The benefits remain the same, however, giving fantastic calorie- and fat-burning potential without putting too much stress through your joints. Therefore, your body stays cooler and, as a result, you’re able to work harder for longer periods of time. Aqua Aerobics classes are a great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the wondrous benefits of water. In this class, you’ll use floats and weights to help build muscle tone and stamina. These are  similar to standard aqua classes, with additional swimming elements and make for a more intense workout. One of the great benefits of aqua classes is that you can go at your own level, without any pressure to push yourself too hard. This makes them great for people with mobility issues as the water supports the joints, allowing you to get stronger without putting yourself at risk of injury, as well as helping recover from injury. A new age version of aqua aerobics that will Aqua Aerobics Classes Aqua aerobics classes offer you a great way to stay fit without aggravation or risking injury. Aqua Aerobics Move your aerobic workout into the pool. This will slow your movement down but you will get a much better fitness result. Phasellus non risus libero. Take the first step of your healthy New Year’s resolution by joining in on our summer aqua fitness timetable. This means you’re far less likely to have to endure any joint pain compared to, pounding the pavements running. You’ll burn more calories and feel more benefits and will need to be a confident swimmer to take part. There’s a great variety of aqua classes to choose from, including aqua aerobics. This is, once again, thanks to the resistance offered by the water, helping strengthen your joints and the muscles around them without putting anything like as much stress through them. Using the resistance of water automatically increases the intensity of your workout, helping to increase your strength, flexibility and your overall health. Included with your Swim Membership is The Swim Smooth Guru. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aqua aerobics and other aqua fitness classes are some of our most popular group fitness classes. Aqua classes are exceptionally popular, with thousands taking part every week. I don't like the treadmill, but I use it. This class mixes a variety of cardio and strength exercises. Move your aerobic workout into the pool. Meanwhile, other elements will be focused on cardiovascular exercises. The class is split into smaller groups to complete different exercises each, before moving on to a different workout. There are loads of benefits to giving aqua classes a go. In the water, your heart rate is around 10-15% less than it is out of it, due to the increase in pressure. And… it’s fun! One of the key benefits of aqua classes is that they are accessible to everyone, irrespective of their fitness levels, confidence or swimming ability. Nulla a sapien tincidunt, convallis nunc vitae, iaculis lectus. Olympic swimmer Keri-Anne Payne takes you through the equipment used in an average aqua aerobics session in the video below. Not only will it help you burn off extra calories, but it does it in a way that’s gentle on your joints. Meanwhile, making use of extra floats can also offer extra support. The first thing you’ll get is a great all-over workout. This will depend on the style of class, but the best place to stand is where the water comes up to your mid chest. This is a 20 minutes workout cut into two 6 minute video clips. Aliquam a quam ut enim facilisis gravida. Ut quis fermentum dolor, in mollis lacus. The class is a fun way to shape up while exercising in an environment that puts less strain on your muscles and joints. In truth, however, none of these are true. Getting started with aqua is simple. Aqua jogging classes are usually held in deeper parts of the pool than other aqua classes and require a couple of pieces of equipment to do properly – water shoes and a flotation belt, the latter of which helps keep you upright in the pool. You’ll also use new equipment like aqua dumbbells, kickboards and hydro discs. It only takes a few aqua aerobics sessions and you’ll see a big difference in your overall fitness. They all concentrate on working different parts of the body, depending on what you want to achieve. No matter what your age, ability or experience aerobics class is an inclusive activity suitable for everyone. If you want to find out more about the activities you can enjoy at our centres, then this is the place to be. Quisque vel pellentesque diam. Activities If you want to find out more about the activities you can enjoy at But there are added bonuses when you exercise in water. They offer a great range of benefits, without many of the drawbacks of intense exercise classes. Alongside substantial benefits to your physical health, aqua classes are also great for your mental health. Aqua classes have more health and fitness benefits than most other group fitness classes and participants typically burn between 400 and 500 calories in each session. See what aqua classes BlueFit has lined up for Lambton Swimming Pool. This is a full body workout that will improve your circulation, promote muscle toning, improve cardiovascular efficiency and enhance relaxation. Morbi pulvinar sem tortor, aliquet suscipit erat sollicitudin sed. Fighting against the push of the water activates your muscles, Water pressure helps put less strain on the heart by moving blood around the body, The impact of gravity is less in the water allowing a greater range of motion, Working out in water helps prevent overheating, helping you exercise for longer. This means you won’t hurt as much afterwards and will also help with all sorts of other fitness targets. Vestibulum lobortis turpis purus, sed rutrum dolor mattis in. It is not often you can say that about a workout. Yes, that’s right; you still sweat in the water, so it’s important you stay hydrated throughout the session. This class usually begins with a variety of exercises, followed by strength and conditioning exercises using woggles or dumbbells. Although the exercise may look gentle, aqua classes are actually among the most effective for burning calories and fat. Everything you need will be provided by your pool for use the lesson. As a result, you can do more exercise thanks to this lower heart rate, while it also reduces your blood pressure while exercising. Just because you are surrounded by water, it doesn’t mean you’ll stay hydrated. As with any exercise you should avoid sudden dramatic temperature changes immediately after an aqua session. Being in the water means that all your joints are supported much more than they would be on land. These can be anything from believing that it’s the easy option and only for unfit participants, all the way to considering it only suitable for older people. Most people will burn between 400 and 500 calories during a typical session, depending on how intense you are being. Using the resistance of water automatically increases the intensity of any movement you make, helping to increase strength, flexibility and your overall health. Meanwhile, this extra support also helps in the avoidance of osteoporosis in later life. Here you'll find content that gives you hints and tips on how stay fit and healthy at home. Furthermore, each class can be taken at your own pace, so regardless of your fitness levels, you can either really go for it or take it more gently until you’re up to speed. Here you'll find everything there is to know about our award-winning swimming lessons. Aqua aerobics & aqua classes are a great way to get fit, lose weight and build stamina. Water supports the body, putting less stress on your joints and muscles, Working out in water helps build strength. Aenean finibus metus justo, scelerisque euismod metus semper vitae. Aqua Aerobics uses the natural resistance of the water to give you a valuable hour of exercise. You don't need to be a swimmer but you do need to be confident in deep water. Whether yo... Whatever you need to know about our gym services, you can find here. To get the best results keep your arms legs and core strong and tight as you move. As well as helping you burn calories, lose weight, tone muscles and improve stamina, aqua classes can also help you become more flexible and improve your range of movement. SET GOALS AND LOG SWIMS ON OUR JUST SWIM APP. Nulla ultricies convallis ipsum, ac semper sapien sollicitudin non. Aqua Aerobics (45 min) – Low impact water session designed for all ages that will improve muscular tone, cardio-respiratory endurance, fitness and flexibility in a social environment. These include hot/cold showers or using steam or sauna rooms as these can make you dizzy and unwell. You don’t necessarily need to be able to swim for most aqua classes and if you’re less confident, you should stand in slightly shallower water and stay closer to the edge of the pool. Here, you can find out more about the fitness products we offer, including the likes of our group fitness classes.You'll... Find out everything there is to know about the fantastic range of parties we offer. Aqua Aerobics classes are a great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the wondrous benefits of water. This means that if you’re new to exercise, or just getting back into it after a long lay-off, then you can gradually work harder each session. These include improving your flexibility and range of movement, as well as helping to fend off osteoporosis. Get the latest updates and offers in your inbox. Not all these classes are available at all of our centres that have swimming pools, so please check with your specific centre to make sure your preferred class is available. We offer aquatic classes three times per week under the guidance of our fabulous Instructor Evelyn McColl.

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