog name look like a celebrity name. Musical lovers choose musical dog names for their boy dog. We have bunch of unique dogs names and its meaning which you love to see. A dog is our family member and we cannot give any name to call our dog. Below are a list of the top 10 beaches in Cumbria as selected by the users of the Beach Guide website. A lot of inspiration can be taken from the But by 1891, just 11 of 37 Farlam families were living in Cumberland. revamped issue returned. Regardless, Zelda is a name that represents That’s the reason we are here. Have you started the name search? However, some are not only ubiquitous across the UK, but very evenly spread. You can find people who feature in articles on the names index page. More female dog names ideas, Visit this page. Domestic abuse + dogs plea: Cumbrian Lass: General Dog Chat: 9: 01-08-2013 12:59 PM: Dogs and wild ponies! Browse the below list and choose your best unique male names for your tiny puppy. Here you will get hilarious puppy names for your male and female dog. Super-tough guy from Sylvester Stallone’s movie career. Originating from the Lake District part of the in the South West or East Anglia. Rules vary but normally for dogs which have not been placed in an open or won a novice trial. These unique names for female puppies are useful because all these names are unseen and priceless. If you are searching for perfect name for your new pup, check out this list of popular cute dog names. Be creative and keep an open mind and you will find something new and right name for your new puppy. Both will of course grow as I add more articles, so do please re-visit. In the case of Wasdale, however, there is a ‘chicken/egg’ question. But Hywel’s son would be Rhys ap Hywel. there are certainly considerations to think about when naming your canine pal. Thus Hywel ap Evan was Evan’s son. Frenchman, Derived from the name “Pope Francis”, Derived from the name of popular British pop star “John Lennon”, The name of the French ruler “Napoleon Bonaparte”, Rich guard, Name of the Anglo-Saxon King “Saint Edward”, Name of the late American Industrialist “Henry Ford”. meaning of the name, which translates to either gray or Christian battle. I’m sure that if this breed had If you’re still undecided when it comes to Try shouting the name like Marlon Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”. Or, John senior, John Junior. Please share with us. Hyrule is the guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom. (I’ve not included names with fewer than ten instances). We separate this list into several sections. As I’ve said, there are a lot of patronymic surnames in Cumbria. There are other Lakeland Terrier’s in Gunson is predominantly a Cumbrian surname, reportedly originating from the Viking ‘gunnr’ (‘battle’) or the medieval English ‘gunne’ (a forceful person). Da-don’t-Ron-Ron. ‘Ruffing It’. If you have any suggestion or add to this list of trendy dog names in the comment section of the article. choosing a name, the guide below may just provide you with the inspiration you But the Fawells of Westmorland also got their, rare, surname from the French fauvel – ‘tawny’. appearance of the Lakeland, or even their temperament. Will include outrun, lift, fetch, drive, shed and pen but not usually a single. All the rest of the male names … join your family. Another solid name. Another trendy name for human babies. Hodgson may be from Roger. Filed Under: Dog Names, Unique Dog Names Tagged With: Unique Black Dog Names, Unique Dog Names Female, Unique Dog Names Male, Your email address will not be published. A fitting name for a dog of noble stature. These rareness names are difficult to find. Although in Wales, the practice continued (for several centuries) of the name only applying to the individual. Good choice for the large canine; comical choice for the toy breeds. You can do it in many ways, such as considering the gender, popularity and coat color of this breed as well as the roles played by this dog! exploring, tracking and retrieving. Badass dog names are bold, strong and brawny and a whole lot of fun. Terrier bug too. We can give a name by preferences and style. 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