Send a Message Your Name. We believe each client is unique so no cookie cutter approaches. When you sign up for this program, John personally attends to your progress through email updates, with phone updates, and in person follow-up appointments in Houston, TX if you are local. Also included with a coaching package is a full supplementation protocol – which, to be honest, is usually pretty limited.

I’m not a hardcore believer in the “old school” dieting approach – where basically you rely on 12 foods and restrict yourself in a crazy way.

Bikini Competition Coaches- Houston, TX ... (.5lb-1lb a week) when you're in prep which is typically 12weeks, and by then you should be pretty close to stage weight already. John The Tank Sherman LLC. There are certain movements, poses and stage demeanor that you’ll need to focus on to be successful. Don't let another day go by watching other people get the results you want.

Join an Open House. Learn the basics of bikini bodybuilding to get you off to a quickstart! It’s a focus on nutrition, training intensity, and consistency. Tatiana was always there to offer words of encouragement and wisdom to guide me through my first show to the National stage! Join Kash's Assassins. Maybe you could care less about competing – but are maybe trying to drop those last 10 pounds of fat or the first 50?

From your first show to the National stage, she can get you there!!!

Online Prep Coaching. It will give you the detail and various views of the concept. Small Group Training Sessions, Individualized Coaching. Dietary approaches I’ve had great success with – both in meals plans and macro-based (“flexible dieting” or IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros) plans – include high protein, high carb, low carb, high fat, ketogenic, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, backloading, refeeds – it just depends on the person!

{ Showcase your best attributes while minimizing your visible areas of development. ... our own personal journeys as well as the 100’s of competitors we’ve trained throughout the years what a successful prep looks like.

The experts in this book alongside Kash are not afraid of success or failure! © 2017 Bodies By Kash & © 2017 Kash Guidry.

You can read more about my coaching services here. You’ll see and hear more soon, keep up to date with Bikini Prep Coach!

In this video I show what a typical check-in looks like – you can see my work flow, thought process, and the kind of questions I ask and feedback I look to provide. WNBF? 2008 – 2010 Figure Competitor 2011+ Women’s physique competitor Coaching since 2010! CUSTOMIZED PLAN My goal is to work with you to find the strategy that is best for you and your intensity level. No matter where you are located if you are looking for the winning edge in your next show, choose the John “The Tank” Sherman Competition Prep Program! I love basic, compound movements but getting some new or stranger exercises in here and there is always an effective way to stir up some muscle growth and accelerate fat loss.

... We spoke with Coach Jim today and started training today.

}). Get A Consult to Join Meet The Team. How to pick the right show, what to register for, WHEN to register, posing work, what to pack, what show day looks like, what do we do on peak week – the list goes on and on and I cover all of that. sfsi_widget_set();

Being a fitness competitor takes a lot of courage, because you … But, what makes us different is our personal touch and overall experience.

I believe in sharing knowledge with everyone – if you click around on this site you’ll see I maintain an active blog, host a twice weekly podcast on bodybuilding, and share loads of content on social media as well.

With its origins from New York City, USA, Coach is the largest player in the US luxury handbag market with about 36% market share as accordance of Marketline, February 2012.. Basing its image of affordable luxury, Coach reaches out to a larger demographic compared to many of its higher-priced competitors in the luxury goods market… You Are Different and Special! Without that in-person time, a coach has to know what to ask, what to track, how to track it, how to hold someone accountable, and to know common pitfalls and mistakes that people make when they aren’t under direct and watchful supervision.

If you look at all the guys on the team, they have one thing in common, they all come in 100% conditioned!

No matter where you are located if you are looking for the winning edge in your next show, choose the John “The Tank” Sherman Competition Prep Program!

Accountability. Sign Up.

Whether your goals are competitive or not, the guiding principles of bodybuilding can help you.

... Find a bikini competition trainer near Houston, TX 24 near you. There’s nothing stopping you. You won't be on no zero carb or cookie cutter diets!

Each client gets the attention they deserve. I’m a professional lifestyle, bikini competition, body and figure coach. All plans are presented on a week-by-week basis. if (typeof sfsi_widget_set == "function") { Bombshell Pageant Prep is designed to get you on your way to a lean, toned, streamlined pageant look with just the right amount of curves.

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It’s a completely different strategy and skill set when working with an online coach – there are assumptions you can’t make and additional info you need to dig for on a regular basis in order to get the results we both want. When you sign up for this program, John personally attends to your progress through email updates, with phone updates, and in person follow-up appointments in Houston, TX if you are local. Whatever your goal is, it deserves that much!
Or maybe you’ve competed before – you’re looking to improve your conditioning from your previous outings, put on more size, switch divisions, or all of the above. I have been training with Tatiana Debique now for 16 weeks. Personal Training In Columbia MD; Online Prep Coaching ; Free Posing Clinics; Support; Select Page. If you’ve never competed before and are looking to do your first show, no doubt you have a ton of questions. This includes everything I can possibly offer to make you successful, as described above. You’ve got one body, so what do you want to do with it?

Kash's newest book contribution, The Success Blueprint, is now available! Looking for information on body transformation coaching instead of contest prep coaching? $199/month – no contracts, no additional cost due at signup, no price differential for contest prep vs. off-season vs. non-competitor coaching.

Their success is my reward.”.

Your tenth? We Have Hundreds Of Winning Competitors That Prove We Know What We Are Doing. We used video chats, email, and text messenger to stay in touch throughout the program. I am not a big believer in the supplement industry and typically believe that “less is more” and that your money is best spent elsewhere. LOCATION.

What are your fitness goals?

Online Bikini Competition Coach, Figure Contest Prep. When you sign up for this program, John personally attends to your progress through email updates, with phone updates, and in person follow-up appointments in Houston, TX if you are local. Contact Me today For your Free Coaching Assessment, And Together We’ll Determine The Program That Is Right For You! (Formerly Jill Vadala) Fitness coach for *All levels* Competition Coach Nutrition Consultant Trainer.

Male or female – whether your target is bodybuilding, classic physique, women’s physique, men’s physique, figure, or bikini – I know what the judges want to see and can get you there.

You don’t need another gym membership - you need a coach. If you’re ready to accept, send us an email and we will set up a free Competition Training for Fitness, Figure, Bikini, and Bodybuilding . I’m also available via text/email 7 days a week for anything that happens come up between scheduled check-ins. They often say things like “I want to look like I could compete, but maybe not quite that extreme and without actually doing it” – and that’s great in my book. If you are tired of missing your landing come Competition week, and really want to be you Best!

Here is the definitive list of Houston's bikini competition trainers as rated by the Houston, TX community. Complete Guidance One of the top trainers in the world today, John draws on more than 25 years experience to reshape bodies and recreate lives.

John’s online 20-Week Competition Prep Program starts 20 weeks before your competition and includes these custom-designed elements: Don’t let nerves get the best of you when it comes time to step on stage. Select the 12-Week or 16-Week Bikini Competition Preparation Package for  WBFF, NPC or IFBB Professional Athletes. This will be my first bikini competition and I can say that from the very first posing session with Tatiana I’ve noticed more confidence in my poses and self.

Whatever your goals, let’s hit them together. Responsive WordPress Image Carousel Plugin.

Competition Prep Coach Johnnie O Jackson Classic.

I am amazed and so grateful for the professionalism and expertise she brought to my time under her wing.

You also need to be able to communicate effectively, ask questions, follow directions that will be clearly provided, check your ego at the door, be willing to learn, and be willing to bust your ass. I also do cycle planning and construction for those competing in non-drug tested shows.


Reach out and contact me directly and I’ll respond as quickly as I can and will help in whatever way possible. When and from whom do I get my competition suit?

that there’s a LOT more to consider beyond the basic nuts and bolts of programming. Many of John’s clients are not local and still obtain great results. Posted by Five Starr Physique on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Join Kash's Assassins. The best part is that it’s just the beginning . About half of the people I work with have no competitive aspirations at all, but are just interested in coaching for general fitness, fat loss, muscle gain, and to transform their body into something better.

Some people are worried about online coaching, but she makes you feel like she’s right there with you. Whether you’re interested in jumping right in or have additional questions, you can reach out to me via my contact page and let me know what’s on your mind, I’ll be happy to answer questions or clear up anything that’s unclear! Kash's Contest Prep will ensure you that you will reach your full potential and have the look you want without ever doing a hour of cardio a day! She does it all and makes it so easy to be successful.

You better prepare yourself to undergo some serious changes; both mental and physical.
Contest prep coaching clients receive regularly updated training programs that are tailored specifically to their needs. She has been a constant support all the way through. ... 2002 Oakdale St. Houston TX United States 77004. Wife, Mom & IFBB Pro. Whether your goals are competitive or not, the guiding principles of bodybuilding can help you. I’m Coach Jill Bartlett! What does a coach do?

Living the Lifestyle since 1995.

Her knowledge and intuition come from years of competing and coaching.

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