I did not have any issue with 90% of the staff. This is the property on North State St. I’m trying to gauge how important it is to others here to see the inside again as I’m thinking about documenting it. I’ll never be the same and I feel an obligation to make sure other kids don’t have to be trapped in these prisons where restraint, belittling, or cruel punishment are an every day occurrence.
Its pathetic how they make your family not trust you and not believe your stories about the abuse. “Female student mistreated at Utah & Jamaica” – Lyndsay, 1999, “A story of teen sex abuse & mind control in teen prisons” – Anon, 1993, https://www.facebook.com/groups/wwaspsurvivors/, https://photos.app.goo.gl/rBdUCYeqz4ad92VC7, Youth Foundation Closes Amid Scandals, Lawsuits | WWASP Survivors, Tweetstorm to Shut Down Logan River Academy Today | My Cult Life, 416.

I too suffered a lot of social anxiety/agoraphobia from that place, but I can’t imagine what it must have been like for either of you. I was in an RTC in Hurricane two years ago (which cannot even be compared to the abuse of any WWASP school, but also completely endorses the regular treatment, borderline if not outright abusive dehumanizing bullshit) and we drove past this building twice a day every day on the way to school. I too was in Cross Creek from Memorial Day weekend 2004-December 2005. lost a shit ton of weight because i refused to eat. Hope all is well with you.

I would have killed myself. Luckily I was there in 8 months some people was lucky like me served a minimum of 6 to 10 months other kids was there forever for fucking years no opposite sex no communication with females I got in trouble given tapes in tape room which is a cruel agonizing room where u listen to the monotone tapes and just rotn basically just because I had relations with a girl there I took the blame for her cause she was close to graduating the program. I was there 2002-2003, was in group 4 with Thane. It’s hard to grasp the fact that we were all there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cross Creek Programs was a reform school facility in La Verkin, Utah, operated by the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS).

The Food was the most disgusting food I’ve ever ate. Not jail for DUI straight convicted felons of violent and extreme crimes. When did all of this start happening I was never mistreated or anything while I was there but I was in Norms group and then they moved me to B group with Brent I think his name was. Leave any and all comments. No wonder he was NOT helpful about the complaints against these Utah facilities.

But it was because I was terrified with the threats of “we will send u to jamaica if u don’t comply, where they can keep u till 25 and have rights to do way worse things” or ” we spoke with your parents and if you don’t stay we are going to go to court and take away ur rights till 25.” So I kept my mouth shut and played the game. I was there for 14 months around 2006, and stayed after turning 18 and graduated, and I want to sincerely apologize to anyone I participated in putting down or preventing from going home. I was there from oct. 16th 2002 to June 24th 2004 in group 5 with Craig Hanson as well. You must have been a good little slave, and i bet you got off to belittling your peers when they gave you upper level status. I’m so hyped someone is writing a screen play I have always been told from others that cross creek sounds like something from a twisted movie. Independent of Cross Creek, she serves on the boards of directors for MEDNAX, Inc. (NYSE:MD) and ARUP Laboratories. To everyone who spent time at this facility- I hope these pictures and videos can bring you some sort of closure. Karr Farnsworth have served many roles for WWASP in the many years he has been involved in WWASP. If anybody, especially those I was there with, need someone to talk to, please get in touch. Seth S. Group 7. Ron Garrett is a bitch ass nigga. I remember constantly having some kind of foot fungus.

Learn how your comment data is processed. miller.mDOTdaveATgmail.com, I will be getting access to the inside of the property that Cross Creek was located on. I couldn’t have imagined what was on the other side.. Some were doing it because night shift was simple, they were old, but wanted something to do. The carpet, furniture, counter-tops, and even some of the motivational type posters are still on the wall.

Omg it is you Doug. It terrifies me to recal how insane this place made me, when I was unable to speak to anyone for weeks at a time while in silence for too many categories. I went to cross creek in 2006 but got kicked out and sent to Distant Drums. Farnsworth met Litchfield when both worked at Provo Canyon Schools. None of this is due to cross creek I will never see how this helped my life. @ cross creek from 04-06.

That’s good to hear man. Part 1 of 3 part series of portions of Mike and Carla P.'s deposition regarding the rescue of their son from Cross Creek torture facility in Utah.

Also, Cross Creek or “Browning Academy” was not an accredited school. I remember that day they told me if I left I would most likely die. I act like it never happened. The Sociology textbook was modern and really interesting.

Then walked when I was 18. Anyone remember the kid that went on hunger strike and had a tube up his nose? I hate that man still till this day. © 2019 Cross Creek.

When I came to the top of the stairs, I noticed that all the “classrooms” in that corner of the building had signs on the that said “storage”.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I was in group 4 with thane for all of 2006. God this place was the worst – I still partially hate my parents for it. It has been on my mind a lot recently. Many of the staff had dreams to get rich and own nice cars and big houses. [1], In 2006, a lawsuit was filed against Cross Creek and other defendants, alleging widespread physical and psychological abuse of the teenagers sent into their programs. I have tried contacting years ago with no response. I know that I was drugged up with massive antidepressants and sedatives, which I still have abuse issues with. I remember that shitty tape room, listening to the same tapes over and over filling out those stupid sheets. Eating a pop tart taking little rat bites so I could make it last all movie. Shit still haunts me to the day the things i saw go on there. How do I get my records from the ccm? I literally told the charlatans that ran those seminars 5 different times that it was all bullshit and got kicked out. Your name sounds familiar, Rob, when were you at CC and what group were you in?

It seemed like when I turned 30 this year, I started to think about things more again.

[2], The school ("Cross Creek Academy") is educationally accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission. It seems like you still don’t know what to think.

What’s up Jeff ball, Ryan hall, who was the upper level dude who played guitar? its not possible since there is nobody to reach out. Then went to group 10 when that was made.

He would flip out for no reason at all, and was a danger to himself and others. Colin, chase woods(later randomly bumped into him in Richmond Virginia) therapist craig, jeff. I played there game and worked up the level system.

Having your freedom and humanity stripped away from you like that, leaves a scar. The Cross Creek Programs, often referred to Cross Creek Manor for the girl’s program and Cross Creek Center for the boy’s program were (and still is) operated by the controversial World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (and Schools) WWASP(S).

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