In surgery with Thomas, he confessed having googled her but continued to teach her when she told she preferred to talk about medicine. He said he was perfectly able of threading a catheter, so she dared him to prove her wrong.

Cristina then got in her car and drove off to Minnesota. She dragged her to an on-call room and said they needed to dance it out one last time. They held hands as they both cried and kissed each other to show that they still love each other, even though their marriage ended. The doctors had to decide unanimously, but taking the settlement would mean there wouldn't be an investigation. Cristina begged Meredith to not watch saying that it would distract her; implying that Meredith's pain would be the thing that would push her over the end. Esperaba que fuera diferente, más estable después, pero eso la ayudaría a tener TEPT.

She asked him why he made the unilateral decision about their marriage, but he simply asked her why she didn't dare to ask for a divorce when moving across the country. This meant it was over for the hospital. Yet, she managed to be a straight A student through college and ended up graduating top of her class at Smith College, Berkeley, and Stanford. Because she talked to Russell about it like, he asked. This outraged Cristina, who hated the fact that her love life could have such a large impact on her work life. He told her not to worry about his employment and drove her home to get a good night's sleep before the second surgery on their patient. She hugged Derek on her way out.

New York Magazine aplaudió la historia del aborto de Cristina, comentando que la serie "fue lo suficientemente valiente para hacer lo que casi ningún otro show haría: mostrar éste particular, totalmente legal, procedimiento médico en televisión abierta". One of the lawyers followed her and convinced her a statement of her could benefit all of them, so she told him her shoulder hurts sometimes and that she may have had some PTSD. She finally started talking about what happened during the four days they were in the woods.

Cristina was startled, and the two started to avoid each other again, until one day Cristina found him sitting on the doorstep outside her building. Cristina and Alex lived together for a period of time. Before the plane crash was going to be investigated, the plane company offered the group of doctors a one-time settlement. Burke encouraged her to confront her feelings, and she burst into the trauma room and insisted that the doctors try to revive Meredith again. However, during a conversation with Meredith, Cristina found out that Owen only asked for a divorce because it would benefit the doctors in the lawsuit. Fue interpretado por la actriz Sandra Oh, quien ganó varios premios por el papel, incluyendo el Globo de Oro y el Premio del Sindicato de Actores. They had their first big fight after Richard Webber blamed Cristina for knowing about the interns' secret meetings and Meredith did not defend her. Cristina admitted she was just fleeing from Seattle, where horrible things kept happening to her. Cristina ended up pregnant after a sexual encounter with Preston Burke.

Owen and Teddy thought that some cutting would jumpstart her recovery, bring the old Cristina back to the surface, but instead she had a PTSD episode in the OR. She allowed him make the decision on how they'd continue the surgery, and he chose the risky move, which she pulled off successfully. However, Cristina apologized to Meredith and the pair soon became fast friends. The other doctors wanted her to use her recent success in the medical community to appeal new surgeons and investors for the hospital. He got them some good booze and requested they finally started talking to him.

[27], During a board meeting, Jackson told the other board members that the CDC, which was brought in to examine a post-operative infection that spread among 3 of Bailey's patients, asked them not to discuss the investigation with Bailey, so they had to avoid her that day. Following Burke's departure at the altar, she is devastated and remains so for a long time. She informed she had no idea when Paul could be transferred out of the CCU, which Owen hoped would be soon as Ethan started freaking out.

Cristina and Craig Thomas worked together, with her constantly making jokes about his age. Russell arrived and simply stated Cristina made a good call. She thought he was bringing her onto the trial, but understood he was only pitching her. What he needed from her was 12 million dollars to keep it going.

Owen was very pleased with this, thanking Cristina with a passionate kiss. Cristina even opened up to Owen about the death of her father, an event that drove her to do surgery and be the best. When the latter died, Cristina and Owen went to tell Stephanie. Cristina Yang became a surgical intern at Seattle Grace after graduating from medical school. She pointed out Cristina changed, even though Cristina didn't think so. She continued operating with his advice in her mind. She turned out fine at the hospital, where Meredith told her about her move to D.C. and Arizona informed her that a heart had become available for Link. They proceeded to have sex.

Advirtió que si Cristina continuaba operando, la mataría. She settled down in Burke's former office and decorated it with pictures of Meredith, Derek, and Owen. La revista Cosmopolitan, describió a Yang como "Un Personaje Revolucionario", destacando su habilidad de romper con los estereotipos, asegurando que "Yang fue una de las primeras mujeres de la televisión en demostrar que las mujeres realmente pueden conseguir todo lo que se proponen... y no exactamente la exhaustiva definición de "todo", en donde la mujer tiene al hombre perfecto, hijos, familia, una carrera y un matrimonio exitoso y probablemente una mascota, sino la verdadera definición de "todo", en la que luchas con dedicación por todo lo que te propones y lo consigues sin importar lo que los demás piensen de ti.". I like to think about them whenever I'm feeling down, as they not only showcase her character but also provide principles to follow throughout life. She said they needed to dance it out one more time, which they did.[48].

They devised a covert partnership to hide Burke's tremors from the other doctors. He gave her an orientation packet and formally welcomed her to the hospital. Cristina asked Lexie about her condition, and she replied that her legs and pelvis were crushed and that she was not sure her left arm was still there. He was a whole head shorter than her, but he was very smart. from Stanford University, where she graduated first of her class and with a 4.0 GPA. Tras la mala experiencia sexual de George O'Malley con Grey, Burke lo invita a vivir a su casa y Cristina al ver que se llevan muy bien se siente celosa; Cristina se desviste y pasa frente a George para que este se vaya y ponerle un ultimátum a Burke, volviendo su relación aún más tensa. At a bar, she and Craig were having a drink. Owen was upset with Cristina and so went out for a drink with a patient's friend.

As suspected by most of the attendings, Cristina took the lead in the OR right until she accidentally administered epi to Alex, arresting his heart. She eventually agreed to move in with Burke, but secretly kept her old apartment. Cristina is one of the "Seattle Grace Five". He revealed he once had been in a plane crash too, and he never talked about it. Owen tried to attack and apprehend the shooter but he himself was shot. She replied she would go home because she was his doctor, not his family. Cristina met Owen to have him sign off on her surgery and she asked him why she was here, as he pushed so hard to have her back but still didn't seem to want her here. Título(s) She just didn't want him to hear a rumor. She assured him she only made the decision in the best interest of her patient and, just like him, wanted Ethan to see his dad again. Meredith said it looked kinda cute though, which Cristina did not like hearing. She returned to work the next day after her days off, where she faked a story about having visited the Mall of America. Luckily, Dr. Thomas soon came to pick her up and he gave her a danish, accompanied with the scans of a huge aneurysm they were going to operate on together. [15], On the day of Bailey's wedding, Owen informed Cristina that the lawyer put together the divorce papers, which he'd send tomorrow. Meredith soon woke up, and an overwhelmed Cristina happily told Meredith that she was getting married to Burke, and Meredith was the one person she wanted to tell. Colin Marlow (exnovio). After the procedure, she was completely impressed. When comparing Cristina to drinks, Mark called her a cheap wine.

She worked with him in neuro for a while. There are no teams here, no buddies. The relationship begins to blossom, with glances across rooms and stolen touches, like a Victorian romance novel, inspired by Ellis Grey's Journals, but they soon hit another roadblock when Owen's ex-fiancé turns up at the hospital and it is revealed that Owen broke up with her in a two-line email. Su madre se casó con el padrastro de Cristina, el Dr. Saul Rubenstein, un cirujano oral, cuando Cristina tenía tres años. Jerry, the pilot, told them that the rescue team should be there in four hours. She stated she wanted to be Alex's health care proxy, but it's unknown if steps were taken to have this officially confirmed. Russell overheard her saying this and was glad to hear her say that, thinking he had just the right procedure for her. Just remember, “He is not the sun, you are.” Cristina showed up at Ethan's room and assured him that they were trying anything to wake up his father, telling him not to give up on his father.

When Cristina went back to Meredith's room, Meredith noticed something in Cristina's hair, which an ashamed Cristina quickly covered up. Alive Información Profesional

That evening, the ER was closed and Cristina comforted Owen, who was sad as there was no more trauma department in the hospital. She couldn't believe it at first, but it was the truth: he was seriously offering her a hospital. He avoided the question, but she knew he felt that way with Ethan.

He told her Ethan spent the night on the peds ward to keep social services away and that Ethan's grandmother was coming today. Cristina is a graduate of Smith College. Alex informed them the hospital was following apart after they quit, as a lot of staff members followed their example. On the first day of the internship, she hit it off with Meredith Grey. To her own surprise, Cristina insisted on sticking together and helped prevent the truth from coming to light. Cristina is incredibly focused and driven (even more so than the others) and is always excited about the chance to scrub in on a surgery.

Cristina left her spot on the Hospital Board to Alex Karev. Cristina replied saying that she gave up her apartment twenty minutes ago. She found it hard to work in peds, unwilling to play games, and when she was asked to get a chocolate pudding, she ate the last one. Burke later confided to Cristina about his hand tremor, and she told him that no-one has to know.

He said they were all so polite and didn't dare to say anything directly. She stepped into the light and waved to get the pilot's attention. Cristina went to her room and commented it was typically her to go into labor during a super storm. This brought him to his second point: they were reopening the ER so they would be a level 1 trauma center again. After surgery, she met up with Richy Rich and flired with him some more to get him to give her check.

Cristina sat down and started staring in front of her while mourning the loss.

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