They’ll hold you up for days on end. Some songs LEOs like or songs related to police officers. "The Good Guys" is available to download for a donation at Reacting to a mini-craze for country records about truckers, starting with Dave Dudley's 1963 hit "Six Days On The Road," Capitol country producer Ken Nelson, who also produced Buck and Merle Haggard, tapped Simpson to record trucker albums for the labels. We do not have a system today in which the good officers can cull the bad ones from their ranks. 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You can download the song by visiting and if you need any more encouragement visit the blog of stories contributed by family members of those killed in the line of duty. Make you think you’re there to stay.”. He finally received his first win in 2009 with Best Album for Troubadour and he also became the ACM artist of the decade in that same year. I’ve provided a lot of advice and redressed a lot of wrongs, and I must say that what you’ve posted makes perfect sense. Honky Tonk Time Machine is set for release on March 29. Last year he recorded a song he wrote, "The Good Guys" - about badges, bravery and helping the public. I’m going to go ahead and assume you think George Zimmerman is completely innocent, too. George serves as a sort of narrator in the song, relaying the events in the life of a 15-year veteran of the police force. “So, that was one of those things I thought was a real important message especially these days and times.”, In addition to his new album containing such an impactful song as “The Weight of the Badge,” the collection also features his hit, “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar.”. The song was written by Paul Davis & Derik Schumacher and Derik also Co-produced the song with Charlie Craig. “I’m for law and order, the way that it should be. .home #headmain { It is interesting to take these songs contrast them with works in the hip-hop/rnb community they deal with the same subjects just different specifics. The Man Behind The Badge (1966) by Bakersfield country singer Red Simpson, who died in January at 81, is one of the rare album-length salutes. The vast majority of the time a policeman uses lethal force, the ensuing investigations prove that the force was authorized and justified. 11:24 am. Sorry, but I’m not getting on that wagon. Many people hate cops because it is convenient for them. 10 for longest list with good lyrics in the song. Plant the Seeds for Comprehensive Fitness Today! Update: song name-author. August 18, 2014 @ From Kris Kristofferson’s first, self-titled album from 1970 which also included iconic Kristofferson-written tunes like “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” “Me & Bobby McGee,” and “Help Me Make It Through The Night,” “The Law Is For Protection of the People” is arguably Kristofferson’s most powerful counter-cultural, anti-authoritarian statement of his career. The song was written by Paul Davis & Derik Schumacher and Derik also Co-produced the song with Charlie Craig. Required fields are marked *, Download Jack Digliani's Newest Critical Incident Handbook Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. I live in Nebraska, and we take children out of their homes and put them in group facilities and foster care at one of the highest rates in the nation. (Click the Image Below), Visit the Veteran Association's National Center for PTSD, Copyright 2019 Cops Alive | Police Wellness and Resilience to Stress – Career Survival. 8:06 pm. BREAKING NEWS: TAYLOR SWIFT HAS JUST CAME OUT AS A POP ARTIST. Therhodeo bobsled 50 down to 30, oh man, oh man.”. My good friends at C.O.P.S. Waylon’s the man. Speaking out about the difficulty felons find in the world after they’re released from jail, this classic country tune was the title track off of Merle’s fourth album released in 1968. a Safe Call Now Poster,, Serve & Protect First Responder Chaplains, Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention "In Harm's Way", QPR Suicide Triage Training for Law Enforcement Personnel, Crime in American Crime Stats, Crime News, Crime Prevention, Police Mental Health Emotional Kevlar for Cops, Chief Scott Silverii's Blog Bright Blue Line, Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Update 2020, First Responder Health – Thinking Outside the Box, Managing The Trauma Suffered In Law Enforcement. }. “Last year, me and Bubba, Tamara and Harvey, everybody Norma, and even Jilliann, I think were there, and I had security, I had an officer who was talking to Harvey and letting him play with his badge and hold it and pinning it on his shirt. CLICK HERE to download I don’t think Zimmerman was without fault, but since he was acquitted by a jury of his peer by our justice system’s due process, it’s safe for you to assume that I don’t believe he is guilty of murder. Lethal force certainly wasn’t necessary in those cases. Over the years, Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Jason Isbell and Alabama Shakes have recorded there among countless others. “And I leave here a wiser, weaker man. My good friends at C.O.P.S. Source(s):

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