GC Quails Nest Brantini Not Now. Quails Nest, home of beautiful curly Cornish Rex, is located in Central California. The term Rex as applied to the Cornish Rex is used to denote unusual fur. Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby & White 1. For donations via check, please email them. Cornish Rexes are youthful, athletic, playful, and intrepid. More often than not animals are bred under truly horrible conditions. ......................................................................... All the cats get top quality food and before they can eat, the babies get special formulas. Sire: GC Quails Nest Elwood The costs involved make profits all but impossible. Blue-Cream Female. Rescue Me! Each receives their age-appropriate shots, and their health is certified by a registered veterinarian. Welcome to Arizona Cornish Rex And Crescent Kat Welcome to Arizona Cornish Rex And Crescent Kat Welcome to Arizona Cornish Rex And Crescent Kat Contact. The founding group consists of responsible breeders, exhibitors and pet owners that have united to work together for the Cornish Rex breed. Breeder:  Barbara Morrow & Lisa Kuta Dam: CH Quails Nest Buzz Bomb My new address is barbaralucyjones1941@gmail.com ***. 212 Cornish Rex Cats have been adopted on Rescue Me! We have volunteers nationwide and are based in Southern and Central California. When question arise, call us. Share information on food, care and medical treatment. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Cornish Rex Rescue on Facebook. We have raised happy, healthy, well socialized kittens for over 19 years. We welcome those interested in providing secure and loving foster homes and those interested in providing secure loving permanent homes. 6,859 people follow this. Breeder:  Barbara Morrow It is a recording, in table or chart form, of a line of ancestors that prove lineage. I am still available for emergency fostering, but all rescue and surrenders will be referred to Cornish Rex Friends. Cornish Rex Friends was formed by a group of friends working together for rescue and protection of the Cornish Rex breed. We are a TICA and CFA registered Cattery and all litters are registered with TICA, spayed or netured, vet checked, and microchipped before going to their furever homes! Information about the history of Cornish Rex and caring for Cornish Rex. Interest. Dam: CH Quails Nest Unchained Melody You are invited to join our Yahoo! Kittens learn a lot from their parents and siblings at this age. Contact Rescue Me! This group is not an extension of any other Cornish Rex cat organization.

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